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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Sirpopopop, Dec 17, 2017.

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  1. SRG01


    Were there any server glitches tonight? Some of my posts seemingly did not post but appeared a good 30-50 seconds later.
  2. StarCreator


    Three months down the line and I'm still greatly missing just being able to tap anywhere on a thread to go to the first unread post rather than having to painstakingly reach for a breadcrumb smaller than my finger to achieve the result I want 99.9% of the time.
  3. Ferny

    FutureERA Administrator

    It's something on our list to look at - at some point.

    No, not sure if we will do something like this, but not a bad suggestion. Thanks

    We have a solution for this. Just taking a little time to implement. The buttons in the editor aren't very easy to change, believe it or not, but we will change it soon.

    Don't know what this means.
  4. Bouniter


    Thanks for the update Ferny You're all doing a great job, thanks for all the hard work.
  5. gozu


    I think you've done a bang-up job so far with the site.

    I have a suggestion. How feasible would it be to have an option to limit the number of posts someone can make in..say, a day?

    I can waste a lot of time posting on ERA when I should be doing work or chores. I think this could be a nice option for mods (and possibly users) to have. The number of posts a person can make can be gradually reduced in case of shit-posting, or it can be done by the user themselves when they want to limit their ERA time (similar to requested bans ahead of exams on the old site)

    It could be a helpful other tool next to the warnings and bans that gives mods more options to deal with problematic posters
  6. Hello, I have a question.

    I have been warned recently (Yes I know about this). I'm not sure if this is the right thread, as I can't seem to find a thread that gives a answer to the one I'm looking for.

    Will the warning point eventually be removed? As in, some forums does allows users to gradually lose warning points over time, so I'm a bit worried.
    Is the warning point permanent, or will there be a system to lose warning points? It just doesn't seem a bit right to me that you're forced to stack up warning points.
  7. Number45


    I would think your best recourse is to PM a mod with questions like that.
  8. PtM


    Oh, but it's a technical question many interested in its answer might be.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Banned Member

    Welcome to Resetera, the forum where everything's made up and the points don't matter.
  10. Ferny

    FutureERA Administrator

    Look, I’ve already told you to chill with these types of posts in this thread before. This is the last time I will do so.

    The warning is just a warning. I wouldn’t worry about the points. Focus on the reasoning for the warning. If you have an issue with it, you may PM a mod or an admin and we can discuss it in more detail, but don’t take the warning as your account is in jeopardy right off the bat.
  11. Selina

    Queen of the Valkyries Administrator

    Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions like this.
  12. lupianwolf


    One annoying thing I’d like to see fixed. When you click on a thread and it takes you to the next newest post, clicking on the refresh icon at the bottom of the thread shouldn’t bring you back up to the post the thread took you to, but show you the newest posts.

    Sorry if that was hard to understand.
  13. Accoun


    Did something get wrong with YT embeds in the last few days for anyone else?

    Haven't clicked on the latter, but the former seems to use a standard HTML5 media player instead of YouTube one - without any option to open the YT page or open the video in app.
  14. Thanks for the tip!

    No, I am not jealous, but thanks for reminding me. I will try to focus on the warning reason. I was just worried if the points are permanent.
    Though I'd like to see an update that adds a option to view your warnings and the reason - now that I think about it, I forgot on which of my post got a warning. I know why I was warned, but not which post.
  15. TC McQueen

    TC McQueen

    You should be able to see them by going to your profile page. A tab called Warnings should be there, and it'll list the amount of points you gout and when they expire. It won't take you to the infracted post though.
  16. I check the boxes to not display images and to not display avatars in my preferences, but they still always show up anyway. What do I do? All browsers, mobile and desktop
  17. DarkChronic


    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but is there any way to "fix" the horizontal scrolling on mobile?

    For example, when browsing on my iPad, when I swipe down to scroll, if my finger is not perfectly straight, the page "slides" from side to side, instead of being "stuck" in the middle.
  18. disaster


    Any chance for ''Hide This Thread'' button?
  19. I'd like to think you're right, however when I go to my profile page, I can't see the warning tab, which tells me which post has been warned. I am really sure I know why I was warned.

    For some reason my laptop won't allow me to upload a screenshot in this forums, and I am confused...I'm using Imgur...maybe that site is the problem?
  20. StarCreator


    No problems with imgur. You just have to actually use the direct link to your image, like this:

  21. [​IMG]

    Oh, yeah, you're right. I haven't actually thought about this. Thanks, though!
  22. leder

    Self-requested temporary ban. Member

    Hey, I just encountered a weird bug. I was browsing through gaming, and was on the 2nd page and clicked on a thread that looked interesting. I replied to it, but it turns out the thread was from last November or something and I unwittingly necroed it. I have 50 threads/page for what it’s worth.

