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Bon Appétit |OT| Forum Poster Attempts To Make Gourmet Thread


The Fallen
Nov 1, 2017
Then there’s Chris, I’m not sure if he used to work in a restaurant or if he’s just an eccentric dude who loves making and smelling food 😭
I saw one of their videos recently where they said that Morocco went to culinary school.
I'd like to see a Gourmet Makes of a Garbage Plate.
What's a Garbage Plate? If it's not pre-packaged, mass produced stuff, it doesn't seem like it would align with the Gourmet Makes segments.


Oct 26, 2017
Help guys, I'm 3 days into what feels like an obsession with the BA cinematic universe.

It only goes downhill from here doesn't it?


Dec 14, 2017
This last Thanksgiving episode is giving me strong Modern Family vibes lol. Filmed inside a house, shaky camera, random zooms here and there and... there is Brad.
Oct 25, 2017
Did they actually blur out some wet swimsuit at one point? Yes they did.

EDIT: Morocco is straight savage under pressure.
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Oct 25, 2017
I much prefer Brad as a sidekick or paired with another cook. His character is a bit overwhelming when he leads the video.


Oct 26, 2017
Eh, felt a little food elitist at times.

The comment about tortilla chips kind of lending a snack feel to nachos stuck out to me but not in a particular good or bad way. When I make chilaquiles for breakfast I use tortilla chips, and chilaquiles are certainly not a snack even if it's light on toppings. So with nachos that wouldn't really even cross my mind. I really think it just comes down to portion size most of the time when determining between snack and meal.