Boogie2988 invited to the Game Awards (famous champion of 'both sides' in regards to white supremacy)

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Oct 25, 2017
Just gonna quote myself from the Jaffe thread on why boogie shouldn't be seen as a good person.
Between the GG gaf stuff and Anita he also defended Jon Tron by posting a video the day after Jon said "we shouldn't mix the gene pools" by saying he was being attacked for having a different opinion and "trying on a new hat, politically" and that we should all talk and meet in the middle.

When people called boogie out about the severity of Jon's comments he quickly followed up with another video saying he hadn't actually watched Jon's video and didn't agree with those comments. So he had time to read the outrage, think up a video, film, edit and upload it but not actually watch what the subject he was commenting about.

That's why he is hated here but there is more.

He also started dating a sex worker after his wife left him and the new gf came out saying he would emotionally bully her into saying at his house and looking after him, wouldn't let her do her sex work (even though that's how he met her) and when she would ask for money to live (since he wasn't allowing her to work) he would give her the bare minimum and make her feel bad about it.

He also told someone he was thinking about killing himself so they called the police to check on him and he proceeded to make a video where he was furious about them doing it because it interrupted a date and how he wasn't really gonna kill himself, then said not yet anyway, and basically was a real piece of shit to the person who was simply worried about him.

On top of this, from watching his live streams it seems he has a deep hatred of women, coming out with some seriously questionable comments that you wouldn't see on his usual videos. Such as "people say the clitorus doesn't have a hole but they just aren't trying hard enough. All you need is one of these *pulls out a scalpel*.

There was also a severely suspect comment where he said he didn't want to have kids because he was like his parents and didn't want to do to them what they did to him. In case you aren't aware he was physically and sexually abused by them so it made it sound like he was admitting he had the same issues.

I was a big fan of boogie and looked up to him with regards to his struggles with his upbringing and weight issues but its clear he is a manipulative, angry piece of shit who deserves no sympathy.
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Oct 26, 2017
Boogie is fine. He's not perfect but on most cases he's on your side, Era. He has many of the same ideals as the hivemind here, he just disagrees on how to achieve those ideals.

Stop calling him a piece of shit for not wanting to blatantly vilify others (what you call "choosing a side"). All I see in this thread is bullying. He hasn't said a single thing that is actually racist or homophobic from all the examples I've seen, people here are just hating on him because he chooses not to hate others no matter what their opinions are and believes in working with people on a personal level over time rather than shouting at their faces forcing them to comply with his ideals.

Boogie believes in the human spirit and has empathy for the human condition. We could all learn from him.

Yet he viliffied Anita Sarkeesian by saying the Charlotesville incident was her fault. The one were a neonazi killed a young activist girl.

He also vilified a cosplayer that was harrassed by a sexist MtG player.
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Dude isn’t even a real fence sitter.

He’s just a manipulative asshole who understands that pretending to see both sides and be a neutral party makes him grow and makes people see him with good Will and a good light. He does all of this to make money. He’s such a pathetic sorry excuse for a human being.

A real humble human being doesn’t brag about his six figure salary income, and then literally a few hours later manipulate an Arcade Cabinet company into sending him free Cabinets, by threatening to post a negative video and sic his fan base on them.

A man making six figure salary doesn’t have to beg yesterday on Twitter to DICE to send him a free copy of Battlefield V so he can make a “honest unbiased review.” How is it possible to be honest and unbiased when you begged for a free game and got it.

A self proclaimed champion of trans right doesn’t continuously pat himself on the back for his “help” towards the community, and use it to try and sweep away his shit comments. He always mentions and brahs about how “I MARCHED FOR TRANS! I TOOK A PUNCH DEFENDING A TRANS FRIEND IN HIGHSCHOOL! I DONATED TO MY TRANS MAGIC COMMINITY. I’M AN ALLY!”

A supporter of the Gay community doesn’t make comments saying “You know, the gay community should have just been kinder and more understanding. They went too fast making gay marriage legal and wanting equal rights. They should have waited 20 years to avoid making homophobic bigots uncomfortable.”

A supporter of Jews doesn’t go around and says “You know, some good came out of the holocaust!”

A supporter of Women doesn’t go around and run an old porn blog and objectify the shit of of sex workers and try to sound like a pimp. He doesn’t go around and praise Rapist and undermine the pain they caused to his own fucking sister.

Oh, by the way, did you know that in those old Porn Blogs, Boogie made racist comments saying Africans all die of AIDS?

Oh, by the way, did you know recently (a month ago) Boogie hired a woman to be a companion for Videos, and She bluntly told Boogie she is not attracted to him, but Boogie housed her for 2 weeks and showed her off on social media, in his own words “To make those small dick losers mad because I’m hanging out with hot girls. Yeah I used her for views and clicks.”

Oh, and he lies about how he met that woman. He said he met her through traditional means, and later admits he met her via websites made for paid arrangements?

Oh, and hours after bragging about hanging out with said attractive woman and posting about it on social media, he messaged his EX-WIFE passive comments? Wonder what his intentions was there.

Boogie is a complete piece of shit and I’m sorry if I sound so extreme. I just really fucking hate him. I’m 2013 he suckered me into feeling sorry for him and supporting him and giving him clicks and a platform for 5 fucking years, and then he reveals his true face. He’s a disgusting human being and I want him to be broke, alone, and miserable.

I bet you right now Boogie is crying on Twitter and trying to sweep away all the awful shit he says and does with his classic excuses of “I HAD A BAD CHILDHOOD I WAS VICTIMS OF ABUSE. I DISASSCOIATE WHEN I SAY THESE THINGS. I’M SO SORRY.”

Fuck Boogie. Fuck him.
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