1. Cheerilee


    I bumped into the theory a couple days ago, and it's about as crazy as you might think.

    GG/8chan says that Dan had a preexisting bias against GG. GG made themselves a nice home on 8chan. GG/8chan says that there were no pedophiles/lax attitude towards child porn on 8chan before Dan arrived. They claim that Dan and/or a conspiracy of people working for Dan put that child porn on 8chan, specifically for Dan to find, because Dan wanted to try to ruin 8chan for GG. Oh sure, there's child porn and pedophiles on 8chan now, but that's only because Dan jumpstarted it and then told the world that 8chan was a good place to go for child porn.

    Also, Dan showed blurred-out pictures of a child-porn-filled 8chan... which means that Dan saw 8chan's child porn! He provided proof that he saw it! That makes Dan the pedophile, which means it's time for 8channers to phone Dan's local authorities and report him (seriously, they apparently did that).

    Anyone who takes this shit seriously does not deserve any sort of consideration.
  2. What the fuck...

  3. AztecComplex

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    I dont see Some Jerk with a Camera there. Did he drop from CA too?
  4. caliph95


    Wasn't it an open secret that chan was hub for child porno due to lax moderation at least until it got notice
  5. ZeibleH


    Yeah, a few days ago, and he posted about it on his Twitter.
  6. Arkle


    He was part of Saturday's Exodus. I think the majority of the people who've left since the Change The Channel hashtag started left that day. Today it was only Maven of the Eventide and Yomarz, the latter being the only one to have commented on their exit as of this writing (I follow Elisa on both Twitter and Tumblr and haven't seen any official statement yet).
  7. caliph95


    They will always have Awesome comics

  8. AztecComplex

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    Thanks fro the reply. I used to follow him on Twitter but if you tweet too much I'll unfollow anyone. And this dude spends his entire waking hours on twitter often rambling about the same stuff all day (usually Trump and the like). Look I hate Trump as much as anyone but even I have my limits.
  9. Neoriceisgood


    Don't forget, they openly defended the CP on 8chan as "out of the mods control" & also defended Milo's comments defending pedo shit as just milo being milo and totally okay.
  10. deepFlaw


    Thanks for explaining it before I had to, hah.

    It’s very much a thing where they try to push the second paragraph even if they don’t also push the first paragraph, because seeing it so that he could document it apparently... also makes him a pedophile in itself? Like they push the angle of “well, it was on his hard drive as a result and that’s illegal in Canada” as if that’s a valid reason to hate/blame/whatever him.

    And, actually, as someone who followed this (as I did with most of the first year or two of GG) closely at the time, I sorta missed some of what they were claiming as part of the “he put it there himself” angle until seeing it in the comments of the video that started this. According to them, the person who did the luring/fake posting was a particularly horrible person whose name I didn’t expect to see again anytime soon. I don’t believe anything that was claimed, of course, I just had no idea they’d wrapped her into that conspiracy.
  11. Sou Da

    Sou Da

    Also to put this in perspective, the board was on there far before GG was a thing and filled with child porn. People reported it and the owner of the site repeatedly laughed it off and defended it as him never wanting to censor users.

    The "theory" above is just elongated gaslighting to cover their asses.
  12. So out of the mods' control that literally every other site doesn't have that problem.
  13. caliph95


    To be fair other sites moderator do, you know moderate
  14. Teraunce

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    • User banned (permanent): Defending misogyny, transphobia, and hate movements as first post.
    Ok. I'm a nobody but I finally get to post so time to unload some opinions I've really really wanted to post for over a week. Probably won't see me post too much as I tend to become a wallflower very fast. But enough with that.

    I started watching channel awesome at the very very beginning, finding the Nostalgia Critic from the AVGN crossovers. My history with the site has always been a flakey one but it got me through some bad and stressful times in my life and I used to find the Nostalgia Critic very fun, but after Blip sank and the Nostalgia Critic temporarily retired I stopped coming to the site but kept up with as many people as I could find on Youtube. Side Note: Hearing about Justin's death made me quite sad. But yeah it's probably why I never noticed the people who got added after 2013 or 2014. But yeah after the reboot outside of the Commercial Specials the Nostalgia Critic has really lost his charm. Even more so with the recent allegations by people I really like. Heck it actually lead me to discover their twitters and rediscover them.

