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Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer (April 2019)

Dec 19, 2017
Ok thanks for the release date confirmation everyone, I don't know why I didn't realise it sooner, but that's awesome we're getting them so close.

It's already crazy to think he was able to get the ship to hit escape velocity considering the shape it was in. Expecting more of him is probably excessive, especially if he hasn't eaten or had anything to drink for days and has less than a day of oxygen and has no fuel, either.
Look Winny. Tony Stark was able to build an Iron man suit in a cave.

Oct 27, 2017
Was it ever confirmed that the arc reactor was derived from the Tesseract? I feel like there's a couple of dots being connected there
According to the wiki, yes: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Arc_Reactor
During the later years of his life, sometime after his involvement in World War II, Howard Stark studied the Tesseract and developed the idea for an alternative power source that could provide clean energy to benefit his humanitarian views for the future of mankind.

Howard developed a theoretical new element which would be the key to completing the perfect Arc Reactor based on the Tesseract.
I also want to say there was a drawing of a cube in Howard's journal that Tony was looking through.
Oct 27, 2017
I await The Tribunal to judge and curb stomp Thanos into the ground at the end of the movie for his mistakes
Oct 30, 2017
Avengers 1 had Hawkeye and they won.
Avengers 2 had Hawkeye and they won.
Avengers 3 did not have Hawkeye and they lost.
Avengers 4 will have Hawkeye Ronin. They will win.

I saw similar comparisons with Cap's beard.

I mean this is sound logic here people.


Oct 25, 2017
Yup, my crazy thought is that since the Reactor is based on this, maybe Tony can tune it just right so he can open a portal or some shit. Also assuming the former were to happen, it makes me wonder if part of the reason Tony being alive is important is because he's able to harness the power of at least one Stone without physically having it, and then applies said to knowledge to do same with another (ie, the Time Stone).
Mind that the train of thought I posted above was mostly caused from the fact that after it was revealed the Tesseract was the Space Stone, it made me wonder if the HYDRA weapons instead of killing people actually transported them somewhere (likely randomly), since they were also based on research on the Tesseract. Obviously this is all pure conjeture and likely wrong.
Oct 25, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
Trailer was very cool. It set the tone for the film really nicely. The heroes have faced a catastrophic loss and are demoralized and desperate, but they haven't given up yet. The situation is dire, but no matter how shook Cap is, he's still Cap, and won't give up without exhausting every avenue available to him.

That's really all we needed to see from this first look at the movie. I swear, every time a new trailer comes out, some folks act like they've never seen a movie trailer before, or remember how movie marketing works. This is trailer 1. ONE. There will be more trailers to satisfy the folks that need to devour every little bit of information about an anticipated movie.

I don't have an issue with the title. I guess because I didn't have any expectations of the title, because I haven't actually been following the movie or speculation about it? Endgame is fine, and ultimately doesn't matter to me. It's just a title.
So what are there odds that the Clint we see in the trailer, is in fact the real Clint. And the one we have known since 2012, is secretly a Skrull.
I'd be really surprised if any of the Avengers were actually Skrull all along. It would just be super weird if the only actual scenes we've had with the real Clint were in the first Thor movie, y'know? Same with just about anyone they'd say was a Skrull all along. It wouldn't really mean anything.

I can totally see Skrull pretending to be people who were snapped by Thanos, though. Nobody would know any better unless they saw the person get snapped themselves so it would be easy to pull off, plus it means anyone not in this picture...

...could be a Skrull. That's potentially very cool.
Nov 30, 2017
Man this trailer had a lot of hidden secrets of time travel all over it.

This is probably my fav trailer MCU has released yet.

Didn’t show anything at the surface level but showed a lot if you dig deeper. Plus the first trailer they made with drama rather than just action and exposition.

I like how hawkeye’s and black widows roles have reversed. Black Widow the cold assassin had to be saved by Hawkeye now he’s the cold assassin who has to be saved by Her.
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Nov 22, 2018
The more I think it the more I hope the Shuri pic is a swerve. Just picturing them going to Wakanda again and they see a badass female BP running around. We all think it’s Okoye but it ends up being Shuri.

Just interested in how Wakanda reacts to the events. Yeah they became more open and what Thanos was doing impacted them as well but they let outsiders in and they lost their king and plenty of their people.
This would be cool but given they were in Wakanda at the snap, they should surely know where Shuri is. Unfortunately, i think she's bitten the dust.
Oct 25, 2017
I've never read the full Secret Invasion story but the concept is pretty cool and something the MCU can and most likely will run with after introducing Skrulls in Captain Marvel.


Aug 6, 2018
It would be a "fun" twist if it were revealed that Clint's magical family in AoU were a Skrull squad.

It'd go a long way at least to explaining where they come from.
Skrull conspiracy theories on top of Quantum Zone business and potential time travel would be a complete mess of a film.

Clint's family is just that. A family he has that's kept on the DL because SHIELD was a nest of vipers, killers, and HYDRA double agents. The more well known they are the more of a target he is.
Oct 25, 2017
Imo they put Lang, Spidey and Shuri on purpose
Lang is not missing we know that, he just happened to be in QU during the snap
Spidey is dusted for sure, but they probably put him there because he's the most popular and/or could be related to FFH trailers ? Idk
Shuri is probably gone but not gone. I'd love if she's the new BP for this movie but people haven't figured it out.
So did Hawkeye’s fam die from the snap ?
99% yes
Spidey is dusted for sure, but they probably put him there because he's the most popular and/or could be related to FFH trailers ? Idk
Now I'm starting to wonder if the first Spiderman trailer opens up with the Daily Bugle asking "WHERE IS SPIDERMAN?" and showing us that things have gotten much worse in New York since The Snap because he isn't there. Between Homecoming and Infinity War, he would have been Spiderman for a couple of years after all.

The trailer doesn't even need Spiderman in it if the intention is to show why he's needed back home and that way you don't spoil anything about how Spidey comes back or where he comes back.
Oct 27, 2017
I'm still angry they never released the IMAX version on Bluray.

I'm 100+ miles from the nearest IMAX, I'm never going to get to see that version.

EDIT: Clearest image I could get from the higher bitrate IMAX trailer

I'm now convinced it says "STRAT_ISO3".
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