1. Bill Maher is the king of outrage culture! His entire, decades long, schtick is based almost solely on outrage. He isn't really coming out against outrage culture as much as he is defending his turf.
  2. stillwrapped


    Yup. This.
  3. Shugga


    "trans people are weirdos"
    "Wow stop being offended"
    Anybody defending this fuck is a piece of shit
  4. Nephtis


    There is a shit ton of things that I disagree with Maher on, and I don't mind calling him out when he fucks up -- but lately he's seemingly been more right than wrong (to me).
  5. Keldroc


    He's wrong. If "outrage culture" did that, the Republicans would never win anything, ever, since this has been their MO for two decades now. Stop parroting this idiocy.
  6. UnpopularBlargh

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    Not to mention that sexual assault allegations aren't outrage culture gone awry. That's one of the situations where outrage has merit.
  7. Caz

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    <Obligatory "Maher was always trash" post>
  8. [Sigma]


    He's wrong about that. The Republicans were going to do that regardless. I thought it was obvious from the get go. To me they were just formulating plans to just smooth it over.
    He's correct here. I agree 100%
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    There are a
    of people who make any good points Maher might stumble over without the baggage, casual bigotry, and general ignorance.

    He’s not necessary
  10. You "gotta give it" to Republicans and their libertarian allies, they almost fully delegitimized righteous outrage, while raging against non existent basements and Kenyan Presidents.
  11. samoyed


    And uranium Soros.
  12. Arkeband


    What? It matters what they do to better affect public opinion even if they can’t actually affect the confirmation vote totals. Don’t be an edgelord, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    And if you don’t, read my previous post that I was responding to. Midterms are next month, this isn’t difficult.
  13. Jombie


    Doesn't he constantly advocate for taking a page out of the gop playbook? Fake outrage is a classic MO of theirs.
  14. ZeoVGM


    Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about.

    Public opinion is already against Kavanaugh. You care more about Democrats putting on a show than reality.
  15. Arkeband


    They did put on a show, a really shitty show that failed to hang heavy enough of a sword over the swing vote Republicans and couldn’t even keep fucking Manchin in line.

    FOH with your condescension.
  16. ZeoVGM


    Nah, you made a ridiculous comment to begin with so don't complain about condescension when at least two people in this thread decide to call you out on it.

    You're talking about symbolic nonsense. It literally doesn't matter.
  17. Kenji


    Funny how with centrist libs it's always "outrage culture / identity politics is pushing people to move right" and never "the stupidity, crassness, racism, and sexism of right-wingers is pushing people to move left."
  18. Arkeband


    lol okay guy, you and the other rando who have no reading comprehension give each other a little pat on the back for defending bumbling oaf-ass Democrats. When Clarence Thomas 3.0 is appointed next (or the psychotic Christian cult judge), just keep telling yourself that Democrats are doing their best job when Cory Booker's slobbering all over Chuck Grassley's old gnarled knob instead of spending every second of his time making sure the American public understands just how fucked up the candidate is.

    "Public opinion is against Kavanaugh! We win!"
    meanwhile, in reality:
    "Poll: Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, Democratic Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates"
  19. OrdinaryPrime


    I feel like Booker asked some pretty pointed questions in both hearings that I saw. What are you referring to in regards to your allusion to him and Grassley?

    Also at a certain point, the American public deserves to take responsibility for their apathy and general malaise when it comes to finding out these things themselves. Politicians can only do so much. I've seen so many cases over the past few weeks of complete and utter malaise and it really just depresses me.
  20. The only ones to blame are Republicans. End of. They have autonomy, just like anyone else. They ain't children who have no idea what they're doing. They're grown adults, just like everyone else. And so, if they make the choices they made, that's absolutely, positively 100% on them and no one else. It's not on someone else to convince them to do the right thing, it's not on someone else to stop them from doing evil, if they're doing evil, it absolutely rests with them to not do that in the first place and anything else is just a pure deflection and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. When it comes to their actions, their votes, the buck stops with them and blaming anyone else for their own choices, their own decisions which nobody made them make, is absolutely nonsensical and indefensible.

    To quote myself from a post I made elsewhere earlier today along these lines:
    "Decided to go to sleep right before Collins's speech (mix of just not wanting to endure the nonsense live and preferring to catch up on it later all at once, and my sleep schedule being messed up to hell and back right now anyway).

    Dissapointed that my tea leaves reading was correct in this instance, but not surprised at all in any way other than just how much if the mask Collins really let slip there. Was expecting her to vote yes, but not for her to pretty much start sounding like Grassley or Hatch or something. Of course, for all the difference it made, considering the media's apparently more than happy to lavish praise on her and pretend she's a moderate anyway.