    On the Topic of GamerGate I'm actually fairly neutral. For reason's I shall explain simply being that while I wholeheartedly disagree with their methods, I also think Anita was just whining heavily. I mean I do believe Women should get more starring roles and equality in the industry and games and such, on the flipside I remember the immense struggle my dad had to keep custody of my little sister and I away from our Biological Mother. She, my Biological Mother, couldn't hold a job and could barely take care of herself let alone us, yet it took her parents telling the courts that she wouldn't be a fit mother before Dad finally got us. To add salt to the wound when Dad moved away with Us so She couldn't run away with us for the tenth time and had to leave his old job behind, he discovered what an immense struggle it was to get us foodstamps. And forget about Tanif or Wicks or anything like that. To put it bluntly, I'm an Equalist. If those feminist SJW's really were for Social Justice, then they'd really be for it, Championing not only for Women to get equaler jobs, but also for the Flipside of making it so that Single Parent Dad's have an easier time getting the support they need for raising their kids. Also they'd stop spreading the misbelief that only women can get raped, even if it probably is rarer for men to get raped by a woman, probably because there's such a social Stigma against admitting it. TLDR: Woman should be paid Equal. Men should be elligable for Tanif. And a bunch of other Stuff. Also yes there probably is plenty of Mr. Fanservice in the Video Game Industry. Gamergate was a bad thing but Anita was just a whiner.

    One last thing I just thought of: Written History should not be changed when someone changes gender. It is quite important for historical context. Because that was effectively another person before they changed. Or another form. Oral history is free to change however.

    Signed, Teraunce the Gamer Dragon .
  15. Rackham


    pls go back to being a wallflower teraunce
  16. caliph95


    how is changing pronouns changing history

    they usually (at least Wikipedia and Tvtropes )note when when people transitioned
  17. BernardoOne


    considering the fuckwit spouses 8chan conspiracy theories
    he's absolutely alt-fuckin-right
  18. That was nice and quick. Thanks, mods! (Wonder if it was an alt?)
  19. Rackham


    Gotta wonder at people who sign off as the gamer dragon
    that thumbnail with his face looks absolutely ridiculous (in the worst way)
  20. Silex


    Man, this post went places.
  21. Jiggy


    The most embarrassing part about that post was trying to make "gamer dragon" a thing
  22. Fat4all

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    mods stayin on top of it, solid stuff

    Signed, Fat4all the Gamer Doggo
  23. Everyone knows that Gaming Wyverns are way cooler and more respectable.
  24. Dudes post went through every damn thing. I mean goddamn, well bye I guess.

    Signed D.W the littlest aardvark.
  25. Jiggy


    Ban this dog
  26. ObiWan


    And to think someone wrote all that, probably sat on it for a while and rewrote parts, and thought every part of that post was perfectly fine to put up.

    That's the logic hoops Gamergaters jump through. To them it all makes sense. It's weird, but the echo chamber they create is all they really hear anymore. This isn't a Gamergate topic anyways so we let me stay focused -

    I finally watched Lupa's video today. She really is such a well articulated and smart person I feel like she can sit and just lay things out that's easy to understand and I liked what she put out there and it's obvious they didn't expect this to be as big as it ended up being - they just wanted people aware that this company has some pretty damn shady practices.

    Then it occurred to me: I've rarely seen Doug out of character talking seriously about anything. Much less Rob and certainly Michaud. I've never understood the whole cloak and dagger element of Channel Awesome. Sure, not everyone wants to get personal and reveal too much of themselves, but after so many years of them being online and CA going to conventions and so on, here we all are still wondering exactly who Rob and Doug really are or what Mike Michaud even really looks like is kind of telling, isn't it?
  27. L Thammy

    L Thammy

    My understanding is that the basic reason for 8chan's existence was feeling oppressed by 4chan's rules, and 4chan's rules were barely more than what they needed to avoid legal issues.


