1. Ragona

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    If you are not familiar with the topic, Bungie received quite alot of flak recently about various topics - the exp 'scandal' to boost lootbox incentive among them.
    Yesterday their first paid DLC released and offers around 2 hours of story content (50% of which is recycled) and various new items - half of which are locked behind the microtransaction store. Mind you, the dlc costs 20 bucks.

    Now Bungie is looking for more talent to "Create sustainable player progression and chase through Destiny 2’s Bright Engram"


    • Create sustainable player progression and chase through Destiny 2’s Bright Engram
    • Work closely with our Live leadership team to craft a long-term vision for the Eververse and its presence in the Destiny IP
    • Work closely with our Live product manager to analyze key performance indicators to inform design
    • Design and implement new features and systems with an eye on engagement, retention, and monetization
    • Use data and design sensibilities to define strategies for maintaining ideal engagement patterns and maximizing player satisfaction
    • Work with Destiny 2 leadership to help define a cohesive monetization experience across multiple expansions and seasons
    • Manage the creative and craft growth of Progression designers on the Eververse team and help establish a strong design culture
  2. Samaritan


    I've so given up on this series. Destiny 2 really had the potential to make good on a lot of what excited people about the first game. But with all of the exp bullshit, how lackluster this first piece of DLC is, and now more insight into what part of their game they want to focus on, I'm just done.
  3. Paradox House

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    Games arent about fun anymore are they?
  4. Shugga


    ey bungie fuck you too by the way !
    They're doing this so shamelessly because EA are taking all the flak for it
  5. cesucara


    Welp. I thought EA was a good example.
  6. Rezsolution


    Shivering Isles was 30 dollars lmao. I haven't been playing this game but paying 20 dollars for any kind of recycled content is so insulting
  7. Tecnniqe

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  8. Birdseye


    The game is already out yet they still have to figure things out?
  9. senpai


    wrong place...
  10. Soap


    increasingly shrinking player base needs Whales. It certainly isn’t going to gain them sales.
  11. ViviOggi


    Who could have seen this coming, I am shockinged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Potterson


    Jesus... Just hire someone to make a compelling loot system. I want to feel good when something drops from the enemy. I want more legendary weapons and exotics and I don't want to go back to the city to "unpack" them. Just look at Diablo and copy their system ._.
  13. TwistedSyn


    Wow...just wow. This is really depressing to see happen to games now. This kind of stuff needs to be stopped.
  14. still upset i bought this game
  15. Rosur


    Welp guess what gets added in year 2 is now decided, was thinking it would do the same thing taken king did to the first game. Though now will just avoid destiny 2 completely
  16. texhnolyze


  17. Compsiox

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    I don't know why I thought things could possibly be different this time around. I miss Classic Bungie.
  18. Sophia


    Ditto. I feel a bit shafted, given the issues the PC port had to begin with, the locking of content behind DLC a mere month and a half after it's release, and now this.
  19. Zappy


    Ouch. At least you can predictably earn bright engrams in the game. But linking progression to it would be a death-knell for this game.
  20. Hudo


    Doesn't look that way, sadly.
  21. Calibro


    EA: "Hey, let's fuck up so hard we get the most downvoted comment on Reddit"
    Bungie: "Hold my beer"

    Pathetic. Eververse was supposed to pay for DLCs like CoO for them to be free. Instead, they continue with bullshit Destiny 1 model and added mtx which will soon contribute to the progression even more? Yeah no thanks.
  22. golguin


    This isn't good. I'm sure there are enough people that are into loot boxes to keep this sort of business strategy afloat, but I am way out on this.
  23. Stilton Disco

    Stilton Disco
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    Yeah, anyone still claiming legislation isn’t needed and that it would be better if the industry regulated itself?

    This right here is why that won’t work.

    These are big businesses we’re talking about here. If they can fuck us over to line their pockets, they will.
  24. _Karooo


    WTF are they doing? It is so so sad to see them ruin something with so much potential. They seem to have no respect for their players at all.
  25. shotgunbob04


    I wish Bungie and Activision could focus on fun first, and squeezing extra money out of their playerbase second (or like, 20th).
  26. BreezyLimbo


    Fun is a buzzword

    it always was.
  27. ViviOggi


    In the other thread it was said that people were getting refunds when they gave the locking of content behind DLC as a reason, maybe worth a shot?
  28. Chandler


    Remember when the addition of microtransactions was justified due to it only being there to fuel free content in the future?

    Now they want to make microtransactions a progression system. Absolutely disgusting.
  29. Deleted member 5015

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    Seems like it. This is the most sterile thing gaming related I can think of. Nowadays, gamers are really just domesticised cows whose only reason to exist is to get milked for every drop possible.
  30. panda-zebra


    Looks like they need someone to unfuck their game, make it worth playing and make it start paying. Good luck with that, Bungie.

