Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

Lost Lemurian

Nov 30, 2019
I hope the first thing the next Dem president does is disband ICE via executive order. They're nothing but trash, this administration makes that unequivocal.


Oct 27, 2017
U, S, and A
Elite what? the fuck are they talking about.
Imagery for his gullible, uninformed base. The Trump administration is trying to paint immigrants as so dangerous that the presence of specialized militarized law enforcement is required in sanctuary cities.

I dearly hope a Democrat overcomes the electoral college, wins, and abolishes ICE - rolling their duties back into the various agencies that used to handle them. We never needed special police for immigrants. We already had Customs, etc.


Oct 29, 2017
America is becoming Nazi Germany-lite so fast my head is spinning.
After fighting that war and not reckoning with its own history of targeted abuse and oppression of the disenfranchised and general inhumanity this reality was certain to sneak up on America. The Nazi regime held up a mirror of what the US had the potential to become if it didn't make a concentrated effort to oppose bigotry and the only people to heed the warning were marginalized groups.
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Oct 26, 2017
I saw a border patrol vehicle just outside San Francisco on Thursday. I was VERY curious why they were here.

Looks like I got my answer.