Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 |OT| Late to the party

Oct 27, 2017
Those suggestions sounds horrible. I like random endings including dense towns and buildings. Makes it like seige in a crazy way. Keep it random and don't take that element out of it cause you don't fight well in it. Hiding is a viable strategy at times and you have to prepare for it if you are on the move.

Also your complaints about being outnumbered doesn't hold up. Was in several matches last night where my party of 2 either killed another team of 3-4 or we did had an epic exchange at the end. Basically we had 3 on 2 and we still got second place. I still see being a little aggressive after engaging or flanking with your squad working. Cut out there cover. They need to make a decision to heal, repair or possibly revive that downed teammate. And we also destroyed a few people with level 3 armor so it's not the end all, you can't kill this guy if they have it. Just loot them after if the level 3 isn't destroyed and repair it up if possible.

Some matches felt people were clustered together more than before at the start. I also think some matches have more people going later into the game. Overall it doesn't change much but gives those parties that had a rough start a chance to get back into it more so than before. I've also seen more solo or duo parties making it later in quads.

I'd also agree the armor playing seems to be in less areas. But if you do find it usually there is usually several in that general spot.
I fight well in every environment. I am a god at this game. I just wouldn't mind if the game encourage more active and dynamic playstyles. If it was like Siege they would add the EMP grenades to disable electronics, destructible environments, and not have barbed wire be so damn durable. I wouldn't mind if they added any of those things. Like Siege, they would also make heavy armor slow you down and make you louder. The collapse is also not random. It's clearly weighted to certain areas and not able to end in the middle of the ocean. I don't like how bullet spongey people are. It doesn't feel good to shoot them and I don't know why they even changed it so much. If anything, people wanted armor to be less of a factor and they went in the opposite direction. I don't think I ever saw a post asking for armor to absorb more damage.
Oct 28, 2017
The collapse is random in not knowing what side or areas may be less extreme. Sure it's not going to be in water but I've had a win on the cliffside at Nuketown facing the diner. At the start of the collapses there was no sign that is where the match was ending up. I'm sure there has been endings that included part of the ocean at the beaches.

Sometimes you stay on the edge the entire time with no movement. Other times every area is extreme and it needs movement from everyone unless you were directly in the center. It's not predictable and varies a lot match from match on the side and shape of collapses.