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BREAKING: Roman Polanski accused of raping French actress in 1975


May 31, 2018
We look back in disbelief at times before people had the power to speak up. It was a world wilfully with its head in the sand regarding sexual abuse, child abuse. In many cases actively supporting, protecting structures where sexual crime thrives. Massive social indictment on the previous generations


Oct 17, 2018
Man, Have you seen the list of people that support him? Bringing up Marty because he talked shit about Marvel is pathetic.

This forum cheered for Del Toro winning awards and never said shit about him being a supporter.
It sucks but honestly most people are probably unaware of how supported Polanski is by Hollywood. It's more uncommon that someone speaks out against him than anything else.

The Del Toro stuff definitely fell flat to me knowing his stance.

John Kowalski

Oct 27, 2017
If only every rape made news of this scale, people would perhaps finally have some sense of how quotidian sexual violence is.


Oct 26, 2017
Polanski’s French attorney, Hervé Témime, told the paper that the filmmaker strongly denies the allegations. Témime said he deplored the publication of the allegations — 44 years after the fact — on the eve of the release of Polanski’s film.
Yes, his movie is the victim here.