BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! |OT| F2P Rhythm Gacha (Feat. Anime Songs)

Oct 25, 2017
I made it into the top 10 for Our Christmas Song!
Was sitting just outside of the top 10 for most of the event, but got a fantastic run earlier today that pushed me up. So glad I got it, would've been devastated if I spent all that time grinding out this song just to miss the top 10. Also got rank 60 for the event overall, I think I'll take it easy for the next event or two lol.
Oct 25, 2017
I deleted this game months back because although the game played almost perfect, it would randomly skip and freeze in the middle of songs even with all of the effects turned off, leading to what would have been perfects ruined. I can handle frustration from my own failures, but when I'm losing because of glitches like that I just couldn't handle it.

Fast forward today, just got my LG G7 in and now this game plays absolutely beautifully, but since I didn't create a transfer I essentially have to start from scratch. Not a huge loss I probably only had 10-15 hours into it before. So, I'm back and having fun!
Is the "watch ad" live boost recovery broken for everyone or just me? I've tried to do it three or four times today, and while it always appears to complete successfully and displays the "1 live boost recovered!" message, it doesn't actually add the boost.

Edit: This is the first event I've tried actively keeping up with in a couple months, and man, the ad boost recovery has really made that top 1000 more competitive. I've hardly missed out on any timed boost recovery since the event started (hour or two while sleeping maybe) and I'm around #2600.
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Oct 25, 2017
Kizuna Music, BRAVE JEWEL (the two 2nd Bang Dream second season OPs) and R.I.O.T were added to the JP version just a little bit ago. I hope the EN version will be getting these songs sooner rather than later, they're a lot of fun to play.
Nov 2, 2017
Hi just downloaded,
How should I pull on the gacha? beginners, or the other banners? which one?
2500 pull or 250 and reroll speedrun?
Any desired 4* unit or there is a best?

Welcome! Sorry to be the first to spam you, I'm pretty new as well, but first of all, don't panic.
Generally, the full 2500 pull is preferable, since you are guaranteed at least one 3*. Once you have enough 3*, and are gunning for new units or 4* only, there's no real downside to pulling singles either, but at the start you don't want to get unlucky and waste your stars on 2* single pulls too much.

If you want to reroll: Any 4* that has the skill "100% score boost" is recommended, besides that there's no real preference or S Tier 4* in this game that I know of.
You get 3* units from playing the event enough, and they usually are just as good as the 3* you get from the gacha in terms of stats, so don't hesitate to use them in your team as well!

If you're planning to stay F2P, it is advised that you hold on to your stars as much as possible until there's a "Dream Festival" banner with doubled rates for 4*. There is very likely one coming for the New Year in a month, if you can hold out until then. You can probably start saving stars from all the achievements you get as a beginner.

Otherwise, if you're still building teams, pull any banner you like - sometimes there will be "limited" banners, with units that you can only get from there, but that doesn't necessarily mean that those are high value when it comes to points or skills, but some people love collecting those most.
Once you are starting to have teams of specific colour, you might want to hold out for specific element banners to fill out your teams: i.e. if you're missing "Happy" team members, wait for an event with the Happy element, at the end of the event there will usually be a banner with higher rates for Happy 3* and 4* members.