    Not that that matters though. Any 2020 prospects she may have had other than lobbying are hopefully completely dead now.

    Not that 2020 matters that much right now anyway though, when there's an election next month.

    But still, just to get it out of my system, fuck Senator Collins. But even more than her, even more than even Trump himself right now, if he reporting is indeed true, fuck McGahn. Dems weren't wrong to call for an FBI investigation. That was the right play and all they could have done (and even that wasn't really up to them anyway). But McGahn's (and potentially Wray's though it sounds like McGahn is the main factor here) own connections to Kavanaugh cast a shadow over the whole thing, so it's not terribly surprising it turned out like this and though I wish in hindsight Democrats could have focused more on that aspect I'm not sure what they could have practicaly done if anything that would have made a difference.

    Ultimately, I know I'm preaching to the choir saying this here if all places, but I just have to get it out regardless: Democrats aren't the enemies or bad guys here in any way. Republicans have access to the exact same info as such. They have the exact same info on stuff like the White House Counsel's involvement in the process, his conflicts of interest in doing so. They just, unlike Democrats, chose to ignore it.

    And they didn't have to do that. Nobody made them do that. They're not children or anything. They have full autonomy and are not infants but walking, grown adults just like everyone else. They have the same info, the same ability to analyze that information and come to the right conclusion, to do the right thing as anyone else, but made the conscious choice to bury their heads in the sand, ignore everything, and make precisely the wrong choice instead.

    And that's in them, and no one else. Not Democrats-at-large. Not Schumer. Not Manchin or Biden or anything like that that. That's their choice, their decision they chose to make of their own free will, when they had every opportunity to do otherwise at every step of the way.

    And for that, I hope to dear God, God do I hope we make as many of them pay the price in next month's election as we possibly can. I know I'm doing my part here for sure (even though I'm in a pretty safe D district all the same here in MI-9 I still know that stuff like those margins can matter, we have some important proposals here in the ballot in Michigan, etc) and I hope to dear God as many people as possible have the same idea.

    Fuck Republicans. Fuck Collins. Fuck Trump. Fuck McGahn in particular right now (though again, with the autonomy Republicans have to see the same stuff we are with their own eyes and just going all "see no evil" instead that too ultimately speaks more of the Senate GOP caucus than anything). Fuck McConnell. Just fuck the GOP and how transparently brazenly evil they are, even when given every single opportunity and viable excuse in the world to do otherwise. More than ready to do this and make them sure I haven't forgotten a single thing from these past two years (or beforehand). Bring on the blue wave. I'm ready."
  21. ISOM


    So what he's saying is Kavanaugh would not have been confirmed if not for the outrage? I find that hard to believe.
  22. Neon Noir

    Neon Noir

    I hate Maher so much. He is the avatar of neoliberalism.

    >why don't zippy one liners win elections tho
  23. ZeoVGM


    This is embarrassing.

    Truly everyone else is to blame except Republicans.

    You care more about showmanship than shit that actually matters.

    And hey, look, I can link to news stories too!

    Study shows Democratic voter enthusiasm surging

  24. Hecht

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    Can you guys just have a discussion without attacking each other, please?
  25. Arkeband


    wow polls from over 2 months ago are different than polls today, the passage of time is really vexing, huh?
  26. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

    We keep eating each other alive instead staying united. We’re on the same side guys, yes some of us neoliberals or whatever is the latest term, some of us are hardcore lefties. It doesn’t matter right now, keep your eyes on the prize.
  27. UnpopularBlargh

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    Tell that to Bill.
  28. Scarecrow


    This whole episode was on point. People have been yelling the sky is falling for the last two years that society has become numb to it. It's no surprise to me Republicans feel fine pushing through Kavanaugh.
  29. signal


    Terrible headline. Literally the first sentence in the article is acknowledging him being critical of the republicans. It's Maher critiquing 'social justice warriors' for the 80th time but saying he is "blaming" them for Kavanaugh is nonsense.
  30. Oheao


    How would the result have been any different had this not happened?
  31. nemoral

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    The Democratic party would probably fare better if the various core chunks of it didn't seem to hate each other.
  32. Psychoward


    Do you not realize the dem leadership gives 0 shits about keeping manchin in line during useless votes and gives 100 shits about keeping his seat from a crazy R who would never vote with them
  33. Psychoward


    Murkowski, Donnelly and Heitkamp would have probably voted yes and he would have been confirmed earlier.

    Maher is an idiot and continues to be one. The guy doesn't deserve his own fucking TV show for Christ's sake.
  34. Psychoward


    Because they sky has been falling and if you don't notice that idk what to say. Do you not consider a "Muslim ban" that doesn't include Saudi Arabia, the entire shit with ICE, the gun violence, calling the press the enemy, the rise of neo-nazis and climate change going in to overdrive stuff worth yelling about??
  35. Primethius


    I fucking hate this stupid ass argument that people complaining about evil shit has made people numb to other evil shit later on.

