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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sirpopopop, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Crushed

    Crushed Member

    Something weird is going on where page contents won't change when I click on a link, I have to manually refresh. This is true for forums and threads. Otherwise, if I just click on the breadcrumb, I see a minute old page or thread and have to refresh to update it.

    I'm on Firefox.
  2. Likewise on my end (Firefox as well), deleted all my cookies related with Resetera but still screwed up.
  3. 2Blackcats

    2Blackcats Member

    Can confirm something is screwy. Threads aren't updating without an extra hit of the refresh button.

    Edit :Nevermind, maintenance.
  4. Ryuhza

    Ryuhza Member

    Is the maintenance over? 'Cause I'm still getting what you all were talking about.
  5. SolidSnakex

    SolidSnakex Member

    Clear your browsing data for the past hour or day and that should fix it.
  6. Ryuhza

    Ryuhza Member

    Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. :)
  7. Coolwhip

    Coolwhip Member

    Not sure if this is useful, but I liked how gaf looked a lot more. The dark theme with the black and purple looks very ugly on my ipad. Not sure why. Maybe gaf was more subtle in dark mode? And it seemed to be more minimalistic.
  8. Melhisedek

    Melhisedek Member

    Is there a way to "mark forum as read"? Love that on the other forums
  9. Tunesmith

    Tunesmith Member

    Button next to "Watched Threads" in the top menu bar.
  10. Melhisedek

    Melhisedek Member

    Thanks a lot mate, I was expecting a button. Now all is perfect :)
  11. chidrock

    chidrock Member

    Nevermind - I think my issue with watching embedded YouTube videos has something to do with my cellular connection. It works fine when I’m at home on WiFi...
  12. BraXzy

    BraXzy Member

    Is development on the theme of the site done with or is it still being tweaked? Not been keeping track since the first few big changes happened.
  13. Selina

    Selina Lady of Dragonstone Administrator

    Still being worked on.
  14. Any chance we can get Vimeo added to the list of embeddable media in the media tag?
  15. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Member

    Why does the site render in a serif font first before re-rendering in a non serif?

    Why not set the non serif as default?
  16. I see we have an option to hide images, but it turns it into a link. Is there any way to have them hide, both media and images, but have it act like the spoiler tag?
  17. Pokemaniac

    Pokemaniac Member

    Probably because it downloads the proper font while the page is loading. Web fonts are janky like that unless you pre-load them.
  18. lupianwolf

    lupianwolf Member

    Can we have the ability to save threads?. I want to be able to check certain threads, but not get alerted whenever someone comments. It’s annoying trying to search for them.

    Also the threads I’m talking about are the Microsoft and Sony developments which I like reading. I don’t know if it’s the right place, but it seems like they should be put in the vault(with the ability to still comment).
  19. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    Watch the thread and change your alert preferences to whatever you want. For example, I only get alerted to my watched threads when someone quotes me or mentions me in a post. I also set it to automatically watch any thread I post in. If I'm sick of seeing a thread pop up on my watch list I unwatch it later.
  20. Hasney

    Hasney Member

  21. Accoun

    Accoun Member

    It's probably old, but is there a reason why highlighting my posts/quotes of me is mobile-only? Can't find it as a setting either.
  22. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    You sure you're not running a custom theme? I run a custom theme because I don't like the colour of the highlighting (or most of the purple on the site) but if I turn it off I see it.
  23. Accoun

    Accoun Member

    I used to, but not anymore. Only see the first unread highlighted.


    Doesn't work on FF-based Basilisk Browser either (and that's a fresh install), but works on the Chromium-based Vivaldi and only that from browsers I have.
  24. Deimos

    Deimos Member

    Any news on changing the Watched Threads link to go back to New Watched Threads instead of All Watched Threads?
  25. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    No idea what to tell you, works perfectly here on FF 58.0.2 (pictured) and Chrome 64.0.3282.167(not pictured).

    Custom theme on:

    Custom theme off:

    Normal theme looks horrible which is why I abandoned it long ago.

    On another note, wish we could just click on a poster's name/avatar and pick "Mention" to mention them instead of having to start typing out their name.
  26. E.T.

    E.T. Member

    I really wish the Next Page, Previous Page buttons were more friendly to mobile users. Neogaf had an excellent implementation. Page numbers are also so miniscule and requires too much precision on mobile. Other than that keep up the good work.

    Oh PS. Images that are posted or quoted, completely mess up all of the proportions on the page when I click them to enlarge. Its frustrating.
  27. GuitarGuruu

    GuitarGuruu Member

    Huh in Etcetera on mobile the pages seem to be reveresed. The older threads are being displayed first for me and the newer ones are on the very last page.

    edit: now it's back to normal. Not sure what the issue was there.
  28. PtM

    PtM Member

    There's a sorting toggle at the right of that bar above the first thread.
  29. famikon

    famikon Member

    I don't see that option ^
  30. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    It was later turned off.
  31. Einchy

    Einchy Member

    When’s that 2.0 coming, doe
  32. Selina

    Selina Lady of Dragonstone Administrator

  33. Kanhir

    Kanhir Member

    Is there any way to search within a thread for posts by the OP (other than trawling through the OP's post history)?
  34. alr1ght

    alr1ght Member

  35. Number45

    Number45 Member

    It may have changed, but this wasn't possible on mobile in the past.
  36. MRYEAH

    MRYEAH Member

    My content is empty and I'm not seeing any post go up
  37. Hasney

    Hasney Member

    It always was in landscape mode. I still can't in portrait.
  38. Madjoki

    Madjoki Member

    Posts seem to be in wrong order, new posts appers in middle of page and like that.
  39. ElyrionX

    ElyrionX Member

    I’m not sure where to ask this but this seems like the most appropriate place.

    Does browsing this forum consume A LOT of mobile data for everyone else? I think it has to do with embedded videos automatically preloading. Is there any way I can manage this?
  40. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    I have trouble when I try to expand a quoted text, sometimes it cuts a lot of text that I can't read. And with embedeed videos is worse, since it will always cut them at half
  41. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    What do you mean by preloading? The videos stream as you watch them and they do not autoplay so those wouldn't impact you. It could be images and such?
  42. Number45

    Number45 Member

    I wonder if they're mistaking GIF/WEBM for videos? Would make sense and I assume could be resolved by setting the preference to link images rather than display them directly.
  43. Pokemaniac

    Pokemaniac Member

    Embedded videos typically don't preload (except maybe Twitch, those look like they might preload a bit). Images, including gifs, typically do, and, at least on Firefox, you can tell the browser not to load images on mobile data if you want.

    Ads may also be contributing. I don't have any mobile measurements, since my data is unlimited, but I do at least know that RAM usage of ResetEra jumped a ton on my Desktop when ads were enabled.
  44. ElyrionX

    ElyrionX Member

    Thanks guys. I’ve definitely seen Twitch videos preload before. But Twitch videos aren’t all that common here.

    How big typically are webm files?
  45. VitalNonsense

    VitalNonsense Member

    Is there a way to customize ignore behavior? The fact that it also removes quotes but leaves no trace whatsoever can make certain posts impossible to follow.
    Removing the entire original post without a trace is fine, however I think there should be some sort of "ignored quote" placeholder when someone quotes that post, something simple to at least clue me in that they're in reply to something. It can lead to misrepresentation and misunderstandings to have no idea that a post is being made in reply.


    No filters:

    Current settings with the puppy hating user on ignore:

    With a placeholder for ignored quotes:
  46. Oldmario

    Oldmario Member

    is there any way to change it so clicking on your avatar at the top takes you to your profile page instead of profile settings?