Bari Weiss, IDW Fan Girl & Jordan Peterson Apologist, releasing a book on Anti-Semitism that... hold your shock...blames Socialism & Identity Politics


Oct 25, 2017
Oh there's a lot of very wealthy people that won't the word "socialism" to be the most hated term in the dictionary.

Calling them intellectual is insulting.

More like "pseudo intellectual", it sounds smart but falls apart under any real scrutiny.
I refer to them as the intellectually dim web
Oct 26, 2017
If she were to ever get fired from the Times she'd be writing for a conservative outlet within a decade. Her personal beliefs are transparently conservative.
Often she comes off like Ben Shapiro-lite. She's not as vitriolic but her views align with his more often than not. Case in pint how she views liberal Jews in America as self-hating because they don't bend the knee to Israel.