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Best Videogame Shotgun


Oct 25, 2017
There's a lot of good shotguns.

Akimbo 1887s in MW2 made you feel like death itself as you just tore through dudes halfway across the map. Gnasher has always been one of the best feeling guns in games. Pretty much all of the shotguns in RE4 feel great to use. Same with Doom's shotgun and super shotgun. In the end, I think I'd still give it to the Gnasher just because of how juicy it felt to kill someone with it.

In terms of looks and not necessarily gameplay, Monster Hunter World Iceborn has the Loyal Thunder, which is the best looking shotgun in any game because it looks like a railgun and not a shotgun.


Oct 25, 2017


Oct 26, 2017
I wonder why we find visceral brutal graphic violence to be so satisfying in video games and movies.
I'm not really a fan of it with the level of realism that more recent games go to. In Unreal Tournament I'm okay with it because it looks more cartoony than realistic, and those games also have gore settings, but like The Last of Us turned me off partly because of the level of realism they were showing on things like stabbing someone in the head and stuff like that. I actually really appreciate how Destiny is one of the few shooters to not feature graphic violence and goes for fantastical explosions and and stuff.


Nov 10, 2017
The Pay Day 2 shotguns get a honorable mention for letting you load all kinds of ammo types into them. Stick some dragon's breath in there and one shot will light everybody in front of you on fire.
Nov 2, 2017
Some good ones covered well already, namely with Doom series and Gears.

I always liked the double boomstick in Quake 1.

Really like the single and double shotguns in Outlaws. Loading mechanics and animations were completely novel in 1997 and that made using the Outlaws’ super fun.

Also liked the shotguns from Red Dead Revolver (PS2). The forgotten Red Dead, many of the weapons in that game were fun to use.


Oct 28, 2017
Looking at it now there's nothing really wrong with it, but I remember it feeling ineffectual unless you were basically within melee range - which is, admittedly, how a shotgun should act, but there are limits.
Last I checked #1 buckshot can be potentially lethal at 25 yards and #00 buckshot can be potentially lethal up to 50 yards. And this is assuming you are using buckshot in the first place and not slugs. Are you able to melee a person 25 yards away?


Oct 30, 2017
I liked the pump shotty from Cod4.
I managed to get all the skins for it. Twice I think. Stopping power and steady aim. It was fun to sprint around and hip fire everybody.

I remember it feeling ineffectual unless you were basically within melee range - which is, admittedly, how a shotgun should act
Do you mean in a game or irl?

Because irl they have great range.


Nov 4, 2017
This is a topic you see so often as new threads but it never gets old.

Other than the obvious, I vote for Uncharted 1's shotgun. The BOOM on this thing is fantastic, especially if you hear it on a decent speaker. The kick you get from it is great.


Dec 1, 2017
pimp cane shotgun from Saints row for style. Since it alters ur walking animation
The Chaperone from Destiny 2 for its Terminator 2 style reloading

i had lots of fun with the SAS-12 shottie in Uncharted multiplayer


Oct 25, 2017
DOOM 2 still takes the crown, predominantly because few other games are so inclined to throw large numbers of weak enemies at the player on such a regular basis. It feels like a waste if you fire the super shotty and only kill just one thing.