Cheating has ruined PUBG for me

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Clusterdreams, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Clusterdreams

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    Let me preface by saying that up until recently, PUBG has been one of my favorite games of the year. I was one of the detractors who wrote it off as typical early access garbage. I was wrong. I watched the game quickly adapt patch after patch to a better and better game. It scratched an itch I never knew I had and offered an experience I could not get anywhere else. Nothing comes close to the blood pumping exhilaration I experienced in the last few zones before capping it off with a chicken dinner.

    All of that changed with the huge influx of hackers that have popped up recently. Multiple times this and last week my friends and I have been obliterated late in the game by what I assume is aimbots as they prefire instant headshot sprays from comical distances.

    I realize this is a big project and Bluehole is trying their best to handle it, but it isn't good enough. The game's progress has stagnated with no noticeable improvements and now this new infection has spread at a ridiculous rate.

    I really want to keep playing this game because it is one of my favorite experiences in a long time. It was truly a paradigm shifting title the likes of which we haven't seen since Miencraft. However, today I uninstalled it. It is such as waste of my time to spend 30-40 minutes only to be eliminated by people who are cheating. I know that this issue isn't exclusive to PUBG and it's just going to happen sometimes on PC games, but it's so common that it's almost every other game now.
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    It's really been insufferable. I'm hoping it's something that can be corrected or drastically reduced before it hits 1.0, because the game is currently at a worse state than when it was when it launched in Early Access. I know they've been taking measures to prevent it already but it doesn't discount the fact that I've been facing cheaters numerous times every night.
  3. John Caboose

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    Hopefully that whole Microsoft co-operation thing will help with this.
  4. Clusterdreams

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    Also, I'm willing to be a lot of people will buy PUBG on Xbox to avoid cheaters.
  5. Ximonz

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    half of the time I don't even know if I die from cheater or not lol.

    sometimes I do tell because they do it so obviously,
    but recently I notice some hacker just turn it on during end game.
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    The game is unplayable for me now that the cheating has absolutely run rampant in what seems like the last three weeks. When you run into a cheater in every other game, it's not worth the time you invest round after round like the OP said.

    Putting aside the lack of optimization updates, it's comical to me that they think the game will get out of early access in 2017.
  8. Aters

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    Got punched while parachuting, feels bad.
  9. Grassy

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    It has been insane, in the last 3 weeks or so I've reported at least 50 players for blatant cheating. The players I've reported are getting banned(I've checked a few of their Steam accounts), but it's taking a week or more for them to be banned so it could be a lot faster.

    As far as the game's progress stagnating, they said in September/October they weren't going to continue releasing weekly/monthly patches anymore as all their efforts are going towards the 1.0 release at the end of they year(maybe) which will contain a whole host of improvements/bug fixes/optimisations/features etc...
  10. GHG

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    I'm hearing it's getting worse and worse.

    The things that Bluehole have spent time/resources on in this game (lootcrates/microtransactions) instead of 100% focusing on improving the actual game and content side of things is worrying.

    Come on now, that's not the solution though is it? What about the 20m people who have bought and supported them on the PC? Are those people just going to be left in the dark?
  11. Possumowner

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    Yeah,it is bordering on ridiculous levels.Such a shame as at heart it's a helluva fun game
  12. Bitsmurch

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    I no longer play online on the PC for this reason.
  13. Clusterdreams

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    Nah that's not what I'm suggesting. Just that some people would take refuge on the Xbox verison lol. It is absolutely not a solution.
  14. scrapple

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    Xbox One version cannot get here soon enough.
  15. regawdless

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    A game that popular will naturally have cheaters, but it's made way worse because of the loot system. You can actually make money selling items on the Steam market place so there is a huge incentive to use cheats. As far as I know, most cheaters are from China with the goal to earn money.
    It's a shame because the game is great.
  16. Segafreak

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    Was wondering how long it would take news to reach here. Game is getting destroyed on steam reviews.
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    I am still waiting for console release, hopefully there will be no cheaters on consoles.
  18. Hatebringer

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    I haven't played in a while but I have never seen a cheater in PUBG in the 106 hours I've played. Is it really that bad right now?
  19. Smash-It Stan

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    Is it CSGO levels yet where theres a smurf/someone getting vacc'ed in every single game?
  20. wubbyz

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    Yup pretty sad you have to wonder if you just got killed by desync or hacks. Missed the days when it was just desync. Anytime 2nd circle is lower than 30 people I assume Im about to catch a wicked kar98 shot from some ungodly angle.
  21. Grassy

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    Yeah most of the time it's stupidly obvious and I'll just report them straight away, but there are some cheaters trying to hide it to not get banned. I always check their stats on and even if their K/D ratio and other stats seem ok, the dead giveaway is they always have a headshot kill ratio of 0.40+. Even the best PUBG pro players don't get near that.

    Yeah the mass-cheating started around 3 weeks ago. Up until then I'd played ~550 hours and reported 2 players, and now I've reported at least 50 blatant hackers in the last 3 weeks alone.

