Canadian English teacher in Japan in hot water after phyiscally abusing young student


Oct 27, 2017
Basically the people in our college who spent most of their time smoking weed/gaming/partying instead of studying, who got mediocre grades and didn't really learn anything, and who subsequently discovered (due to those decisions) that they're mostly unhirable after graduation, ended up going overseas to teach ESL. It was such a common occurrence that it became a running derogatory joke on campus to describe an underachiever.

Companies and institutions out there need to figure out a way to screen applicants harder and more effectively.
From the anecdotes I've heard from ESL teachers in Japan, it's pretty random. I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse about my prospects when I apply after I get my degree. :/


Oct 27, 2017
(Have not been involved in any of those discussions, but)

Man, when I read spanking, I was going into the video expected something wholly different from what I saw.

That's made me reflect on how I understand the word compared to the way it's being used. I'm not sure how anyone would come into this thread and defend this shit.
It looks bad on video. Parents who defend spanking in abstract seem to have a very sanitized memory of corporal punishment and, conversely, a very jaundiced view of children. Perhaps the video evidence is what makes the difference because there's no watering down or wheedling to justify what's done.
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