Capcom files trademark application for Onimusha in multiple regions

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AAMARMO, Apr 13, 2018.


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    Oh my! I hope this goes somewhere.
  3. Acquiescence

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    Getting in on some of that Toast of Ninjutsu hype.
  4. GFP_RYU

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    Oh.. is it coming back?? Let's do this.
  5. Stygr

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    NO WAY
  6. CeroMiedo

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    another remaster incoming
  7. Mark H

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    Holy fucking shit I hope to god it's making a come back
  8. Dark_Chris

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    If that's real, than it won't be announced anytime soon. RE2make and DMCV takes precedence.
  9. jrush64

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    Onimusha mobile game incoming
  10. sinonobu

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    Inb4 Onimusha collab with puzzle fighter.
  11. Saint-14

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    I loved the games, if it’s a remaster then I hope it will be something better than the DMC one.
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  13. i-hate-u

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    If this series gets revived before DMC5 [​IMG]
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    I will cry if it comes back as a souls clone.
  15. Soilbreaker

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    Onimusha moblie game
  16. Blade24070

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    Plz be a remaster of all 4 games on one collection. I really wish to get into this series.
  17. Seven Force

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    Either that or a remaster, yeah.
  18. Heartskips

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    re-release probably. It's Sengoku Basara year and I doubt they will announce both in 2018.
  19. Patazord

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    Pleaaaase don't be mobile .....
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    I'm fine if it's only a remastered
  22. Vishmarx

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    ........we gots we getting ghosts of sashimi......and we may get onimusha .
    this gen is so weird. id rather they hold this one back for next gen . just focus on monhun, dmc 5 and megaman.
  23. Yuuber

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    This is my bet since we're in the darkest timeline. Personally, I'd kill for a 1-2-3 remaster.
  24. Piccoro

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    It's going to be a remaster of the first game.

    No way they are remastering Onimusha 3. They would have to pay lots of money for the characters likeness alone...
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    Onimusha port or maybe molbie
  26. Lucentto

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    Another one for Capcom's remaster spree I bet.
  27. TheGreenArrow

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    Oh my goddddddd
    SO GOOD.
  28. Dreamboum

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    I wish we'd get the original difficulty for Dawn of Dreams if those are remasters
  29. Chaos2Frozen

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    I thought the whole point of not being able to remaster was because of licensing issues with the Actor they used?

    They're probably rebooting the series with new character models to get rid of that problem.
  30. TubaZef

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    With all the remasters Capcom been doing lately, seems like the right time to Onimusha to get one.
  31. Rei no Otaku

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    Remaster is all I need. I don't have faith that a new entry will be any good.
  32. CrazyAndy

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    Onimusha 1-4 remastered would be awesome.
  33. RyoonZ

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    Perfect for the Switch
  34. RedAhmed

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    Yaaaaaaaassssssss. Give me an Onimusha collection, I'll give you money.
  35. Keym

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    Don't do this with my heart Capcom
  37. MrCarter

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    Onimusha series was a timeless classic. I hope they revive again soon.
  38. Jawmuncher

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    Before anyone gets too excited this might mean jack all. Last time they did this a few years ago nothing came of it. Could just be to make sure they keep the name in other regions.
  39. anexanhume

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    Christ, he’s gone full Middle Earth.
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    Huber will be fucking ecstatic
  41. Aniki

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    Only ever played the first one and parts of the second, so i would be okay with a remaster. Though, a completely new one would be even better.
  42. kennyamr

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    A remaster would be very cool. I've been wanting to play those for a long time, so this would be a good incentive.
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  44. Shozuki

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    awesome! Please Capcom!!!!!! Just don't make it another Souls clone...
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    Hmmmmm they would have renewed if that was the case.
  47. Sgt. Demblant

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    I'm calling it: remaster and then new game.
    It's happening.
  48. HiLife

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    Onimusha, gotta bring back Tenchu now.
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    It breaks my heart to see this and just having thoughts about it potentially be on a mobile device.
  50. Jimmyfenix

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    Remaster collection plz i need this