Best content of the old Star Wars EU?


Oct 27, 2017
So earlier today a friend and I spent a couple of hours at the public library browsing through the science fiction section when we came across the Old Republic and Thrawn trilogy books. It sparked a discussion between us about how while the old EU may have had a lot of bad content (I’m looking at you, Luuke), there were some great stories, characters, and concepts that were lost after Disney de-canonized the old EU.

For instance, the original Thrawn trilogy is famous for helping reviving public interest in Star Wars after almost a decade since the release of ROTJ. In fact, the revival may have been the catalyst for George Lucas moving ahead with the Prequel Trilogy (If you believe Timothy Zahn’s annotations). And Thrawn and the Chiss are so popular they got brought back in Rebels.

Another fan favorite, the Old Republic era books and games, is possibly in development as a new trilogy. This shows that the old EU still has a lot of appeal.

I remember a thread in the old site asking users to list the most ridiculous aspects of the old EU, but I want something more positive for a change. So ERA, what aspects of the old Star Wars EU did you like/love and wish were brought back?


Oct 27, 2017
I really enjoyed the whole New Jedi Order series.. wasnt it like 20 books? It got a little weird but I read it just as it was finishing so I got to read them all right after each other so I was reading it straight for like a month. It felt super epic.

I actually liked most of the EU up to that too. Couldn't really enjoy the stuff afterwards though focused on Jacen and Jania(?).


Oct 25, 2017
I'd like the new canon to delve into the Pius Dea era. And if the films ever do the old days of the Sith, adopt an aesthetic similar to Tales of the Jedi.

Other than that, there's more from old canon that I'm happy to see go than stuff I'd want to preserve.


Oct 27, 2017
Been a long time since I read any of them but I remember liking the Rogue Squadron series of books/comics (especially with Baron Fel). And the Tales of the Jedi comic series.


Oct 27, 2017
Might make a lot of people mad, but the Thrawn trilogy hasn't aged well at all.

I read a lot of the novels and the first Darth Bane and Labyrinth of Evil were both excellent. Labyrinth of Evil, prequel to ROTS, was better than the entire new Clone Wars series. The ROTS novel is a masterpiece and is the best Star Wars novel ever easily.

The comics are really where it's at. I'd recommend the KOTOR and Legacy series.


Oct 25, 2017
I prefer the older stuff(the old Marvel comics, the Lando trilogy, even The Courtship of Princess Leia as bad as it is), before Star Wars and what is and isn't Star Wars became so absolute. As the years ticked on the universe became less magical and once you get to the prequels(and the post-prequel EU) it becomes pretty dire.

edit: And, yeah, the Thrawn trilogy is pretty terrible when you go back to it.