Characters that vape in video games

Nov 25, 2017
Lmfao...I just read the title of another thread called "Is Watch Dogs 2 worth it?" and then I read this thread title just as I was vaping and I had to laugh. 'Cause yeah...Watch Dogs 2 has a vaping villain and...I was also vaping...and...yeah. Anyway, that's the only one I actually know of.

Edit: Scratch that. I could've sworn Big Boss from MGS V had an e-cigar. At least in a trailer/demo. I never played the full game so I'm unsure whether it's featured in it.

Edit 2: Yep, Goney already posted about Big Boss, I see.
Oct 25, 2017
They also run regularly during Adult Swim's Toonami block, so they are targeting the same audience. Guess they think vaping is big in the anime community.
Never Forgetti the Gemu Awarudos 2018 where all the ads that weren't for the Tencent Ultracorporation Games Store were this No Facts To Back It Up anti-Vape ad.