Better Rebels Alliance Origin Story? The Force Unleashed or Rebels?


  • The Force Unleashed.

    Votes: 14 13.7%
  • Rebels.

    Votes: 88 86.3%

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Oct 25, 2017
Rebels was definitely better. We got to learn so much, not just of the growing rebellion but the forces the Empire put in play to stop them.

Much like Rogue One, Rebels really sold the idea that it actually wasn't just Luke showing up out of nowhere one day to blow up the Death Star that was the reason for the Rebellion's success.

Even stuff as simple as that one scene at the end of Rogue One where all those rebel soldiers are slowing Vader down, giving them just enough time to get away with the Death Star plans. Every single one of those people in that hallway saved the galaxy.

Rebels was full of stuff like that, telling us that it didn't matter how overwhelmingly powerful the Empire was, there would always be those willing to stand against its tyranny.