    Also, nice job with your burner account, Puff the Magic Dragon. Very memorable.
  28. Grizzly

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    No, you are the science doggo.
  29. Famassu


    Gamergate is a mess but you had to be fairly uncritical in your media reading if you ever thought there was anything legitimate about the other side after a few minutes of reading about it. It was clearly bullshit from day 1.
  30. PlanetSmasher

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    The funny thing for me is that I have never been a fan of Lupa's, even back when I regularly watched CA videos. But seeing her out of character in that video just being open and honest made me gain a ton of respect for her. I get Allison Pregler more than I ever got Obscurus Lupa, if that makes any sense at all. I don't think it's going to make me watch her videos since I don't really need more film review stuff in my life right now, but I really wish her the best.

    Doug is a weird one, because there's definitely a performative element to everything he does - it might be the way he carries himself, but he always feels like a character even when he's doing panels and the like. As for Michaud, I've seen videos of the guy. I'll just say I was not surprised at all when I saw his face.
  31. JCHandsom


    Like a fart in the wind that Teraunce
  32. He seems to talk without a persona on those video reviews he does with his brother, and strangely enough he sounds just as self-important and whiny as when doing the NC sans the gun-waving.

    Signed, FormatCompatible the ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
  33. JCHandsom


    Most of the time in internet speak "Character" just means "Costume"
  34. ObiWan


    I feel they live in such a scripted world that nobody would buy them if they ever tried to be "authentic."

  35. L Thammy

    L Thammy

    FormatCompatible the Giant Alien.
  36. PlanetSmasher

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    Judging by the fact Doug actually thought it was a good idea to rip his shirt off at work and scream "I QUIT" while carrying a jukebox around to the point at which he was chased out of the building by security, I think he might just actually be a parody of a person.
  37. Wood Man

    Wood Man

    So what do you guys think of the future of CA? Will it hang on only to be a shell of it's former self, will it just die, or will this have little impact?
  38. I really wonder if people are just that stupid that they think applying basic feminist media theory (like, very basic intro "101" stuff!) to video games means "whiny", and that feminist don't care about issues pertaining to men, like adoption or parenting or male rape, when... they explicitly do. At least there was nothing about blaming jews in the post? Progress?

    I guess we're still split on how some dirtbags are going to spin this story. We have that post, which doesn't defend Channel Awesome, but we also have that video, where a lot of blaming of women was going on.

    Oh, quick question. Since there's been a lot of people continuing to quit, I don't know the timeline anymore, but why was Friday the biggest subscriber drop?
  39. deepFlaw


    I am very very slightly sympathetic to people who went through some shit personally and were then manipulated because of that to believe that feminists literally only care about women or something like that.

    I am much less sympathetic to anyone who still believes that in 2018 and tries to present it as a reasonable belief, since they’ve had ample time to spend a few minutes Googling to realize it’s not true.

    not a gamer, as gamers are still over
  40. PlanetSmasher

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    Oh, it's had an impact. They've gone from over 40 contributors "hosted" on the site to around 10 in two weeks. It's already a shell of its former self, and I imagine a few more (MasakoX) will bail before the firestorm ends. They might somehow manage to convince a few people to come back, but there's no real need for video aggregator websites anymore.
  41. mreddie


    The weekend I assume where people log on their YT accounts more?

    The big exodus came a day later though.
  42. He loves to talk about how the Nostalgia Critic is a exaggeration but it is his opinion, but sometimes it isn't? It's very confusing to get a grasp on his actual personality and is hard to dissociate it from his characters. It becomes even more strange when we look at the way he writes everyone else as a huge asshole.

    ''Signed, the something something'' should be a forum requirement it is that amazing lol.
  43. Why did you write that?! Now I have to harass you for the rest of your life??!!

    No, Friday was the biggest day drop:


    Edit: Also, the latest video, one of the vlogs by Tamara, has pretty much equal likes/dislikes. That's never been the case in any of their videos. And, just to reiterate to people, don't harass Malcolm and Tamara. They are paid talent and not responsible for any of this.
  44. Kthulhu


    For some people any restriction on speech is bad.
  45. Except when women and the lgbt community wants their voices heard, that's were they draw the line on ''free speech''.
  46. JCHandsom


    Not any speech, their speech
  47. NewErakid


    And it's usually the ones with the dumbest opinions .Signed NewErakid the gamer edgelord.
  48. Aether


    Well, that was a long read since my last post...

