Capcom says Dino Crisis could come back, if enough people wish for it

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jawmuncher, Dec 30, 2017.

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    So I tweeted at the new capcom Division 1 Twitter (this is the division that handles RE, DMC, and other similar titles) about a chance of Dino Crisis returning. They quoted the reply with this

    Might not seem like a big deal. But this is the first time in quite awhile where Capcom Japan has acknowledged the series from my recollection. Most talk of Dino Crisis is usually from the US PR accounts or during an interview for another game. So an actual Japanese PR account acknowledging it is a pretty big deal in my eyes.

    If you wanted to analyze the tweet further. I supppse it could be argued that the wording of “wishing” is vastly different than the norm of “if demand is shown” or something similar. But that could just be some lost in translation scenario. Since this is a Japanese account that is thankfully still trying to tweet some bits in English as well.

    I’d like to think that Dino Crisis return will happen soon. So much so I made a thread about it here

    Also they said this about onimusha

    So I guess if you’d like to “wish” for Dino Crisis returning. Liking and/or retweeting their post would fill the criteria. Or you can do why I do and pray before bed everyday for it as well.
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    Tell them one person is enough

    You're enough Jawmuncher, you are.
  3. Suicide King

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    If a lot of people ask for (which is hard to say, because Dino Crisis is not a huge thing), maybe they'll port the first two games to Steam. Maybe the third one.
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    Quick everyone give Jawmuncher their energy
  5. Soilbreaker

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    Jawmuncher, where are you?
  6. scare_crow

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    I mean, not to crush your hopes (although you always seem pretty realistic), it’s not like they’re going to respond with “We’re not going to make one.”
  7. BioXCrisis

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    we can make this happen !
  8. KojiKnight

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    So very dead... Because this is just Capcom code words for "hahaha no."
  9. memoryman3

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    Look at the OP :)
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    Imagine a new Dino Crisis with RE6 enhanced gameplay (and no shitty level design).
  11. RailWays

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    But what about Powerstone and Gotcha Force?
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  13. Megatron

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    Not enough jawmunchers out there, unfortunately.
  14. Abriael

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    Which is what every developer says about every old IP when people ask.

    I honestly never put too much credit in this, as it's a typical PR way to respond while not giving an actual answer. Even more so in Japan.
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    Capcom says a lot of things
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    I was just about to say that
  17. Vadara

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    I wish I loved anything as much as Jawmuncher loves Dino Crisis
  18. BadWolf

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    Worked great for Darkstalkers.
  19. PSqueak

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    Jawmuncher, you'll need a loooot of twitter sock puppet accounts for this.
  20. Zebei

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    Finally, the long awaited sequel to Dino Crisis 3

    Godspeed Jawmuncher
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    Jawmuncher: Next week I'll start writing two letters at a time
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    Apparently just enough people wished for capcom to make another megaman game. It only took years since megaman 10. Thats the hurdle you dino crisis fans have to climb over. Good luck.
  23. Al3x1s

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    Where's the wish counter I want to see if mine counted.
  24. Selina

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    "If a lot of people wish", Capcom said while trying to hold back laughter.
  25. skeezx

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    Dino crisis 3 remaster as a test run. how else could they know otherwise
  26. Adamastor

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    I'd take the Onimusha games first, but wouldn't say no to a proper Dino Crisis.
  27. Spyder_Monkey

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    Let it go.
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    I didnt realized OP was jawmuncher because of the non dino crisis avatar, didnt know Jaw was into 2D Idols. [​IMG]
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    Jawmuncher, I'm with you.
  31. Bigg

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    Keep that dream alive Jaw

    Never give up

    And I mean this 100% sincerely
  32. Akiller

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    These replies just show us how Capcom devs are good people and they would be really happy to make new DC or Onimusha games.

    It's Capcom bosses who will always say no.
  33. Jawmuncher

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    I lost a bet : (
    Thought DMCV Or RE2make would be shown by now. Gonna be back at DC when the new year happens
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    This is probably the meanest generic PR response because it gives some fans hope, but also sets up an impossible and undefined barrier to overcome. like get 100k people to sign a petition? get a million people to buy the games on PSN? 10000000 likes on the tweet?
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    Idol Jaw best Jaw.
  36. Doomrider

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    please explain your obsession with this franchise
  37. chrisPjelly

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    Who are you and what have you done with the real Jaw Muncher?
  38. Garlic

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    I don't think I've seen a game company be so cruel to a single person before
  39. Sumio Mondo

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    Too busy making boring Monster Hunter games.

    Right. It reads like "we're stuck making Monster Hunter games for all eternity, save us".
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    Capcom, Jawmuncher is there wishing already.

  41. Transistor

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    I'm with you Jaw. I want a new one. They could do it RE7 style! The engine is already built, now to just make the game!
  42. brinstar

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    I never got why this series died in the first place. Were they not big sellers? You'd think a RE4-style game with dinosaurs would sell itself
  43. Uraizen

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    I'll toss in a Like even though it probably won't do anything.
  44. Professor Beef

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    real goddamn talk
  45. pswii60

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    Onimusha, Ghouls n Ghosts/Maximo, Strider, surely a gazillion Capcom IPs before this. And that's assuming DMC5 is really happening.
  46. RionaaM

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    After all these years you deserve a new Dino Crisis. You never lost hope, you're keeping that fire alive. Gotta keep tweeting man!
  47. Hellraider

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    They missed their biggest chance to release a new Dino Crisis since the Playstation era two years ago and I still doubt they'll actually capitalize on their second biggest chance that's about to come in 2018. What an embarrassing husk of a company.
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    They say this literally about everything.
  49. KtotheRoc

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    They didn't say no. So that's something to hold on to.
  50. Techno

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    We need another Onimusha.