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Avengers: Infinity War Review Thread

Nov 9, 2017
I should be watching the ending of the movie right now but instead I’m posting on here. The theater’s sound processor blew with about 50 minutes to go in the movie. No fixing that. So we all got free passes and a “come back another time”. Now I’m going to a 1015pm showing, just to watch the last quarter of the movie. So far it was pretty good!
Oct 25, 2017
I should be watching the ending of the movie right now but instead I’m posting on here. The theater’s sound processor blew with about 50 minutes to go in the movie. No fixing that. So we all got free passes and a “come back another time”. Now I’m going to a 1015pm showing, just to watch the last quarter of the movie. So far it was pretty good!
Wow, well at least you get to watch a good chunk of the movie again
Oct 25, 2017
ok so wow, spoiler free impressions

think about the first Iron Man and then think about the first Avengers. now think about the first Avengers and think about Infinity War.

that's the best way I can put it

if you are invested in the MCU and have seen all the movies have fun, they got you


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Oct 25, 2017
Just got out of the movie.

I have never seen reactions to a movie like this in my almost 25 years of watching movies in theaters. People are going to be talking about this movie for a long time.

I had some issues with the movie (mostly first act growing pains) but overall it was quite the achievement and very entertaining movies. Lots of emotions were pulled in what felt like such a short time.

Also hella misleading trailers. Straight up altered shots or inserted things that aren't there or CGing out certain things. If all you saw were the two trailers and a few TV spots then you ain't seen shit.

And throw your God damn theories and predictions out the God damn window. You ain't shit son.
Oct 30, 2017
HOLY FUCK just got back from the theater. Movie is amazing! Get ready for a ride fellas. Don't know where all the hate is coming from movie is just what I expected and I felt like it delivered more than what I wanted.

I'm afraid of spoilers, so I don't want to google it. How many after credit scenes are there? is there both a mid credit and end credit scene?
Just one at the very end
Oct 25, 2017

initial spoiler free thoughts:

- it was real fun
- maybe a top 5 MCU movie. I think I preferred Avengers 1 still.
- definitely part 1 of 2. holy shit. hard to even judge without seeing part 2 tbh.
Oct 25, 2017
Anyone see this in 3D or RPX or anything like that? I have $5 I can use on anything and I wanna see if the free upgrade is worth it.

Also is RPX and Imax the same? IMAX I know is a bigger picture, like there's more actual film to be seen on the top and bottom. Is RPX the same or is it just a nicer theater?
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Oct 26, 2017
You guys are killing me, I have my tickets for tonight at 6:45 PM. Just finished my rerun of all previous MCU films minus Black Panther of course. Wife fell asleep during Thor Ragnorok so we just skipped to the credits scene.

User warned: Posting unmarked spoilers in a review thread.
Well, so I saw it.

That was a movie. It was projected on to a screen. People talked. I didn't exactly like it, but it was entertaining in parts.

The trailers did show a good 80% of the film, but they only showed the spine of it.


- While not everyone gets character development, our main crew does (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Strange, Thor, Hulk, Gamora, Thanos, Scarlet Witch, Vision).
- Everyone gets ample screen time.
- The Russos are far better at ensemble films than Joss Whedon, and the entire film, I was going over in my head what Whedon would have done.
- The fights are plot-centric and coherent.
- Stark's PTSD is still present and he reacts to that the entire film.
- Stark's reaction to Strange's powers.
- Thanos is actually a good villain with character and great dialogue.
- The script gives every arc of the film ample screen time.
- Unexpected as FUCK cameo by someone that I never thought we'd see again, and it makes perfect sense in context of this film.
- They at least attempt to explain one of Ultron's bigger plot holes.
- Far less dues ex machina than Ultron.
- The little moments between Bruce and Natasha.
- Peter Parker gets an amazing moment that reminds us he's just a child.


- Act 1 is barely watchable for all but the most hardcore Marvel fans. Everyone just.... is there. And the Russos try to juggle all of the movie's individual styles and themes and it just does not work.
- Some pretty big fucking characters, for both an Avengers and Marvel film, get barely any character time.
- Civil War is basically reduced to two besties having a fight.
- Not enough time for believable interactions between everyone, and sadly the Guardians are hit the hardest.
- The actual script is shit. We're talking only slightly better than Ultron.
- The entire film has no steaks, as for the entire film we're basically told on multiple levels that everything will be put back to normal in some form or another by the end.
- Every single death is hollow. Even the emotional ones.
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Naked Koopa

Oct 25, 2017
Seeing it tomorrow at 11h30am. Wanted to wait until sunday but now im paranoid about getting spoiled.

And the reactions in this thread got me...you guys really sold it.
Oct 25, 2017
Watch out for YouTube those waiting it out. Already seeing spoiler looking videos and a thumbnail of someone recording the ending in a theater. Luckily the thumbnails haven't spoiled anything yet, but no doubt those videos are coming.
Oct 25, 2017

Went in with high expectations and came out disappointed

Thanos was 10/10, I really dug his side of story, and Brolin brought him to life perfectly. The end too was a real jaw dropper.

Everything else though felt like a side quest. Like 90% of this film is held together by most of its cast, because the narrative was all padding until the end

I enjoyed most of the character interactions, even though this film had the same huge TLJ/AoU quip overload that cause many scenes to have tonal whiplash. The only weak link would be Banner.

I really dug him in Thor 3 because that was a comedy, but here he's just embarrassing. Kinda feel bad for Ruffalo.

It was also a huge bummer at how BP and Cap, my two favorite characters had a total of maybe five lines each.

I was mostly disappointed in how weak the action was. There's a few standout moments, all involving a certain character, but the rest fell flat. This is a Snyder BvS to JL level downgrade. It seems even the Russos have trouble with these larger scale encounters

Special shout-out to how terrible Thanos' crew were. Poor CG and terribly ineffective.

I'm curious to know how reactions to this will be once the honeymoon period wears off. Every MCU flick from the past two flicks was light years ahead of IW