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Battlefield V |OT| Band of Brothers and Sisters

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Oct 25, 2017

Battlefield V returns to the major conflict of World War II, with a heightened focus on the lesser known battles of the war. The game is designed to be the most immersive experience in the series, with storylines ranging across major battles of the war. Game mechanics have been completed redesigned such as player movements, health regeneration, etc. Additionally players will have a more interactive role in gameplay by having to physically open doors, enter vehicles, or picking up health or ammo.

Different voices. Different nationalities. Different adventures. Single-player, the Battlefield way.
Deploy with a sandbox of weapons, vehicles, and destruction to dispose of your foes. Explore individual War Stories.
  • Prologue
    Welcome to the Second World War.
  • Nordlys
    Takes place during the German occupation of Norway. Use stealth, takedowns, and evasions to rescue one of your own and stop a vital enemy shipment. Players take on the role of a Solveig, a young Norwegian resistance fighter. Alone, she must brave the unforgiving cold of the Norway winter as well as evade or engage occupation soldiers, thwart a war scheme, and rescue her captive mother.
  • Under No Flag
    Inspired from the operations of the British Special Boat Section, or SBS. Not to be confused with the popularized Special Air Service, the SBS was an early special forces offshoot that was tasked with some of the most reckless WW2 missions. George Mason is the British officer who plucks Bridger out of jail and into the SBS. With some doubts about his new recruit, Mason drags Bridger along, packing a smart mouth and the ability to stay one step ahead of everybody.
  • Tirailleur
    Set late in WW2, the story title refers to the Senegalese Tirailleurs, colonial units of the French Army who were deployed to France – usually from West Africa – to fight and liberate a homeland that they themselves had never seen before. Their contributions to the war, particularly the invasion of southern France, have only recently been recognized and are still obscured by the more famous landings at Normandy. Together with veteran soldier Idrissa, the company of tirailleurs must somehow overrun the unstoppable German Fallschirmjäger defenses all while knowing that their sacrifices may endure only among those who were there.
  • The Last Tiger
    In the twilight of WW2, the German Army descends into chaos. Under the command of a veteran officer, a lone Tiger tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.

All-out warfare. Unrivaled intensity. Immense scale.
  • Airborne
    Parachute on to the battlefield and spearhead an upcoming invasion.
  • Breakthrough
    Battle to control vital sectors as an attacker or fortify and push the enemy back as a defender.
  • Conquest
    Fight for key locations on the map with up to 64 players in a vast all-time Battlefield classic.
  • Domination
    Encounter the enemy up close and personal during fast-paced, infantry-based combat in close quarters.
  • Final Stand
    Struggle to the bitter end even if ammo and health are almost depleted — there can be only one team left standing.
  • Frontlines
    Join one of two teams fighting an intense tug-of-war battle.
  • Team Deathmatch
    Don't hesitate in fast-paced infantry warfare with a simple and deadly rule: kill or be killed.

Fight through historical battles, spanning multiple maps and modes, across up to four in-game days. No fight is ever the same.
  • Day 1: A Fierce Battle Awaits. Your mission: Attack or Defend
  • Day 2: What happens on Day 1 affects your squad's position in Day 2. Secure a major victory and you'll have more troops and supplies. Lose on Day 1? You're on the defensive with limited resources. Take the map flag-by-flag or fortify your position to prevent enemy capture.
  • Day 3: Combined air and ground troops battle for what's left. Reinforcements and supplies will be scarce. It's up to you and your squad to improvise the attack and stay alive.
  • Day 4: A draw on Day 3 leads to a final battle on Day 4. Limited ammo and resources. No reinforcements. Fight to the last man. Fight to the last breath.

Battlefield V is the first title to allow Solider Customization. Alter your soldier's appearance. Customize outfits, gender, helmets, skin color, and war paint. Gain XP to unlock weapons, gadgets, and skills. Change loadouts to suit your upcoming fight. Unlock new arsenals. Choose weapons based on your style of play. Customize weapon skins, receivers, stocks, barrels, muzzle. Progress your weapons with every match.

As you play, your progress will unlock new items to outfit your company. Your time spent playing BFV is represented by ranks in 5 categories. Increasing your rank in each category rewards you with both gameplay items and cosmetic items.

