1. Cyberpunk

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    Capcom had released the Q&A of their Q3 FY 2017/2018 which is still in Japanese and will be translated soon


    Here is the google translated Version

    So Based on this translate :

    - They are very happy with MHW launch numbers and it is above their expectations for the first year/Launch but they are cautious for the lifetime sales and can't answer now whether it will catch Resident Evil lifetime numbers or not and they still want to check the " Sell Through " copies situation , and Both the Japanese and International sales are above their expectations , Also looks like They spend a lot of Marketing for MHW especially oversees

    - Revelations ports ( For PS4/X1/Switch ) sold 500K , the breakdown is 100K Japan, 270K overseas, and 130K Digital versions and half of the 500K are from Nintendo switch , but it is unknown if the 250K switch is split between REV1 and REV2 or it is only REV1

    Edit : It is only REV1 on switch

    Edit2 : Capcom Finally had posted the Q&A Translated in English

    From What I see , The new Information is that MHW ( at 5M ) had achieved Capcom's Target for this Fiscal Year
  2. Alexious

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    Still nothing on porting Dragon's Dogma Online overseas, I take it.
  3. Nope, the majority of these questions revolve around Monster Hunter World. Only ones I can see that aren't are about Resident Evil Revelations and a question about Nintendo suing the mobile company they partnered with.
  4. Joseki


    Switch owners are thirsty for games ported 8 times already.

    I need more Resident Evil on Switch Capcom, give me that portable + pointer controls RE4.
  5. ggx2ac


  6. Chaos2Frozen


    Monster Hunter becoming a worldwide brand along side Resident Evil and Street Fighter would be phenomenal.
  7. Sadist


    So even the Revelations ports performed okay? Ha.

    Well Capcom, I'm ready for REmake or RE 4 on my Switch.
  8. PogiJones


    What's going on there?
  9. Old story, Nintendo's suing Colopl for patent infringement over a virtual joystick they had claimed they invented themselves.
  10. cvxfreak


    Japan is the only region where Revelations 1 came out as a standalone game.

    Given that Revelations 1 has been on Nintendo systems twice before, I can't imagine Revelations 2 having sold less. Maybe it did 250K as well?

    If I remember correctly, this should actually be a better pace of sales than RE4 Wii.
  11. casiopao


    Colopl love claiming to the whole world that they are the founder of touch screen gaming which had been patented by Ninty during DS era. It seems Ninty can't stand those bullshit anymore lol.
  12. MrCarter


    So the figures for the Switch port was wrong. I knew we should have waited for official figures. 500K for Revelations ports is very good.
  13. PogiJones


    I see, thanks.
  14. sfortunato


    250k units for Revelations on Switch are in line with expectations (Capcom is expecting 300.000 LTD) but too much given the laziness of the initiatives.

    MHW advertising budget was huge and this raised investors eyebrows.
  15. Puroresu_kid


    500k for Revelations on Switch. That's better than I expected.

    Now Capcom where is Okami?
  16. So the revelation port to Switch did better than the PS4 and Xbox ones?
  17. 500k total, half on Switch.

    Okami reached 2 million series lifetime with the recent ports, so it's assumed all three platforms combined shipped 400k.
  18. Cyberpunk

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    It is 500K for all platforms and 250K on Switch

    Not better but maybe same or maybe not , 250K for PS4/X1 is a lock and the other 250K is for switch but it is unconfirmed right now if 250K switch is split between REV1 and REV2 or it is only REV1
  19. Sphinx


    this thread and the other one about 150k have me confused.

    after all the info and statements there are, is capcom happy with the sales of the switch ports??
  20. Bob Beat

    Bob Beat

    Half of the sales are on switch?

    Great. first big 3rd party game to have the sales releases?
  21. Illusion


    Spending money overseas did wonders, I rarely watch TV but I always catch it on.

    As a long time MH fan and always being frustrated that Capcom never gave the series any faith overseas let alone never bothered to localize the series half the time (or the more important PS3 Tri game) it always boggled me of their incompetence.

    Now that it's been almost 10 years since I first played a MH game, it feels surreal how its been picked up by the masses.
  22. cvxfreak


    It doesn't include Revelations 2. The name of the game is quoted quite clearly - "BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS", not "BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS SERIES" or whatever.
  23. Sadist


    According to Capcom, they expect between 300-500k sales from their Switch ports.

    USF II is at 400k +
    Revelations is at 250k after a month
    MH XX is at 200k +

    Looking at their personal expectations, Revelations is well on its way to meet expectations. USF II is already there. Only one possibly not meeting expectations might be MH XX.
  24. ggx2ac


    I looked at the million sellers list and this is what I think has sold for Revelations 2.

