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Capcom files trademark application for Onimusha in multiple regions


Oct 25, 2017
Source: http://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/

(1) Online video gaming services; Providing electronic games for mobile telephones and smart phones via the Internet; Providing graphics, motion pictures, video games, music videos and music via the Internet; Providing graphics, motion pictures, video games, music videos and music through communication via mobile phones and smart phones; Electronic publishing services, namely, online publication of the text and graphic works of others featuring computer and video games and strategies thereof [not downloadable]; Providing on-line non-downloadable newsletters in the field of computer games and video games; Providing on-line non-downloadable electronic publications and documentation, namely, articles and reports featuring computer game strategy and video game strategy; Organization of on-line non-downloadable entertainment competitions for others, namely, video gaming competitions, board game competitions, card game competitions, musical competitions, photography and film competitions, drawing competitions and painting competitions; Production and distribution of motion pictures in the form of films, video tapes and optical disks; Providing online information services relating to entertainment, namely, movies, music and games; Providing information about movie, game and music through communication via mobile phones and smart phones; Online casino gaming services;


Nov 2, 2017
I loved the games, if it’s a remaster then I hope it will be something better than the DMC one.


Oct 26, 2017
........we gots nioh......now we getting ghosts of sashimi......and we may get onimusha .
this gen is so weird. id rather they hold this one back for next gen . just focus on monhun, dmc 5 and megaman.


Nov 20, 2017
It's going to be a remaster of the first game.

No way they are remastering Onimusha 3. They would have to pay lots of money for the characters likeness alone...


Nov 3, 2017
I thought the whole point of not being able to remaster was because of licensing issues with the Actor they used?

They're probably rebooting the series with new character models to get rid of that problem.


Crisis Dino
Oct 25, 2017
Ibis Island
Before anyone gets too excited this might mean jack all. Last time they did this a few years ago nothing came of it. Could just be to make sure they keep the name in other regions.


Oct 25, 2017
Only ever played the first one and parts of the second, so i would be okay with a remaster. Though, a completely new one would be even better.