1. night814


    You can just keep airplane mode on and you'll be locked out of updates for the OS and software. Not a big deal for some if they just want to play GBA games on it or attempt to run Dolphin.
  2. Vena

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    Only updates/firmware patches. Actual full gane content passes full auth as it needs to identify the hardware for delivery. Scires' poking around got him banned from it specifically, and lost access. The current issue is that not all bans ban full CDN access.

    The updates will also eventually be folded into checking.

    This is trivial to fix, unlike the 3DS.
  3. SonicRift


    I'm trying to find a way to phrase this...

    Now that the Switch hardware exploit is patched up in new units, and assuming it's too impossible (yeah right) or annoying to hack future units, one day the number of unexploitable units will far outnumber exploitable ones thanks to people buying the system now, for Pokemon and Smash, future hardware revisions, muggles not on forums like this, etc.

    Does the homebrew scene (which seems to be flourishing right now) survive if it's just the people who have hacked gen 1 Switches right now building for just the people who have hacked Switches right now?

    Will a community without the potential to grow will eventually become stagnant?
  4. Steven


    Hey all, I'm super late to the party on this. Can anyone link me to a guide on what's been going on with the Switch hacking scene? I don't know too much, but it sounds like it's a pretty mature scene already. What is the extent of the home-brew available for the Switch?

    I love my switch and have accessories for it, so I might just pony up some money for a tablet only from eBay. Question: When people say the hacked Switch isn't online safe, do they mean it cannot connect to the internet at all to download firmware updates? Or go to the e-store? OR does it simply mean that I can't play games online but I can do other things while connected to the internet?
  5. Leafiona


    So what you're saying is one could buy a Switch and be perfectly safe using it as a homebrew machine so long as you stay away from the online? I wish I could afford to do that.

    Hopefully in a few years the scene will have everything worked out for everybody. :)
  6. Homebrew works on firmware 5.1.0, I have a SX Pro and it works fine.

    The older hardware is hackable no matter what because it's a hardware issue. Sometimes you might have to wait for Homebrew to be updated to run on higher firmware, thats all.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
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    I bought a Switch on amazon that was delivered 10 days ago. It came with 4.1 on it.

    What are the odds that it is this revised switch?
  8. night814


    From what I understand yes, the only way for the Switch to connect to Nintendo's servers is through the internet obviously and when they get your data they can see if you've been using Homebrew apps. Others who got banned were blantly cheating and using the DLC content in Spaltoon2 before it was officially released. As long as you stay in airplane mode you will never connect to their end but you will be unable to update your system at all including games.

    It's always best to wait on this sort of stuff until the kinks are worked out, I know I wouldn't want to permantly brick my $300 dollar system.
  9. Celestial Human

    Celestial Human
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    This. I am also interested in a guideline that one would follow just like there is one for 3ds.
  10. Nanashrew


    You also have SX OS bricking people's systems which will also remove exploitable systems from the market.
  11. L.O.R.D


    so, iPatches can't be downloaded to the old switch? or they are hardware?
  12. Vena

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    They are a process done at factory, once the system leaves factory the iPatch write-allow fuse is burned, making it impossible to write to the fuse-array.
  13. Eusis


    I wouldn’t mind dumping everything into a newer Switch then blow the vulnerable one wide open as a portable homebrew machine.
  14. That could be possible, especially if the rumors of a port of New Super Mario Bros. U come to fruition.

    When reflecting on the release schedule in North America, New Super Mario Bros. was released on May 15th, 2006. This was then followed up by the launch of the DS Lite on June 11th. Despite the gap between release dates, Nintendo (as far as I am aware) exclusively marketed the game with the forthcoming system. Fast forward six years to August 19th, 2012, and we arrive at the simultaneous launch of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and the 3DS XL.

    If history is to repeat itself, a true refresh of the Switch's hardware would be another driving force that could aid in selling 20 million units this fiscal year. Perhaps that is why Nintendo is being undeniably keen on hitting their projections?
  15. mazi


    great news, hopefully this stops switch piracy from becoming widespread. in my country it was already becoming big, many shops offering to do it and fill your systems with pirated games, this would stop that for newer switch owners
  16. Vena

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    That is entirely why this exists, because it completely undermines what these shops and the piracy dongle were exploiting (and the people behind the dongle were just stealing code from the scene so they're not capable of actually developing a new exploit on their own). And as "it now being a thing shops do" is very recent, it requires new stock but new stock will be patched. Making it a complete crapshoot.

    So basically a blip on the radar like the early PS4 cloning.

