CAPCOM Div 1 tweet hinting at a RE announcement soon? (Update: Might see something this year)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jawmuncher, Jan 18, 2018.

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    At first this doesn't seem like much. Though Capcom's Division 1 being in the US is rather odd (Since they all work in Japan). However once you starting looking at the image within the tweet. Things start to get more interesting.


    First off the infamous Dummy Finger is hanging out on the window sill.

    After that there's a mysterious black object. Which seems to be a typewriter.

    So due to them being in the US and the obviously purposeful angle of the shot. Something RE seems to be on the horizon. However things don't stop there.

    Resident Evil 2's 20th Anniversary is in 3 days.

    Between all of this and the recent other threads on the topic
    (RE Social Media changes Logo)
    (Empty space on RE banner)

    It starting to feel more and more like something RE is coming. Whether it's an announcement for RE2make or more ports/features. Seems capcom might enjoy teasing their fans like this after the big community involvement they received from the RE7 demo. So what do you think? Is this going to far or is something on the horizon? I suppose there could always be the case of the dummy finger much like in the original demo being a red herring.....
  2. chandoog

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    Holy shit Resident Evil 2 is about to turn 20 years old.

    Where did the time go ..

    Also. Bring on a trailer or some screens ! WE DO IT !
  3. Gunslinger

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    Please keep the original voice saying Resident evil 2 when you press start at the main menu.
  4. How About No

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  5. 5taquitos

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    RE2make reveal for sure.
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    I'm hyped for a possible classic RE collection. Especially if its on Switch.
  7. Drencrom

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    RE2 remake in the RE7 engine, book it.
  8. Vaser

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    Yep, we're old as fuuuuuuuuck:D
  9. 2B

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    This is huge. CAPCOM Division 1 has no reason going to the U.S. unless it's to have a direct word with CAPCOM U.S.A.
    Something is coming.

    I'm ready Capcom!
  10. Maxey

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    It's gotta be RE2make reveal.
  11. Plumpbiscuit

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    Maybe that voice actor did the "RE2" title announcement, notice his use of words "a different game compilation", which could suggest it's just one single game. Compilation has different meanings:

    It could be that "a different game" meaning REmake 2, compiled as a game. I would suspect he would have used "collection" instead of of "compilation" to describe a collection of games, no?

    Anyway, I'm 99% sure this is REmake 2. It's bound to release this year, it's the 20th anniversary this week and it's from US which matches the 21st. If that black object is a typewriter that is more evidence. I really don't see Capcom doing a RE 1 - 3 "compilation" or remaster or whatever right after RE7 Gold and REmake 2 being in development.

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    Wild Theory:

    Hideaki Itsuno is directing REmake 2.
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    Dummy finger definitely the red herring in the photo to the typewriter.
  14. kc44135

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    Has to be RE2Make, with the 20th Anniversary on the horizon. I'd also be insanely hyped for an RE Classic collection. I love 1-3, and think they deserve a collection, ugly tho they may be. REmakes are pretty different from the originals, after all.
  15. FreezePeach

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    I played that shit at launch! goddamn
  16. Chaos2Frozen

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    RE7 on Switch
    RER3 announced
    REmake2 First Trailer and Release Date 2019
  17. Reyes

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    Resident Evil 2 hype.
  18. badcrumble

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    There's no such thing as a singular, concrete "Biohazard/RE fanbase" anymore. Whatever Capcom decides to do with this, they're gonna rile a bunch of people up. Curious to see how they tackle it.
  19. Furisco

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    Updated RE7 demo with a new tape containing a REmake 2 trailer inside of it.

