Chick-fil-A hires PR firms to lobby multiple levels of government in Canada


May 15, 2019
not surprised. there was always something creepy about how nice chick fil a workers are. its alll a front
I worked at Chick-fil-A for over 2 years, honestly most of my coworkers and I were just legitimately nice with nothing to hide. However, there were some very strange political/religious people that I had worked with, just funny enough they had hired a guy who can care less about politics or religion (it's a meeeee).


Oct 8, 2018
What the fuck does this even mean?
That capitalism and this systematic and pathological consolidation of wealth steamrolls all beliefs and principles (even repugnant ones like those held by the Cathy family). The company is owned by seething homophobes and even they are like "hey now, we can't not take their money!"

My point is capitalism is shit.


Oct 25, 2017
Closing one day a week is no weirder to me than having holidays off, or businesses closing on the weekends. "If it's okay for God to rest than it's good enough for the rest of us" is one of the more reasonable stances of the Bible, certain fables notwithstading.