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    Isnt there a disable images/gifs option? I'm prettY sure there is.
  2. PtM

    PtM Banned Member

    Only for all images. It's at spoiler options and it needs additional machine settings.
  3. duckroll

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    Feedback: The logo change is really stupid and encourages stupid hyperbolic fan behavior in the community. There's no reason for a general gaming forum with a diverse community with different interests to go all in and make the logo about a big game release. At best it feels like free (or secretly paid?!) stealth marketing, at worst it feels like a bunch of desperate fanboys in the administration team getting ahead of themselves. I'm sure neither of this is true, but I think it's bad perception and honestly stupid.
  4. Dennis8K

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    Huh, I just noticed the axe. Is that a God of War reference?
  5. StarCreator

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    I noticed the logo change earlier and thought maybe it was something like the design-a-mascot thread an admin was playing with again, but I have to agree that if it's because of a new game release, it rubs me the wrong way for the reasons duckroll outlined. It certainly makes it hard to argue the forum is truly independent from publisher influence when there is pandering to a specific game in this fashion.
  6. Heartskips

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    To be fair, they did that with the Chibi Robo thing before, after people asked for. Still feels silly to me and I wonder how "big" the game needs to be to get in the logo.

    This kind of stuff (Chibi Robo/GoW hype) is better being a community thing than an "official" endorsement like this. Don't think there was any malice behind this anyway.
  7. duckroll

    duckroll Member

    I don't think there's any malice at all. People are just excited for stuff. I just think it's weird to have it in the actual official logo.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure there's no malice or actual malign influence behind-the-scenes. I think the site staff just like feeling that this site is important to the gaming industry, and when the director of God of War comes in and validates that feeling they want to thank him for doing so (hence the "Cory in the House" description). I don't think it sets a good precedent though.
  9. Einchy

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    Alternate take: it ain't that deep.
  10. I thought the axe was because it is Friday the 13th.
  11. fantomena

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    Or this is a gaming forum which likes to have fun and celebrate big game releases that also have a really positive critical praise.

    They used the chibi robo due to the amount of hype for the Direct and people asked for it. They use the the axe for the amount of praise and hype God of War has and that even the game director of God of War became a member and posted in the preview thread.

    For example when E3 comes around, they should add the E3 logo to the ResetERA logo. Why? Because this is a gaming forum, there will be a ton of hype and discussion and for all we know, devs from different sutdios migh post in threads like the God of War director did.
  12. Is this the place to for tech support? Embedded tweets aren't loading for me:

    Firefox / Ubuntu 17.10.1. I double checked my extensions and there's nothing that would be blocking them (don't have adblock enabled). They load just fine on Firefox Android.
  13. lol, are you serious? i like you as a poster and like the job you did as a mod on gaf (the overwhelming majority of gaf mods before the site change were great, despite what people say now they're no longer on the forum) but you're getting way ahead of yourself here. it was just a bit of harmless fun, as with chibi robo before the nintendo direct
  14. duckroll

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    I'm a user here and that's my feedback. Yes I'm serious. Already looks much better now that it has been reverted. Gimmick logos are stupid, even when Google does them.
  15. ClearMetal

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    At least Google is clear about the events the special logos are celebrating. This was just an axe tagged as "Cory in the House".

    For future logo changes, drop the memes and link to something that explains the change to the uninitiated.

    Oh and don't act like douchebags when users bring up legitimate concerns and offer feedback.
  16. Fuzzy

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    Where's the Labo love for the logo? :P
  17. Milk Lizard

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    i just want to say i agree, that was both ugly as fuck, and i do not like it.
  18. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    Hey all, this is a debug thread and not really for this kind of back and forth. Most of the responses we've gotten about various logo changes have been really positive but since a vocal minority takes this stuff very seriously we'll have a serious discussion about when, how, and if we should do more of them in the future.

    The feedback is appreciated, but lets keep the thread for its intended purpose please.
  19. Mivey

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    With this addon that replaces gifs with videos, I noticed a few bugs, related to quotes. (Windows 10, Firefox 59)

    Here is the video in question, without quote:


    And here in a quote, it's cut off:

    And there is no option to expand it.
  20. John Kowalski

    John Kowalski Member

    I think there shouldn't be a font size option. It's really distracting and fits very poorly with discussion. Preferably i would have as less markdown as possible, but font size is a killer either way.

    Also i think it's best to start thinking about news thread style guides, we have a lot of those and a lot of them are very poorly presented. How many of them reference the author e.g., and some of them don't even have the title of the piece itself. It's a sad state of affairs.
  21. PtM

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    Never mind.
  22. ghostemoji

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    I actually came here to see if this has been brought up.

    Having people use giant fonts, or weird color fonts makes it more difficult to browse incognito style at work.
  23. StarCreator

    StarCreator Member

    I really like having font size be an option in the first post of threads, but I agree it's unnecessary in discussion. I don't think there would be an easy way to limit it that way though, and I wouldn't support getting rid of it entirely.

    The moderation could, however, enforce use of font sizes the same way they currently enforce red as moderator-only.
  24. MoonFrog

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    Era is really weird for me lately. Spotty connection for one thing and then there is this odd phenomenon where, more often than not, my right side of my page becomes "paralyzed" a bit after I enter. I can type, but I cannot place my i-bar on the right side. Nor can I hit post. Nor can I scroll. It is very odd and only happening with era. It also often freezes my internet for a short spell.

