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Best classic-style Castlevania, other than Rondo of Blood?

Best classic-style Castlevania, other than Rondo of Blood?

  • Castlevania (1986)

    Votes: 24 6.6%
  • Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse

    Votes: 109 30.1%
  • Super Castlevania 4

    Votes: 142 39.2%
  • Castlevania Chronicles

    Votes: 12 3.3%
  • Castlevania Bloodlines

    Votes: 54 14.9%
  • Castlevania: Dracula X

    Votes: 13 3.6%
  • Castlevania: Adventure Rebirth

    Votes: 8 2.2%

  • Total voters


Oct 27, 2017
Best 2D, sidescrolling, linear Castlevania game, other than Rondo of Blood?

Sorry for fans of Haunted Castle, Adventure, Belmont's Revenge, and Legends. 7 option limit.


Oct 28, 2017
I was going to vote l vote for Belmont's Revenge but it's not listed :(


Jan 24, 2018
Gotta be Bloodlines baby.

Edit: Wait, for some reason I thought this excluded the NES classics lol. Must've read to fast.
In that case it's hard to not say CV1 or CV3 jp. Argh, I can't choose...


Oct 25, 2017
mhm. perfect length, perfect sense of progression, amazing music and difficulty...

I'd say Rebirth is also up there because it has an amazing artsyle wall also being tightly designed and unique.
One thing a great NES game like Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden 2 have is that the length and difficulty is absolutely perfect. You feel like you accomplished something when you progress or clear the game and because the games are short they are extremely repayable.


Oct 25, 2017
Dracula's Curse, particularly the JP version.

Also for the few of you that picked Dracula X, y'all crazy.


Nov 17, 2017
Castlevania. Beautiful music, fantastic level design, great bosses, a great difficulty curve and the best pacing of any of the classic Castlevanias all while being the most elegantly simple. One of the very best games ever made.

Dracula's Curse would be a close second pick. Just as good but with more of everything. I prefer the razor sharp experience of the first game but I can completely understand why anyone would choose this one instead.

Castor Archer

Jan 8, 2019
Honestly the original. It's greatly paced, has a fair challenge, and doesn't overstay it's welcome. CV3 has really high highs and really low lows. Super is a little too long for me. Belmont's Revenge is a great one, but I hate the Dracula fight at the end.


Oct 27, 2017
I think it's either 3 or Bloodlines. My answer before replaying them all on the Collection would've been either 3 or 4, but Bloodlines rose a lot in my book and 4 dropped a bit.
Oct 26, 2017
I voted for the first but I can recognize III is the fuller featured game and probably a better choice.

Adventure Rebirth is great as well.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Bloodlines for me, and probably better than Rondo in some ways even. I really enjoyed the more globetrotting adventure, great visuals, and the game has killer pacing. It just feels so breezy to get through, compare to say Super, which I still liked a lot but felt like a drag in some spots. Bloodlines definitely became the top highlight for me with the Castlevania Collection.

Also it has a Frankenstein that is learning the ways of the Belmont. Can't beat that. XD
Oct 25, 2017
New York City
Super Castlevania IV. Including Rondo of Blood. But just barely, because they're both extremely top tier.

They're a little hard to compare because they're both so different. For example, SCIV has better looking graphics, but Rondo has better animations and some "bigger" graphics like large paintings because of that CD storage. And SCIV has awesome gameplay gimmicks like the multi-directional whip that you can also swing with, while Rondo has other awesome gameplay gimmicks like two characters and branching paths.

But I have to give it to SCIV because I like its music a lot more overall, while I couldn't really get into most of Rondo's soundtrack.

Raging Spaniard

Artist at EA Star Wars
Oct 25, 2017
I just beat OG Castlevania this week for the 1st time, save scummed like a crazy person because I have been meaning to beat this game since the 80's and you know what, it wasnt gonna get done any other way.

Anyways, I was planning to make a LTTP thread because it was SO good. It was not overly packed so frame skipping was at a minimum, it uses the available memory beautifully so bullshit enemy respawn is minimal, THE MUSIC, THE ART, BOTH EXCELLENT. The use of the hyper saturated palette mixed with the spotted blacks, consistent lighting direction throughout, the fearless use of music to give each stage such a vibrant, alive feeling .... playing it at the same time as Bloodstained made it obvious just how many missed opportunities are plaguing that game.

Now Im starting Castlevania 3 (JPN version, heard it was better, especially the music) and it seems like the obvious evolution so Im pretty excited. The stained glass background early on is sublime.

Never played SC4, Bloodlines or Rondo enough to make a call. the SFX in Bloodlines are REALLY annoying though. Dracula X is whatever and Id like to think we all know that.


Oct 25, 2017
I think it is pretty much a tie between Bloodlines and Dracula's Curse. I voted Dracula's Curse because I was afraid it was going to get shafted, only to see that it was Bloodlines who got shafted (hard). Both games are far superior to Super Castlevania IV (even if it does have a rocking soundtrack).


Nov 8, 2017
The Japanese version of Castlevania III.

In fact, a part of me likes it even more than Rondo, but I usually place Rondo higher because of the superior aesthetics and OST.

The Adventure ReBirth is probably my 3rd favorite Classicvania behind Rondo and III.


Oct 25, 2017
I just learned from the Retronauts TMNT podcast that TMNT games ended up selling so well they diverted resources and manpower from Konami's other NES projects, including Castlevania. I wonder if an otherwise planned NES Castlevania 4 would have ended up better than the SNES one.


Jun 10, 2019
Castlevania 1 is perfect but too short.
You can literally fit the whole game in Castlevania 3 so that’s my choice
Dec 4, 2017
Having spent very little time with Chronicles I’d say it’s a toss-up between 3 and Adventure Rebirth.

4 is grossly overrated.


Oct 27, 2017
I wouldn't name it as my favorite, but more people need to play Chronicles, it's a fantastic classic style Castlevania.