  • Career Rank
    Overall rank. As you gain Career Rank, you'll earn Company Coin and unlock vehicles to add to your Company.
  • Class Rank
    Represent the 4 classes. Progression unlocks Combat Roles and additional weapons, side arms, melee weapons, gadgets, and grenades within a class.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Rank
    Both primary weapons and vehicles have a progression system all to themselves. Earn XP while using a weapon or vehicle in battle and you can then choose to spend Company Coin to unlock choices within their Specializations. Each Specialization path changes how a weapon or vehicle plays, so you can modify it to fit your style.
  • Chapter Rank
    Each Chapter in Tides of War brings a new battlefield that takes you and your Company into fresh gameplay experiences, including maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and themed rewards.

    You gain Chapter Ranks by playing any game mode during the course of a Chapter, with extra bonuses for completing Tides of War missions. The more you play during the Chapter, the more Chapter rewards you’ll unlock.
There are two types of in-game currency: Company Coin and Battlefield Currency

Company Coin is earned by playing and completing assignments. Company Coin gives you the ability to choose items outside the base progression paths to further expand and customize your Company.

You can use Company Coin to unlock choices within weapon and vehicle Specializations. You can also use Company Coin to get cosmetic items, such as jackets, face paint, and weapon skins.

You earn Company Coin from Career progression, Daily Missions, and some Special Assignments.

Battlefield Currency is purchased with real-world money. Battlefield Currency can be used to acquire specific cosmetic items for your Company.

Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch. We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency.

The iconic Classes of Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic return in Battlefield V, each with distinct weapons and gadgets that help you forge a squad that can control any fight. Progress your Class to unlock new traits and customizations as you play. Combat Roles are new to the Battlefield series. These are tied to Classes and provide two traits. Pick a Class and Combat Role with a loadout that suits your playstyle but be ready to make a switch at the deploy overview screen to adapt to on the ground situations. In addtion, BFV introduces a fortifications system. Build sandbags, trenches, foxholes to counter the destructive nature of the game. In addition, the support class can build machine gun emplacements, bridges, etc.

Attrition System is a new addition to the series to make the game deeper, more strategic, and more satisfying for players who work together as a team. Scarcity of bullets and medical supplies is to makes the game more dynamic, encourages you to think on your feet, assess risks, and make choices in whatever situation you’re in. Attrition gives more agency to you, letting you manage health and ammo through short-term and long-term methods. You can still regenerate up to max health, but you need an item and to press a button to do it.

Limited health regeneration is not something unheard of in the genre. But you need to be more mindful and tactical with your choices around health and ammo. You’ll find that there are more actions to be taken beyond just spawn-run-shoot-die.

Health management is a big part of Attrition. You’re now somewhat in charge of your own health, thanks to the Medical Pouch which will get you back to full health. Though you might guess otherwise, this emphasizes team play. Medics are not just there to heal you, but also to supply you with Medical Pouches. This provides more weight and purpose to the Class.

An Evolving Battlefield: Embark on your journey across the Tides of War, and experience many new modes, gear, and battlefields. Tides of War brings you and your personalized Company into themed experiences of the war, starting with the Fall of Europe, that span several months and are filled with timed events. These can include a multi-week Grand Operation, Special Assignments, and new Missions. The timed events will push further into the unexpected and influential battles of WW2 over the course of Battlefield V.
  • New Vehicles, weapons, gadgets, combat roles, fortifications and reinforcements
  • New Maps and New Theaters of War
  • Each Chapter will feature new game modes, grand operations events and more.
  • Game improvement via quality of life updates to tweak Battlefield V every month.

France - These maps depict the Fall of France which eventually led to a British retreat from continental Europe.
  • Twisted Steel - heavily inspired by the events at the fortified sector of the river Escaut in 1940, on the border between Belgium and France.
  • Arras - A rural European villages and fields along a river
Holland - Inspired by an unfamiliar conflict of World War 2, set in May 1940. Expecting little resistance, the German military pushed through the city of Rotterdam, but were met by fierce opposition from the Dutch military.
  • Rotterdam - Urban environment decorated by canals, tall buildings, and a marketplace that no longer soothes pedestrians but preludes close-quarter firefights.
  • Devastation - Inspired by the second part of the Rotterdam blitz by the German forces. The range, trajectory, and explosive yield of bombs dropped from above have reshaped the city.
North Africa - Strategic points between Libya and Egypt that was the scene of pivotal battles between the Axis and Allies during 1941 and 1942.
  • Hamada - A barren landscape of gravel and bare rock, and it perfectly describes the map. A towering aqueduct-like bridge spans the dry ravine, one of the few signs that remain of a once-thriving civilization.
  • Aerodrome - loosely based on the British attacks on German installations, supply lines, and airfields in the Libyan desert in 1942–1943.
Norway - Taking place in the spring and summer of 1940, fight in the northern port city of Narvik and the surrounding mountains.
  • Narvik - Allied and Axis troops skirmish for control of this strategically vital location and the rich iron-ore (a critical wartime supply) transported by the city’s railway.
  • Fjell 652 - Follows the fight as the Axis forces retreat into the cold, unforgiving peaks surrounding the port city of Narvik.
p.s Special thanks to milkham for helping me with the OT.