    It's fucking insane.
  22. MangaFan462

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    It would be nice if they were banned entirely for cheating like with Overwatch.
  23. #23
    Damn it Clara!
  24. regawdless

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    There was a significant increase in the last 3 - 4 weeks. And because a game has 100 players, it's very likely to encounter a cheater.
  25. ThiefofDreams

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    Gone from a game I love, to probably a game I won't play again.
  26. RoboitoAM

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    I'm gonna be the dissenting voice here and say I've played over 200 hours with maybe 1 or 2 obvious hacks.

    They should implement a ping limit though (or a max acceptable ping like CSGO does). Game is still as good now as it was 200 hours ago to me.
  27. headspawn

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    I ran into some aimbots the other day, I made it solo to the end of the round with about 8 kills on my belt, which was really good for me. The circle was still a decent size and it was a fog map, so plenty of room where people could probably get up and run and still not be seen in the distance. I'm sitting there behind a tree and I can hear a shot go off from what sounded pretty far away... I'm down, about 1 second later, 1 shot, someone else dead, another second, another person dead yadda yadda, literally 6 people dead within a span of 10 seconds from one person, all one shot and mind you, there was nobody even close enough for me to see on my screen, so how this person behind me shooting me, okay, but then clearing everyone else?

    Calling bs.

    Dude stole my chicken dinner.

    Also, this.

    4 weeks and then adios.
  28. Potterson

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    I've never encountered a cheater (or I don't know I have...). I wonder how many do you guys really meet and how much it's a "placebo effect" - reading about how there's a ton of cheaters in some games sometimes make people blame everything on the cheaters.
  29. Shao Kahn

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  30. Piichan

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    Is there something that caused this sudden increase in cheaters? Or was this a gradual thing?
  31. headspawn

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    Holy shit.

    This explains what happened in my post above perfectly.
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  33. Grassy

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    Lucky you. The Oceania server seems to be hit the worst. The game is still great and I still win a chicken dinner or two every day, but it feels like a minefield as to whether you'll encounter hackers or not.
  34. FairyEmpire

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    Honestly, cheating to win in an online videogame that doesn't even net you money has to be one of the most pathetic and sad things one can encounter online. It's not as bad as illegal things like murder of course, but it's simply pathetic in its uselessness: like, is your life really so miserable that to get some brief enjoyment you have to cheat in an online game to get some easy wins before you get banned?

    By the way, the no cheaters on console thing is a myth. It's not as rampant as on PC but there's ways, and with a janky game like PUBG I have no doubts people will find a way.
  35. Super Rookie

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    Well all the people wanting Xbox versions, let's hope crossplay, if introduced, can be togglable
  36. regawdless

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    It nets you money, that's the point. You earn stuff from lootboxes that you can sell on the Steam market place. That's why chinese cheaters invaded the game.

    As I said, increased player count paired with the possibility to make real money = chinese cheater invasion.
  37. Edge

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    Well, that's what's happening when you're the most played game ever on steam.

    Sad, but unavoidable.
  38. FairyEmpire

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    Fair enough, forgot about that, my general point still stands as in most videogames you do not earn loot by winning, so doing good or bad has no economic differences.
  39. javiergame4

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    that's why I'll play it on Xbox to avoid this.
  40. regawdless

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    Just wanted to clarify that point of earning money. I think we all agree that cheaters are sad human beings.
  41. Sir Guts

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    This is why I hate to play online on PC. No matter how hard you ban cheaters they'll be coming back for more
  42. Septic

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    Well I played my first ever solo game on the weekend and won!

    Come at me cheaters yeaaah!
  43. Oligarchenemy

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    Not to really comment on anyone's skills, but the more often you win, the more likely you are to be matched with cheaters.
  44. Soul Unison

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    "That guy's pissed."

    Man, how lame does your life have to be to cheat at an anonymous online game and then have to verbally reassure yourself: "Yes, I am actually ruining this for others; I'm a cool guy."
  45. FairyEmpire

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    In hindsight it was a bad move probably. Makes it a more tense experience, but when you can actually earn money for winning, you're basically opening the floodgates for cheaters and hackers who not only have ego to gain but actual money as well. It does marvels for the CCU and the copies sold as there'll be people buying it just for hacking, and thus rebuying it with different profiles once caught and banned, but it probably makes the game a miserable experience. Good thing Microsoft doesn't allow trades based on currencies on Xbox, as it is evident in Rocket League where keys are not exchangeable. I really, really hope the Xbox community will be a lot more safe and clean, the moment Steam introduced trades and games brought loot that can be sold, certain PC games became a joke tbh.
  46. M52B28

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    I'm joining this camp.

    The Xbox version is going to bring in so many people that are fed up with cheating, though I'm not sure how the game play will change. Precision from mouse and keyboard will be gone and some control features are going to be gone.
  47. JustJavi

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    I totally agree with you. Stopped playing the game more than a week ago, sick of all the cheaters.
  48. theDidact

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  49. KainXVIII

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    Yeah, also playing competitive fps with controller, yikes!
  50. toph

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    I too will be playing on Xbox.