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Board Gaming Era |OT| (Mostly) Unplugged Gaming

Oct 26, 2017
I wasn’t aware of CMONs Kickstarter mini heavy model because I’ve only been back into board gaming recently. (I lived in the pre Kickstarter board game age of paying full RRP for most board games at local FLGS.)

Anyway I really dig Bloodborne, but the actual game doesn’t look that interesting from the few photos I’ve seen of it, and if it’s going to be $200-300 for the base and expansions, I’m out. Looking forward to see what else they’ll announce though.

Also didn’t buy anything from the Amazon sale, but looked like a good sale, really want The Rise of Queensdale but I’m going to wait for $30 on that.
Nov 6, 2017
The gap till the next stretch goal is $150,000. It's going to take another full day of pledges at the same rate as today in order to get there. Kind of diappointing, but realistically it's all theatrics, so it doesn't matter. Still I'm eager to see what they're hiding from us...