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AusPoliERA |OT| Section 44’d straight to Manus Island

Oct 28, 2017
How can someone who is not democratically elected, present a govt granted cheque to a bowling club oh wait... its Mayo... its Georgie... its self entitlement
Oct 29, 2017

Speaking at the Sky News candidate forum on Friday, Mr Abbott said he believed until recently that pulling out of the Paris treaty was “the only way to break the emission obsession”, but “circumstances have changed”.
“I think the government has lost its emissions obsession now that Angus Taylor is the energy minister. So I don’t think it is now necessary but I certainly think it’s important we get more baseload power into the system as quickly as possible,” he said.
“I’m not calling for us to pull out [of Paris] … We’ve got a new Prime Minister and a new energy minister.

“We had an emissions obsession that needed to be broken, and it has now changed.”

Holy hell the internal polling must be telling him he's going to lose his seat I think it's happening
Nov 14, 2017
Anyone from NSW got any takes on the state election? Is it happening?
I'm guessing "it" is the Libs losing, but as someone outside of Sydney "is it happening" is something you could ask about the election in general. Regional areas are meant to be a key battleground for this one (Labor are pushing it in their messaging) but the bigger stories at this stage are things like pill testing, stadiums in Sydney, public transport in Sydney and the night life in Sydney. Might also be that I'm in a safe Labor seat so the campaigns could be a bit more active in the marginals.

I think Labor could take it, Daley becoming leader relatively recently might have given him a bit of momentum/recognition that state opposition leaders usually lack. Also Leyonhjelm is ranked lower than the Liberals on the upper house ballot so there's a better chance he ends up in the bin.
Oct 29, 2017
People are pretty unhappy and so I wouldn’t be shocked if Gladys is sleepwalking into a surprise loss.

The real worry for me is what sort of scum is going to rise up as a consequence of people going third party to PHON, the Shooters, Leyonhjelm.

New South Wales is an incredibly cursed state full of the worst elites in this country and I have absolutely no faith in broad swathes of the electorate.
Possibly, none of this is good news for the Coalition.

Though the ALP will need better numbers for a majority due to how the votes are transferring outside of Sydney. Most likely is still a coalition minority propped up by the SFF and regional indies.