    Chrome, windows 10.
  25. dmaul1114

    dmaul1114 Member

    I'm getting some timeouts and errors the past 15 minutes or so. Slow loading when it does work.

    Edit: Seems back to normal now.
  26. VitalNonsense

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    The moment I realized that size and color options were left open, I knew that eventually it would make itself into a problem. Then last week I came across a dude who colored every single one of his posts in an attempt to feel unique or something.

    It was always a matter of time before these options get removed.

    Yep, same. However it's sort of back and forth. Still chugging hard sometimes.
  27. John Kowalski

    John Kowalski Member

    Should note i have no trouble with colors, colors are ok by me. It's specifically font size and how it's prone to poor mixing, making for hard reading and super unorganized text.
  28. VitalNonsense

    VitalNonsense Member

    You're okay with users making every single reply they make like this? Because that's apparently what a couple folk think is cool.

    Like, welcome back to 2001 guys. Show me your tasteful anime signatures.
  29. dmaul1114

    dmaul1114 Member

    Maybe they're on light theme? Colored font are far less annoying on on white background than the dark background

    I hate them in general though and generally pop anyone who always posts in an odd color on the ignore list.
  30. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    I have no problem scrolling past posts or even placing the poster on ignore if I find them too annoying.
  31. John Kowalski

    John Kowalski Member

    No problem whatsoever.
  32. Oynox

    Oynox Member

    I can't see tweets anymore. Neither on desktop nor on mobile.
  33. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    Embedded Tweets stopped loading for me, just for the sake of why not, I activated uBlock Origin and tweets started loading for me.

    Im on Chrome (65.0.3325.181 ) on PC.
  34. eso76

    eso76 Member

    So i've been meaning to ask this for a while, but what's the deal with typing replies in Android Chrome ?
    Going back and forth erasing words and letters results in parts of the message getting eaten, words cropped in weird ways etc. Using autocorrect or suggested words is all wonky and doesn't always work either.

    Used to happen on the other forum as well but for a very short while.
    I don't know if this has been brought up already but I can't be the only one having this issue
  35. StarCreator

    StarCreator Member

    Yes it's happening to pretty much all Android users. Xenforo devs blame Chrome, Chrome won't fix because only three people commented on the issue on their bug tracker so they think it's a non-issue. Only workaround is to disable the rich text editor.
  36. Xharos

    Xharos Member

  37. I'm using Chrome on my latest pixel os, and avatars and images will always show up no matter what. The options to disable them in my profile do nothing
  38. Dream

    Dream Member

    Assuming that you are using by this device setting, you have to name the new device so that it can properly work on the new one.
  39. Einchy

    Einchy Member

    Is that actually happening or did they just fuck up making the post while copy and pasting stuff? 'Cus I've seen plenty of people mess up but none who actually just post in colored text.

    Can it be a problem as some point with one specific user? Sure but then that one user can be told to cut it out. The website has been up since October and so far everyone seems to know not to abuse it and only use it for specific things.
  40. Thank you a billion times over. Much appreciated.
  41. Michele

    Michele Member

    A update not listed in the changelog - peoples with no avatars now have the default avatars, so that they get noticed more.
  42. Mivey

    Mivey Member

    Or it makes them look even more like a faceless monolith. Would be in favor of making this optional, honestly, if it is at all technically possible.
  43. Ketkat

    Ketkat Member

    Yeah, they definitely all look like one person with the same avatar. It might just take some getting used to though

    Also if you click on the user's name it's not properly scaling the default avatar in the little profile preview that pops up
  44. denpanosekai

    denpanosekai Member

    Sorry if this has been reported -- or this is the wrong thread -- but I have "hide avatars" enabled and they still come up. This was definitely broken recently.
  45. Dream

    Dream Member

    Heh, this was actually done yesterday in preparation for the brand new skin and thus will appear in the new Changelog. It just had the effect of applying to all the other skins as well.

    If you have selected By device method of disabling images, make sure that whatever device you are on is named.
  46. null

    null Member

    everyone without an avatar having the default one is really annoying. It looks like the same person is posting all the time especially when you're just skimming.

    Just give them some empty space or a transparent image if it's a height issue.
  47. stan_marsh

    stan_marsh Member

    eessh yea. it's really confusing now for some reason.
  48. denpanosekai

    denpanosekai Member

    That was it, thanks. I didn't really associate avatars with the NSFW option, but it makes sense in a way. I just don't care about avatars.
  49. Ketkat

    Ketkat Member

    So is the goal to have it like this on all the skins? Or is that just a temporary issue?
  50. Popstar

    Popstar Member

    Assuming you're using the addon I wrote, you can report any bugs in the thread I made for it: Resetera VideoGIF (automatically replace animated GIFs with bandwidth saving video)

    That said, this is an issue with Xenforo and I've also seen it on other forums using the software. It affects embedded video, including things like embedded Youtube, not just video created by my extension. I added a workaround that helps mitigate it, but the workaround is not terribly reliable in Firefox. Sorry.