    No the fuck it hasn't. Those people didn't give two fucks when ian issue was brought up for the first time years ago or better yet, dismissed it for other reasons back then and they still don't give a shit about those issues or any new ones.

    Don't blame it on outrage culture when it's just a portion of the country being cancerous evil fucks.
  36. OrdinaryPrime


    I don't really understand your logic. If your assertion is people are too sensitive these days, why would Republicans feel okay about pushing through an alleged rapist? Being numb to allegations of unethical behavior by the Trump administration and an alleged rapist on the SCOTUS are not the same thing. And frankly, the constant pointing fingers on the wrong side for this absolute debacle is irritating as fuck. No it's not the fault of people wanting people in power to do the right thing that this man has a lifetime appointment. Put the blame where it lies, on people like Susan Collins who affect a moderate tone but in reality are part of the Republican machine of misleading malfeasance and an altogether lying legislature.
  37. mutantmagnet


    While I admit I thought even this hearing was eroding some of the existing Republicans this enthusiasm gap closing still supports the fact that more and more democrats are beginning to hate TRump with the biggest increase among Democratic white men.

    The only reason the gap closed because Republican men and women were ridiculously galvanized to back their golden turd boy who is going to curtail the rights of half of them if he can get 3 more judges to vote with him.

    Considering that last time stats were checked the Republican party total size continued to decrease quarter by quarter while democrat enrollment numbers have continued to rise kills your argument.

    The only thing in Republicans favor is their ruthlessness in min maxing gerrymandering as much as possible.

    Next time read a full transcript instead.
  38. Oheao


    My mom's a big fan for some reason, she watches his show every week.
  39. Jangowuzhere


    Funny thing is that the people usually complaining about "outrage culture" tend to be the vocal ones doing all the screaming and crying.
  40. I do not ascribe to the hypothesis that the course of Kavanaugh's nomination would have been substantially different if people had been more polite and measured when they learned that children are being kept in cages in armed camps.

    I am also confused why it is ok for Maher to loudly and confidently express his opinions on current events on his weekly premium cable comedy show, but it is not ok for women to speak up about their opinions on sexual assault.
  41. Cipherr


    The people defending him called him an ally, in this very thread. Please, just shut up with the "You are proving him right" nonsense and cries of buzzword when your LITERAL previous post used the phrase "outrage culture".

  42. Polaroid_64


    I would put the blame on the rapist, those who confirmed (and nominated) him, and Republican voters.

    Sounds crazy, I know.
  43. Jombie


    Well, this turned ugly.

    The problem is that even though he didn't come out and "blame" SJWs, he's subscribing to the same bullshit rhetoric of the right: 'oh, they're really digging deep to find dirt and it's pathetic.' As if there's an expiration date on rape allegations. Yeah, he dislikes Kavanaugh, but not because he's probably a rapist. It's not the first time he's been dismissive of these types of allegations.
  44. excelsiorlef


  45. gogosox82


    Maher is trash. I'm actually surprised he hasn't been exposed yet because you know he's done some fucked up shit to women.
  46. Principate


    Edit: Bill's argument here is a poor one but I'm strugging to find quote that links to what the article title is saying.
  47. UnpopularBlargh

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    That doesn't negate my point. And the "transcript" doesn't help his case.
  48. Your Cousin Vinny

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    Also, it's free real estate.
  49. Cipherr


    Starting to become clear isnt it?

    Had they not said anything and he was confirmed:

    "Dems are weak and spineless and don't even TRY to put up a fight. The least they could have done is show a little resistence even if they dont have the numbers. This is all the Dems fault."

    or they fight it and:

    "Dems and SJW's are at fault for his confirmation."

    In exactly zero realities is this the headline however:

    "Republicans are responsible for voting in this fucking monster."
  50. SaviourMK2

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    I don't need to go into a long winded argument or dish out a one liner as to why Bill is Maher is wrong.
    Dr. Ford had brought up the sexual assault years before Trump, brought it up months before he was nominated and then he continued to lie to the committee and then proceeded to have a public bitch fit and threaten a political party with revenge killing his credibility as fair and balanced as well as destroying the argument of his temperament. None of this was going to stop those filthy red scum from voting for him because it would've sent a signal to their boss that they're weak and will lose re-election, which is all that matters to politicians (They have no real life skills so they gotta make money somehow).
    To say this was a problem because SJW(or the correct term being "Morally upheld citizens")'s fault, is just a fucking excuse.