    Reading that list makes me thankful I didn't get the urge to go play through the DLC I'd already stupidly paid for. Nothing is bringing me back and that looks like a sound decision because, seriously, fuck progression via bright engrams. And this...

    ...Destiny 2 leadership might want to get a grip on having a cohesive game experience before they double-down on scumming money out of the faithful.
  31. Svart


  32. Lethologica


    Hah, fuck you too, Activision-era Bungie.

    You could at least pretend that I am a valuable customer and not just a bank account. FFS.
  33. bought my copy from greenmangaming unfortunately
  34. John Harker

    John Harker
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    That job description is actually incredibly standard, it has a few destiny 2 specific nomenclature for features but I’ve seen and dealt with many different Job descriptions asking for almost the exact same skills across many companies and projects.

    That’s to say, that’s not a specific destiny conversation to have but an industry one
  35. Iucidium


    From what I've looked at in Eververse, the good loot is actually there, they have loads of lore-based ships (EG Kabr's ship)
  36. Shugga


    I actually can't wait to see what kind of bullshit they come up with for diablo 4 if it ever happens lmfao
  37. Quinton


    I don't play the kinds of games that require "chase". I pray this continues but I fear for the fates of the few AAA franchises I presently follow.
  38. Gamer @ Heart

    Gamer @ Heart

    I think we need to be a little understanding here.

    The owners of bungie have to hit certain profit milestones for all the extensions they've gotten for hastily rebooting a year before release twice now otherwise they won't get their bonuses.

    How do we expect them to do that? Charge 20 bucks for scrapped/delayed content? Of course not. Eververse is key!
  39. Nights


    Excuse me while I roll my eyes so hard they fall out of my head.

    It could just be that you should have random loot, and just have paid cosmetics at worst. No RNG bullshit for things you can purchase. I'm talking DLC. You buy it, it's yours. Period. You're already making people buy 20 or 40 dollar (Don't recall) freakin' expansions.
  40. Stygr


    Why no one is talking about this shit here?
    I don't see a thread about it.
  41. youngsylt


    wow, i was so tempted to buy the expansion - now im glad i could resist the urge. this whole lootbox/gaas/player engagement thing gets sadder by the minute. i think bungie should really adress other parts of their „game“...
  42. Ragona

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    One thing I should probably have stressed out more prominently, is that 50% of the new items are (cosmetic)items locked behind the microtransaction store. And of course you can't get them unless you buy the dlc first. (yes, you get a bright engram every few hours!)
    So you pay 20bucks to then be allowed to spend money to get the osiris cosmetics. And lets not kid ourselves, cosmetics are extremely important in a game like this, with social activities, social space etc.
  43. Clefargle


    Switch says hi. Single fun single player games with replayabiity
  44. Militaratus


    Good, and I don't want to see any backpedaling, go fricking all in. Put even XP gains and level ups behind lootboxes. Hell, add a PVP mode that you have to kill people by dropping lootboxes on them.
  45. Trace


    Every AAA game has some kind of monetization specialists at this point that do stuff like this.

    Doesn't get them off the hook for locking 90% of decent customization options behind Eververse and releasing a half baked DLC though, what a waste. First Destiny DLC I haven't bought at launch and I have no plans to do so in the future either unless they unfuck the state of the game.
  46. Chettlar


    Fun fact. Microsoft has stopped accepting returns for it due to how many returns have already been issued.

  47. panda-zebra


    I think the first game proved they make this shit up as they go along. Destiny 2 didn't scrap all the progress made from vanilla Destiny until the end simply because they're incompetent, it was to give them a blank slate again and a platform upon which to properly maximise...

    ...tugging those titties.
  48. sephi22


    My biggest regret in gaming in stopping TTK, a game I immensely enjoyed, when HM Oryx came out. I didn't play ROI or Age of Triumph despite owning the ROI destiny.
    That was peak Destiny, a game that at it's core is sublime.

    Destiny 2 is a trash fire. But it led me to learning about Warframe and getting into it, so it (kinda) redeemed itself.
  49. Sophia


    Not sure how I'd go about that on PC, and I'd feel bad doing that anyhow as I did legitimately enjoy the campaign despite the game's issues.
  50. Mendrox


    Hmmm on the one hand I am glad that my dad enjoys Destiny 2 (a bit too much, he is addicted to it, hehe), but on the other hand I am sad that he gets exploited like this and won't ever know if I don't tell him. And he won't care which is fine, but most of the Destiny 2 playerbase is like this I guess...casual players who don't follow news or don't notice how shitty the systems are because they play irregulary.