    AAMARMO Member

  21. kc44135

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    Well, whatever they're teasing, I hope Calvin reveals it soon.
  22. Mengetsu

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    Capcom is on a roll. Feels nice again.
  23. Plumpbiscuit

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    That's for DMC, as I've learned.
  24. Grief.exe

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    When Capcom starts posting random dino figures jaw is going to go down an infinite rabbit hole.
  25. dab0ne

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    I'm super excited for this!! If they do show something on the 21st I hope it's more of a trailer and less of a teaser.
  26. HPH

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    We do it! It can't be a coincidence.
  27. Foffy

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    Give me REmake 2 styled like REmake 1 or don't even bother.

    Don't fuck it up, Capcom. RE2 was hands down the best traditional RE game.
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    Nah,that's DMC5. at this point,itsuno knows that everyone knows (:
  29. Fularu

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    Man I remember the day I got the RE2 beta (with debug menu, no fms, only one disc and about 70% complete). That was a good 3-4 months before the game came out

    The memories.. no one at university believed me I was playing RE2 so early :D
  30. The Last One

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    I'm so excited. Can't wait to see the game.
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  32. salromano

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    Looked into this a couple weeks ago and couldn't find a single Capcom Twitter account that follows that dev1_official account, so why do we assume it's legit without verification? The account itself was created in December.
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    god, the closer we get to the reveal the more nervous I get.
    Please be like the traditional RE titles.... PLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEE.
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    Stop trying to kill hype
  35. R27

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    Pls don't be FPS.
  36. erlim

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    Always must chime in to support this idea. Totally easy to get decent looking ports for the original PlayStation era games because of their PC versions. I believe everything is at 480p. The sourcenext windows version of biohazard/RE2 has all the extras and is on one disc. You could add some post processing and picture filters. Based on the old players guide, there must be tons and tons of concept and production art, I don't think we ever got a proper art book for the early games. With the anniversary we definitely should get some developer interviews, the first couple games have a tremendous legacy in the history of videogames. Could get some info on RE1.5. You could also easily ad wesker's report.

    Just makes too much sense. You repackage Disney's Disney afternoon NES games. We get tons of Capcom NES era collections. There's a stellar Street Fighter collection across at least four arcade hardwares, and a Devil May Cry collection coming. It's time to preserve these Resident Evil games.

    It shouldn't be easier to acquire the old ass Alone in the Dark games and run them on a modern PC, but that is the case.

    Resident Evil 1-3 collection yesterday, please.
  37. Jawmuncher

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    In my other thread someone verified it through capcom.

    Also Japanese twitter accounts don't often get verified for whatever reason.

    Guess you can PM them if you want specifics.
  38. seiki

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    I really hope that REmake 2 does well at launch to much acclaim and does justice to the original game without doing anything to hinder from the original feel being a remake from the ground up. It needs to be complimenting to what was made 20 years ago. I for one am excited they could be implementing a more modern engine but base it on the original's gameplay and improve the notoriously frustrating controls.

    With regards to this tweet, it seems something is one the way indeed especially as Capcom seem to be preparing to show some sort of footage (seemingly updating their social media page logos) or whatever it may be regarding anything RE it is highly likely to be REmake 2 or potential switch ports of older titles. Personally excited because Resident Evil 2 was a brilliant survival horror game, one of the greatest entries in the series.
  39. HStallion

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    That's for DMC
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    Great catch everyone! Can't wait to see the reveal of whatever it is.

  41. IronicSonic

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    So it's Resident Evil 2 Remake directed by Itsuno and featuring Dinosaurs?
  42. Tom Nook

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    RE2 Remake.

    Let's go!
  43. Adamska

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    More Resident Evil is (almost) always good!
    Featuring Dante from the DmC: Devil May Cry series!
  44. KyouG

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    Give us an RE Classics Collection and Outbreak HD, please. And each comes with a different slice of a REmake 2 demo.
  45. djshauny1

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    Holy shit!! Its happening
  46. Blackbird

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    I'm fucking ready, it's time boys!
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    A toggle camera perspective would be dope, one in the vein of REmake, another in the vein of RE7.
  48. Jinketsu

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    Watch it just be Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles in one package...
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  50. HStallion

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    This wouldn't work well at all.