Breath of the Wild 2 Revisits The Same Hyrule - Eiji Aonuma

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Oct 28, 2017
If this gives them more time to create dungeons that would be great. The 4 divine beasts were short, but rather fun to play. Hyrule Castle was also my favorite dungeon in the whole series.


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Oct 25, 2017
I'm assuming the mood will be completely different and they will maybe dig into the story a bit more this time around.
Also i'm assuming a lighter dev cycle with this confirmation.


Oct 27, 2017
Er, the wording is:

"One of the reasons we wanted to create a continuation was because I wanted to revisit that Hyrule again and use that world again, while incorporating new gameplay and new story"

(emphasis mine)

It's pretty clearly going to be the same Hyrule.


Cautious about this--exploring a new world was basically the entire point of Breath of the Wild, just reusing the same world doesn't sound very fun.
Using quotation marks is wrong anyway, when you use them you are implying an exact quote, which isn't the case at all with the current title of this thread. That's what he was talking about.


Jan 9, 2018
Speculation/prediction: Just like Hyrule Castle rose from the ground, I'm thinking we'll see underground structures erupt from underground as well, which could be potential dungeons. And if the game takes place a few years after BotW, perhaps we'll see new locations, towns, NPC's, enemies etc.


Oct 27, 2017
I really hope there is more to do in this game. I get I'm in the minority but the world felt shallow to me. There was very little variety, you either did repetitive shrines or chased korok seeds. The exploration meant very little when the things to find were the exact same things you've seen already.


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Oct 25, 2017
If this is literally what he means (i.e. mostly the same world, with new events and a new story), then he really doesn't get what made people flock to BotW in the first place.

I hope he's just being mistranslated and/or playing on words, otherwise this doesn't bode well at all for the game. One way he could be playing on words is the fact that the teaser shows the underground of BotW Hyrule. If BotW 2 is mostly about underground sections, then it's technically the same world (i.e. same Hyrule), yet with an entirely new setting, and that would be fine by me. I hope that's what he means... I think that's what he means based on the teaser. God knows I have little faith in Aonuma, but I don' t think he would be that clueless.


Oct 30, 2017
This is a good thing, and it solidifies what I've always felt that BotW is basically a very large but impressive tech demo.

The real adventure begins in this game, as Nintendo has figured out the production pipeline and can use it to create meaningful content within a big open world with the time and budget to do so. All they have is to repeat the success but with the setting ready-made they can spend all their time just creating stuff for it.


Nov 12, 2017
Change up some existing areas in big ways, have 6-7 traditional dungeons, much more enemy variety, underground paths and areas to explore, different weapons and equipment, and fix the main flaws of BOTW and this could be killer for sure. Don't mind using the same Hyrule very much as long as plenty changes. I'm imagining the more desolate areas of the map filled out with different and exclusive enemy and NPC variety and it could definitely add new life to the same map.


Oct 25, 2017
That doesn't mean it will be EXACTLY the same world though. They'll change stuff around, so that old areas feel new again. And there were pretty huge areas that the game didn't really do anything with, which honestly felt like wasted potential. I never felt "done" exploring the world, there was just nothing left to do (except looking for seeds - I've given up on getting them all). So I'm psyched to go back there, hopefully with new/rebuilt towns and stuff.
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Oct 27, 2017
That doesn’t mean it won’t be different. I’m guessing it’s the same map with key locations in the same spots but if it’s darker like he says it can be very different

Like they could use the same world but have it in a darker timeline where things are destroyed, in the past, etc


Oct 25, 2017
Well as long as they remix the landscape like flooding places, deserts, towns, the overall geography i'm down for it. That would open opportunities to put dungeons and expanding towns or heck destroy towns.

I don't want to walk around the same exact Hyrule since i already can do that...


Oct 27, 2017
Yeah, that's the impression I got from the trailer. I feel like there's going to be a huge emphasis on what lies underneath Hyrule, though, and the things that emerge from there.

Brock Reiher

Oct 25, 2017
first game shown off by showing a vast open field, theme is freedom.

sequel is shown an evil ghost hand constricting around Ganondorf underground, make the theme about overcoming suffocating adversity. same world, completely different approach.


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, guys..
It will be out in 2020
Probably, though I feel that even if you assume this is a 2020 game, that means we're looking at around 3 years of dev time in an engine and playstyle that they've finally wrapped their heads around. I'm pretty convinced the map will be a very different one, and that Aonuma's comment had more to do with it being set in that universe. With the timeskip, maybe that'll be a good excuse to reintroduce some major towns for onr thing.


Oct 27, 2017
This thread is going as I expected. People overreacting about a one sentence quote about a game where we have barely seen anything about. People are always looking for ways depress themselves.


Oct 27, 2017
Cool, as long as they transform the map (something like a dark world) then I am cool with this. Also hoping for some more classic style dungeons as well as more story. Either way BoTW is one of my favorite games of all time so I am excited for this.