    In fact, gaming shops that did do this have some what undermined themselves now since now they have potentially lost customers but cannot sell more of this either. Very short lived and stupid.
  17. Jahranimo

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    It was a bad joke given the timing of this news and him taking over as President, I'm sorry haha.
  18. Decarb


    0% unless you're in Japan.
  19. mazi


    the switch community here is pretty small, i am part of an online group that talked about where to get games and sell/buy second hand, then one guy a week ago was likd hey guys send me your switches i can hack them, and next day another guy was like i can do it in my shop too. if that trend continued i could definitely see no one being interested in legitimate copies of games anymore and them being not imported anymore.
    that's what happened with psp and xbox 360, getting non pirated physical copied was literally impossible, i would have hated if that happened to switch too.
  20. L.O.R.D


    so now if there is new hardware exploit, it will be patched via update on the new systems?
  21. Vena

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    People also tend to like online, and this sort of makes that impossible. But as I said, since potentially new people will want to enter the scene but cannot find 'old' units, it becomes difficult to make this viable. Hopefully your small circle didn't compromise their Switches. :P

    If there's ANOTHER hardware exploit, nVidia is probably going to kill some one.
  22. molnizzle


    This is my plan as soon as there’s a Switch revision.


    So let me get this straight firmware updates won't do shit as this is a hardware issue. So all old Switches are vulnerable no matter what.

    This is good news for me as when Nintendo launch a Switch Pro or whatever the next revision is I will transfer everything over. And instead of selling my old Switch for fuck all I will use it as my homebrew emulation system.
  24. L.O.R.D


    or nintendo is going to do it, ninja style.
  25. mentallyinept


    My plans exactly.
  26. Vena

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    nVidia would have a lot to lose from anything even remotely on the level of another bootloader flaw. That's such a catastrophic error on their part that whatever they had of an InfoSec division for Tegra would have been fired.
  27. delete12345


    It's not. Some users are still getting banned.
  28. L.O.R.D


    for people who still on low update, like 3.0
    can you launch the GOLF game now?

    because today is 7/11

  29. StarCreator


    Yeah, this is what I want to do. I just took delivery of my first Switch and want to play online and everything for now, assuming it's the unpatchable hardware and I can move off to a new Switch after a hardware revision and safely hack the old one for homebrew stuff.

    This does mean I would be updating to the latest Switch firmware, but that shouldn't matter in the end, right?
  30. Charpunk


    That’s a bunch of bullshit. One person bricked their switch trying to reverse engineer the software and they had code in there preventing it. They fixed their switch shortly after.
  31. headspawn


    We need to fire up a new '#___ Days since Switch has gone without being cracked...' - counter.
  32. maximumzero


    If early Switch units become valuable, I'd move my content over to a new system and sell my old one.
  33. Replicant


    No. If your switch is hacked and you go online, Nintendo is going to ban your console.
  34. zakatana


    This is an excellent news. And indeed, those who want an emulator/Homebrew machine can always wait for a hardware revision and use their old switch just for that.
  35. Yup. I suspect we won't see it until early next year but idk.
  36. jediyoshi


    Interesting seeing what FW recent switches have been coming in with, I just ordered mine a few weeks ago from a third party ebay seller and it still had 3.x
  37. Reinhard


    So how rampant is online cheating and is Nintendo doing a good job banning people or is it haphazard like the 3DS? I don't really have interest in homebrew unless a Switch Pro type revision comes out and gives me a real reason to get another Switch, but I'd hate for online to get ruined by cheaters, I experience enough of that on PC...
  38. Bans happen in waves and it’s a process that takes time, but not so many that everyone is affected. The bans are essentially VAC and they trigger when the system sees tampering.
  39. Based on what I detailed in my previous post below, there's room to theorize that Nintendo will push Mariko this year. It would be wise to act on it in time for the holiday shopping season, especially if any of the modifications to the system allow for a reduction in manufacturing cost.

  40. It's definitely possible, if they announce it soon-ish.
  41. Shaneus


    Apologies if this is covered already, but is a ban also likely if you CFW to homebrew but only ever play legit games using OFW and zero pirated stuff? For example, if I were to try out Cannonball (the Out Run emulator/interpreter) as a test then just go back to OFW.
  42. Vena

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    No one's been banned (far as I know) for just homebrew, even homebrew tossing up error codes and being online. All the bans are: hacking and pirating (on or offline).

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  43. Blade25


    Whatever happened to the person who posted porn pics on their profile picture and uploaded it SMO balloon mode? Did they ever get banned?
  44. Vena

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  45. Drain You

    Drain You

    Announce what? I was under the impression Mariko wouldnt be essentially the same switch just with the exploit fixed, or did I read wrong. It's been a couple weeks so I totally could have no idea what im going on about.
  46. Good thing my direct deposit hits tomorrow.
  47. Shaneus


    Glad to hear, though that's still not quite convincing enough for me to jump in (yet). I don't plan on buying two devices so hopefully things solidify in that arena at least as far as likelihood of bans go.
  48. , I was thinking Mariko was what was expected to fix what this ipatch fixes, I probably have my flaws mixed up as I didn't realise there were two different ones until reading this thread.
    But to answer your question I was replying to a post about announcing a NSMB game along side refreshed hardware.
  49. z0m3le


  50. JahIthBer


    From what ive read there is unreleased exploits to see if they work on the new Mariko units (Which this is not) so even these Switches & future Mariko ones may be vulnerable.
    Nintendo have an uphill battle, maybe they should have got the updated Tegra X2 instead.