Can we stop saying "Happy Friday"? (discussion about pet names for days of the week)

What is fun for you on Friday?

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Nov 30, 2018
Hey everyone,

Really tragic news overnight, I can't fucking believe it. I wake up and shit has exploded. My thoughts go out to everyone who has suffered, everyone who is going about their day a little more afraid, a little more angry. Mods seem to have done an amazing job from what I've seen of the threads.

So anyway, no chief fun required today but you know, post what you want.

Me? I feel like posting two yt videos I saw for the first time this week. Random, stupid humor.

btw, I looked it up and Mastodon did the intro!
One of the few remaining drive ins in America is a couple towns over from me and I think I'd this mastodon video everytime the hotdog starts doing tricks or the popcorn starts doing gymnastics.
Happy Friday.
Nov 10, 2017
Well.... Good news today for MCU and Disney fans. Gunn is back!

Not interesting in shitting up either thread on Disney but as this is my thread of weekly shame, I'll shit this one up.

I have a strong dislike of Disney. No, not over the New Star wars, which is fine. Over the cancelling of the old EU, that bothered me in the past. Not anymore.

No, its that Disney is fucking enormous and its got an entire host of corporate water carries in Era over the MCU. We get it, Infinity gave you goose bumps. Lets cheer on the consolidation of the movie industry and baselessly assert that "Comcast would have been worse". We'll see about that.

Also, I never watched either Guardian of the Galaxy movie twice and the second one had me eye rolling hard at the kitsch at the end. Yondu was a villain, (I never read the comics, despite my years of ready graphic novels extensively, I don't read a lot of cape stuff) and now he's the 'daddy'? I didn't care if we got guardian 3 or not. Plenty of hypocrisy over the twitter issue with Gunn too.

Whatever. Long story short, people want their comic book movies, people want their amazon prime, people want their epic games exclusives on launch and fast fashion is bigger than ever.

What a shallow, greedy and short sighted lot we all are. Corporate boot-licking all over this place.

Myself being the greatest example, just look at this thread.

/rant. (also, don't @ me on this, just frustration over corporate love on era, not really looking for a discussion, I don't need to engage MCUEra again and earn another ban. Also, you're goddamn right Chief Fun Required ain't here today. It isn't that kind of day on Era)
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