Oct 25, 2017
If there are underground areas, then that can open things up considerably
That'd be great if they could incorporate a mechanic where doing things in the underground affects the aboveground and vice-versa. I guess that'd be similar in a sense to the Light-Dark world mechanic from previous games. But I think it could be rad.

And of course if the player can take control of Zelda as well, then that would open up further puzzle possibilities, as well if Zelda has different traits and expertise than Link.


Oct 25, 2017
A dream scenario would getting an extra map equally expansive on top of Hyrule from part 1.
It would be Pokémon Gold/Silver all over again.
Oct 27, 2017
No way they just copy and paste the map and call it a day. There will be significant differences.

The next generation Zelda will probably take 6+ years to make.


Oct 27, 2017
If the weapon breaking mechanic remains unchanged I will not play this game, no matter how many improvements and new features they implement.


Nov 23, 2017
I trust this team. They've shown that they know how to double down on what works and improve based on fan feedback.

I'm excited to see what they can do with everything they've learned.


Oct 25, 2017
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Come on guys, even if the terrain is close to the same there will be tons of new stuff. One of the big complains in BOTW was nothing underground and no dungeons. The first trailer for this game is underground in what kind of looks like a dungeon.

granted it could just be for the cut scene.

Until we know more lets just be happy we get more BOTW.


Oct 25, 2017
It'll be fantastic if you can rebuild some of the derelict towns like Hyrule Town and Lon Lon Ranch, maybe with some of the guys from Tarrey Town. I can imagine like Squatters in Hyrule Castle, people trying to control the guardians again and racing them, some plot lines where the people are no longer interested in restoring the monarchy, it could be really cool. Like 'Final Fantasy X-2' done right.


Oct 27, 2017
I had always imagined that if there was ever a sequel that used the 'same' map, it might take place hundreds of years before or after where half the world isn't destroyed
Same here. The trailer did kind of worry me in a way because I was expecting the overworld to be very different and in the last shot it looks exactly the same. But maybe that was the point of the trailer, to show the moment in which things go wrong and Hyrule is metamorphosed into something new.

Having said that, one of the things I enjoyed the most about BOTW was discovering the towers and uncovering the map area by area. If that feeling is completely lost it could be bad for the game.

My theory is that they're going to expand the world on the underground, with a complex cave and dungeon system. I think that would be very cool.
Oct 27, 2017
I mean... you don't show the old map in your trailer unless you're planning on building on that foundation.
Well it doesn't stop me hoping they're not doing that. For all we knew that could have been part of the opening cutscene and they end whisked off somewhere shortly after ala link falling in to termina from somewhere in the lost woods.

Using the same world map made me not want to play the dlc at all (and I didn't). The best part of the game was exploring the world map, I don't want to reexplore the same one.

This just killed my hype entirely, honestly.

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Oct 31, 2017
Disappointing news, I played BOTW too much that I have no interest in spending more hours on its world.

Also, I find it odd that more than two years after the release of BOTW the only thing the Zelda team has is an early sequel that reutilizes the world of the first game, I suspect they are developing a brand new game for the Switch succesor too.


Oct 25, 2017
hope this one has dungeons, characters, and a story. im gonna be dispapointed if its more of BOTW with some purple clouds or w/e


Oct 27, 2017
Sometimes you need to be practical in making games. The Switch needs a 2nd 3D Zelda game, and doing this is the smartest way to get it out for fall 2020.

It doesn't mean they can't go crazy with new ideas, Mario Galaxy 2 had plenty of them.


Oct 25, 2017
Hmm. I feared as much after the trailer. I was hoping for a different, more compact map (like 2/3 the size of BoTW).

That said, exploring a totally new map is less important to me than having interesting things to do (A Link Between Worlds was the best Zelda since Majora's Mask, after all). If they build in more traditional dungeons and improve combat and itemization so they don't fall apart after ten hours, I am not going to complain that the overworld is only lightly remixed.

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Nov 27, 2017
If revisiting Hyrule = Dark World, then cool, I'm game. However, if it's legit a copy-paste with some new things strewn about... I will legit be upset. I want new puzzles and areas to find. BOTW was a blast because you never knew what was around the corner. However, that's done and over with if you're familiar with everything.


Oct 25, 2017
It should be reminded that Aonuma was one of the main people that started and finished Majora's Mask. One of the most unique games in the series that reuses assets from the previous game before in a whole new perspective. I think this sequel is in good hands.


Oct 26, 2017
Eh for all we know, the beginning portion of the game could take place in the BoTW's Hyrule.

The castle could move to a complete new location thereafter.


Oct 25, 2017
I still don't understand how people spent 200+ hours in Hyrule unless they really were going for all the Koroks. I explored every single area and beat the game in like 60-80 hours.
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