    Sry for the late response: i was just wondering, if there is a reason that someone is doing this,
    is it because it ethically should be, or because they like to do it.
    in other words: if it is something that should be generally considered good practice,
    or a "if you want to" thing, and where the the lines are for the ethical good practice.

    In my personal view:
    you cant expect to change 5000 old tweets from one account,
    especially without the tool to do so in on swoop,
    but you can expect to change a profile, or an article, especially if the content is still fresh.

    Changing all former forum posts for me falls in the first category,
    which doesn’t mean that i have a problem if someone has the time to change all the posts.
    "You can even leave an little editor's note explaining the change" Would be my preferred
    practice if someone wants to chance all mentions,
    but i think you could argue that that directs the focus on the fact that there was a coming out,
    which would be counterproductive to the edit?

    and no, it has nothing to do with enforcing it thru law. And if someone wants to do it,
    all freedom to him. Ironically, my last job was not far away from auditing and versioning, ...

    So no, i didn't had a Problem with the practice, i tried to understand the ethics and reasoning behind it =)

    You either misunderstood my point or are strawmening me here.
    I never said that these practices are OK, or that this is a contest.
    i just found it weird, that people reacted to these smaller points
    as strong as to the sexual allegations, extortionist tactics and illegal
    practices (like the contract that Liz had to sign, AFTER she hurt herself),
    as if people see these on the same level as just being an asshole.

    When people around me had problems with abusive situations, i try to encourage them to try
    muster up the courage and end the relationship, irrelevant if it was a friendship, a relationship or a job.

    in 99% of the time it's not wort it. In the other parts, you get more out of it,
    than you lose thru it. I would understand they're points more,
    if CA was actively promoting them. No, no employer should be this shitty.
    That's why i put whining under parenthesis, because it is whining.
    but with a absolute solid reason, assholes in the management.
    And they needed people that encouraged them to reassess if it is worth it,
    or if they should just abandon the channel.
    But is is as bad as being hurt and then being forced to sign a contract
    that you cant sue them and they don't need to pay you or your medical bills?
    tats physical AND physical abuse in my book, and illegal, in contrast to the other stuff.
    (but still not an excuse for the rest of their practices!)

    He had/has a problem with korra? well, the show has its problems,...
    but even with them its one of the best adventure animates series,
    so ...he has bad taste if that’s true =P
    (but i liked his contributions in crossovers, hat a unique screen presence)

    In their defense, even mumblecore can cost. hell, most "indie" movies you see
    on festivals cost hundreds of thousand $ , and some even cost 1-10 Million.
    Catering (hehe), Locations, licensing.

    It was clear from the beginning what they wanted to do,
    the costs were not exorbitant (50k is a lot, but not a fortune)
    and there were kickstarter rewards that needed to be produced (dvds mainly).

    Not the best or modest production, but not a scam.
    (The gameshow of channel awesome on the other hand... yeah, that was a disaster and a scam in the end)

    What? really? I just a view weeks ago found him, and liked his content.
    From were do you have this information?
    Since people here started to throw stuff around with way less foundation than at the beginning,
    i don’t want to throw someone for false information under the bus.


    On the actual situation:

    Its a s**tfest.

    Sure, some laundry on the contributor will/has come out, they are all still people,
    and people have bad days, or not so great moments.

    But tats not the point.

    And the mass attacks are also not what the point was.
    Lindsay is probably right in that the halfhearted excuse was the last straw,
    but it has become so dirty because the interned looooves drama and witch hunts.
    Tat's sad, and I'm sorry for the other contributors that got caught in the storm.
  49. Wood Man

    Wood Man

    Wow, I didn't know it was so drastic. I hope this sends a message to similar sites.

    I watched the video posted a few pages back pretty much dumbing the situation down. I was really disappointed to see Linkara participating in that "rape" scene with Lindsey. I really liked his AT4W video years ago and remembered how he disliked rape being used in comics for just shock value. That really stained his image in my mind. Hsa he said anything about it?
  50. MrSaturn99


    And is often just an excuse for people to spout bigotry.

    Signed, MrSaturn99 the SJW Socialist Communist Marxist Fascist.