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The Former
Oct 23, 2017
Hello everyone,

Earlier today we rearranged the forum with the goal of encouraging more discussion on entertainment topics, and to promote threads from the EtcetEra Hangouts. The results did some good; community OTs definitely saw a boost in activity, and some which had never even gotten off the ground before suddenly found new interest.

Unfortunately, we underestimated just how much impact this would have on thread list congestion. The renewed activity was beyond our expectations and ended up sidelining everything else, especially in the Entertainment section. Browsing for regular topics became difficult, which only fed back into the problem. Most disappointingly of all this created tension between segments of the wider community, which was absolutely not something that we wanted to let fester.

For these reasons, we have rolled back the changes. If you added anyone to your ignore list to avoid their threads please consider it safe to undo that.

This was an idea that came from the best intentions, the brainchild of volunteers with no incentive or motivation beyond love of the site and community. I would like people to understand that a whole bunch of these volunteer staff spent hours upon hours working to make the change happen because they believed in it with all their hearts.

As you can imagine, reversing the change was not an easy decision, but we feel it is the right one at this time.
Not open for further replies.