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NOTE: Did some updating..panzer vor!
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Oct 25, 2017
Awesome OT!
On spectating games while I mess with my settings (and waiting for more servers to come/open up lol). So hyped!


Oct 27, 2017
Great OP!

I noticed that Rush wasn’t included in the multiplayer modes. Was it removed?

I’ll be very interested to hear how the game runs on base ps4.


Nov 2, 2017
Most important question - for anyone playing on Xbox - are the HDR settings fixed?


Nov 13, 2017
Orlando, Florida
In with da Quad.

It's that time of the year again with a Battlefield game releasing. Best Multiplayer out there.

I'll pick it tomorrow after work.


Oct 27, 2017
Just finished the prologue, wow. What an opening, almost as good if not possibly better than Battlefield 1’s and that’s very high praise. Hope the rest of the campaign is up to that standard, it certainly wasn’t in BF1. Really and I mean REALLY surprised at
It had you playing from the Germans perspective twice in the opening, not sure how I feel about it tbh. Not sure what other games have ever had you play as Nazis in a serious WW2 setting, It’s not the same as doing it in multiplayer in my eyes. It was however neat though, interested to see how the German story missions are. There was a lot of emphasis on the Panzer characters in the opening cutscenes.
I can’t get over how good the graphics are on the One X. Though the lack of reflections did kill it at one point.

I remember being so mad at the overall theme they had going with the launch trailer, whining about how I wanted a serious and gritty tone like in BF1. I’m really glad they delivered on that!


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Oct 25, 2017
Going to have to skip this one for a bit for money reasons but I really liked what I played
Oct 27, 2017
Wasn't thinking about picking this up until this week but now I'm all hyped up.

So all EA Access members can play the trial now?


Oct 27, 2017
People playing already 12 days before release is really killing my hype. Same happened with BF1, ended up getting it way after release.
Guess Sony is to blame but it sucks..

La Fawn Duh

Apr 3, 2018
Lol im suprised we can already play it on PC. Downloading game ready driver right now and than right into that battlefield <3


Oct 25, 2017
Dammit. i knew i should have installed it as soon as XBL sent me that message. I was like there is no way they will make the game available 12 days before release.



QA Tester
Mar 23, 2018
Really? They released it sooner? Oh, my god, i cant wait to get home!!!

Cant wait to play it :)


Oct 25, 2017
I've got a couple matches under my belt now. Starting the round as Support and tossing ammo to 31 teammates is a pretty funny day 1 experience. Like 2k points before anyone has even capped a flag. Really does illustrate how silly it is to not start with max ammo capacity though.


Nov 1, 2017
While my i5 was ok-ish in BF1 for the most part, it doesn't cut it anymore in BFV. I bought it in 2013 for 160 Euros so that was an awesome price/performance value.

I just played the map with the huge bridge. That is one big clusterf*ck up there.

Daffy Duck

The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Going to watch this one closely. My hype got quelled somewhat with all the negative news and after the beta, and how support for Bf1 felt a little naff, but if it looks good and we can get decent amount of maps post launch then I might jump in.
Oct 27, 2017
I preordered the deluxe version and I have Origin Access (basic) is this playable for me or do I have to wait?


Oct 25, 2017
Question about spotting: they clearly toned it down, but there are still spotting tools like flares and those recon perk abilities. Theoretically, how possible is it to spam these and get a bunch of people lit up? In BF1, spotting flares were used constantly so people were constantly lit up and you can see their exact movements, unless they used a perk to counter.

I loved the beta's hesitant gameplay and people running for cover and defending flags. The changes in this game are so refreshing and Im so happy DICE chose to do something risky like that, instead of making a reskin of the mindless gameplay of BF1.


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Oct 25, 2017
Does that just mean the trial starts early or the full thing?
I preordered the deluxe version and I have Origin Access (basic) is this playable for me or do I have to wait?
You should be able to play it. The trial started a day early. I bought origin access (basic) and was able to load into a mp match.

Great OP!

I noticed that Rush wasn’t included in the multiplayer modes. Was it removed?

I’ll be very interested to hear how the game runs on base ps4.
Iirc rush is coming later with the tides of war. I don’t remember if it was mention being permanent or not.


Nov 1, 2017
Any one know how do you invite your friends when you have Premier? I thought there is a trial or something?
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