Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night |OT| We Have Paid Our Tribute, Igavania Is Resurrected


Oct 27, 2017
It seems weird to rebalance a single player game with nerfs like this, where the power curve of the player already feels (to me) relatively flat. I could be wrong, but it just seems like your choices don't really influence your power all that much (or at least, it seems like it's hard to create/avoid weird difficulty swings via your gear/shards). That's the one thing I haven't really liked about the game so far: the shard system feels kind of needless and samey. I never really felt a need to branch out and experiment with different shard setups as I went and just kind of stuck with what I got really early that felt fine to use because I never really hit any walls besides
Zangetsu, both times. Both of those fights took me a few retries.
I'm right before the final boss and I decided to go back and farm out some of the overpowered stuff listed in those notes and see if they make a huge difference, and while sure, you'll be able to farm items/exp/shards much faster with Accelerator and maxed Welcome Company and Rheva Velar, I wouldn't say it makes the game outright easier because there aren't really huge jumps in difficulty in the first place. Are these changes being made more with hard mode or NG+ in mind? If so, maybe that makes more sense.

Sorry if this comes across long-winded and ranty, I'm actually enjoying the game quite a bit! The direction of the balancing just seems odd to me, is all.