    First, the question mentioned in the Q&A is obviously Revelations 1 and is at 500k sales for PS4/XB1/NSW versions total. Details are already there from the Q&A.

    Second, Resident Evil Revelations 2 in the million sellers list has the platforms:

    PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/
    Xbox One/PC/DL

    And is at 2.3 million sales, last quarter it was at 2.2 million sales.

    It's possible the Switch version of Revelations 2 is listed as DL (Download) because it never had a physical SKU, just a download code. So the Switch version of Revelations 2 sold anywhere from below 100k or above it depending on how Capcom rounds numbers.
  25. Cyberpunk

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    That makes sense , Thanks CVXFreaks
  26. Spine Crawler

    Spine Crawler

    250k revelation on switch is also nothing to scoff at.. capcom needs to take this platform seriously
    they already said MHXX exceded expectations and its not even releaes in europe and NA

    USFII numbers are just crazy... port over SFIV and MCVI Capcom since SFV is a no go.
  27. Cyberpunk

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    The Platinum list is a weird and random one , Regarding REV2 then it can make sense in both ways , The 100K gain could be mostly from Switch version ( But I highly doubt it given REV1 Sold 250K so the drop between both games is quite huge ) or it could be the normal 100K gain that REV2 gets every quarter , It is normal for it to gain 100K every quarter
  28. cvxfreak


    It's hard to know for sure, but if we look at the numbers, the maximum downloaded versions of Rev 1 on Switch is 130K (likely much lower because that number includes the other platforms). That means 120K physical versions of Rev 1 on Switch were sold -- only Japan got Rev 1 as a standalone physical, which sold very few copies, so most of those 120K have to include Rev 2 in it in some form.
  29. Mark H

    Mark H

    Oh Switch version sold 250k?
    Maybe we passed another test.
  30. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    wait, so it's 250k just for revalations 1?
    the one that was on 3ds and U?

    that's not bad
  31. ggx2ac


    It didn't get a 100k gain every quarter, I checked web.archive, Revelations 2 was at 2.1 million units on March 31st 2017, 2.2 million units on June 30th 2017 and stayed that way until January 31st 2018 which changed to 2.3 million units.

    So sales were stuck for 6 months until Revelations 2 released for Switch.

    That's a good point.
  32. sfortunato


    IIRC Capcom shipped 300k in Asia already.
  33. Cyberpunk

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    Yea it sometimes misses the 100K pump in quarters , but my point is that If the Switch version is counted then you would had seen like +200K jump instead of 100K in three/six months that it usually gets
  34. Sandfox


    I bet Capcom wishing they made their MHW prediction public so they could show off lol.

    That Resident Evil split is impressive for the Switch.
  35. Jethro


    For a later Port in just 2 months or so? I think these are great numbers.
  36. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu

    RER looks like another successful Capcom release on Switch.

    I thought Sony was paying for the marketing?
  37. El-Suave


    If you go on the worldwide convention cycle throughout the year like MHW seemed to do, that would be done by Capcom, not Sony I assume. They did much more than just have a few stations at the sony booths.
  38. fiendcode


    USF2 is 500k+ and MHXX 300k+.
  39. ShadowGP


    Enough tests Capcom with the Switch. Time to bring the big games!
  40. Psycho_Mantis

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    Nice to see confirmation that even domestic sales are above Capcoms expectations.
  41. Liljagare

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    Still don't understand their reluctance with Dragons Dogma 2 or Online.
  42. Adder


    Sad that after all of Capcom games overperformed on Switch -and the some of the rest underperforming on other platforms- Capcom is still being all talk and no action with all those tests and other bad practices.
  43. Brhoom


  44. Scrawnton


    So the revelations port bombed but sold the most on Switch? The real question is, did we pass the test still?
  45. Lady Lunalesca

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    So will the "it underperformed in Japan" thing end now?
  46. Chauzu


    I feel a lot of pride and accomplishment when we pass another Capcom test on Switch.
  47. Jawmuncher

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    I bet any future ports of Rev will be bundled with 2. The games don’t seem like they’re strong enough to sell solo. At least not physically. Much like how we didn’t get REmake or 0 as individual $20 physical titles.
    That’s not to talk of their quality. Just seems they have a harder push there than compared to two online coop titles and a all-time Classic
  48. infinite


    You’re thinking of monster hunter portable 3rd. Tri wasn’t on the PS3.
  49. Adamska


    It's quite possible that DD2 is the game Hideaki Itsuno is working on at this very moment.