    I’ve been notice other weird issues with the DB lately too, like the quote function misfiring and quoting a completely different post.
  23. SegFault


    confirming that I actually don't see that tab and I know I've been warned before.
  24. FairyEmpire


    Not sure this is where I should post this or this was brought up in the past, but just a quick heads-up: currently, when you link a specific post, the URL contains the page number, which is based on your personal settings. So if a user who has 50 posts per page links post #120, that will be on page 3 for him, but for someone who uses 100 post pages it'll merely be on the second page, so the link will not work properly: it'll just jump to page 3 (or the highest available, if the thread doesn't have 3 pages) for those displaying 100 posts. I noticed this on the GiftBot thread where people would be linking past raffles, but the way the URL was constructed it would only work for the default forum settings, basically. A quick example: the post above mine has this link:

    It's because I have 100 posts per page, so I see it as page 13. But if you have 50 posts per page, this link will take you to page 13 of the thread, and will not highlight any post, because the 5623833 is not located on that page. It's a minor annoyance, overall, but it can get a slightly messy in big threads like the GiftBot one.
  25. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Banned Member

    It's known, I think it's been mentioned that i'll be fixed in the big two point oh update.


    That warning tab thing sounds like a cool idea, if i ever get a warning it'll be cool to look through.
  26. FairyEmpire


    Great, I don't follow forum changes much, but I noticed this earlier so I figured I'd mention it, just in case. Thanks!
  27. Kylarean


    What about the link that comes up when you click the post # (actually click it to get the popup)?

    So for #1274 (the one above yours) says it is

    That link shouldn't care about the page number.
  28. FairyEmpire


    Oddly enough, if I try to edit, quote, reply to or report a post, the page number is never displayed. But if I click on the #, the link that comes out is, as above,

    It's the only part of the post that implies the page number, which therefore is related to personal settings rather than global forum settings. Either the page number should be removed from the URL, or the link format should be defaulted to 50 or something, with the system knowing that if you're on a different setting it has to recalculate the pages.
  29. StarCreator


    Left click it, not right click.
  30. StarCreator, I do not see the 'warnings' tab, so I can not view the warnings list. Other peoples have reported about not being able to see warnings.
  31. StarCreator


    That's a question for someone else. I was only pointing out imgur works fine if you form the image link correctly.
  32. FairyEmpire


    Oh, yes, that's true. It still can be confusing as you see, I see a lot of people getting the URL directly, and thus using the page number in it, which gives invalid post links to those with different settings. In the raffle thread most such posts linked didn't work for me for example.
  33. Htown


    OOOOH so that's how you do it
  34. Yes, I know, but earlier you told me how to access warnings.

    What I'm trying to say is I can not access warnings, and I know I have been warned before.
  35. Fuzzy


    While a "warnings tab" would be nice, it's not like you have a lot of posts. It took me 30 seconds to find which post it was.
  36. Maybe it's not a lot of posts, but if I want to see the warning date, and the time for the point to expire, it's a different matter.
  37. StarCreator


    No, I didn't. I showed you imgur works fine, using an image you yourself linked. Nothing more.

    If I were to hazard a guess I would assume you were warned informally rather than given a formal warning with an expiration time.
  38. Selina

    Queen of the Valkyries Administrator

    As I said before, PM me if you would like to discuss your warning, I can tell your the details which you are looking for.
  39. Thanks, but I'm not going to PM you for the discussion. I won't need discussing about the warning.
  40. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr.

    On mobile, maybe desktop, don't know.

    But this forum keeps snapping back to the top when browsing. Anyone else getting this?
  41. Echo


    Any chance we could get an option to stop highlighting our own posts? I just wanna see my posts the way everyone else does, and especially on the DarkEra theme, I really don't like the highlight as I scroll up and down.
  42. ahoyhoy


    Embedded Twitter is broken again on my mobile browser. Was working for a few months.
  43. Zeta Ori

    Zeta Ori

    I seem to be having a reoccurring issue where seemingly random posts I make come out with a grey color I never applied, making them very hard to read.

    Seems to happen on mobile when using the Dark theme.
  44. ASaiyan


    I don't know if there's a 'suggestions' thread, but I think it'd be cool if the Follow button had actual functionality. I.e., when you follow someone you receive a notification whenever they make a new post, like when there's a new post in a thread you're watching.

    It would be useful to know, for example, whenever Jason Schreier posts here, or when a dev for a game you're following says something new, or when there's a new GiftBot giveaway.

    I know there are other XenForo sites where it works like that, and I have absolutely no idea how difficult it would be to implement. But if it were possible I think that feature would be good!
  45. goldenageoftelevision

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    Where did the "REPORT BUGS" thread go?

    I reported this a few months ago and somebody said they will look into this, but its still the same and its really annoying to click:


    also the last letter of my profile name is cut off when posting something
  46. Disclaimer


    I agree with this. Following should do... something. Maybe a choice between being alerted by their posts or by their thread creation. If those are off the table, maybe just delete the feature to save people the trouble of wondering what it does.
  47. RaySpencer


    Still no update on when we can get "titles go to first unread post" option?

    I really want this back please. Especially on mobile.
  48. Hasney


    Yes. Still hugely missed.
  49. Jonnykong


    I imagine this is an issue with my phone rather than this site, but over the past few days I've noticed that when I'm scrolling down the list of threads, after about 10 seconds it will annoyingly jump back to the top of the page really quickly, so I have to scroll back down through all the threads again. Maybe it's a loading issue? I've no idea.
  50. Peek-a-boo!


    Um, what’s up with those two googly eyes perched atop the arrow besides ResetEra?
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