Canada PoliERA |OT 2| I Got Ninety Nine MPs, But An Albertan Ain't One

Things That Have Happened After the 2019 Election That Might Be Important I Guess
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    Oct 25, 2017
    Since the election I have fallen off of the Poli-Era wagon. Since I do not see any threadmarks, are there any posts that would be pertinent?

    Thank you.
    1. Throne speech (Tax cuts, climate change "reconciliation [but not the kind that we're fighting against in court]", appeasing Alberta, etc.). The Bloc Support, the NDP say it's not good enough and the CPC are terrible so no one cares what they think.
    2. Cabinet shuffle; the main changes are Chrystia Freeland was moved to Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Governmental Affairs, setting her up to be Trudeau's predecessor, and Catherine McKenna was removed from Minister of the Environment because Jason Kenney wouldn't stop crying tears of oil. If you want the full list, here you go!
    3. Speaking of the CPC, Scheer is up for a leadership review and the opposition to his continued leadership is ramping up.
    4. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney are desecrating their respective provinces; Kenney in particular passed a bill firing the person investigating the "kamikaze campaign" that led to him leading the UPC and took control of teacher's pensions for very stupid reasons (read: InVesT iN oIl)
    5. As a result of #3, teacher unions are striking (go Teach!) across Ontario and similar actions are being murmured in Alberta
    6. Doug Ford is learning French. That should both terrify you given what it means and piss you off given he cut funding for francophone services.
    7. Quebec's Bill 21 continues to be a blight and Brian Pallister of all people is fighting Quebec over it. I am not kidding.
    8. Apparently we care about what Ed the Sock has to say? Still not sure about that one.