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China brings in mandatory facial recognition for mobile phone users


Oct 26, 2017
They are really trying hard to stop uprisings happening. Will they break the chain with technology.

Scary stuff.

State doesn't like you, oh I see you have nice eyeballs, we are taking donations, while we're doing that, nice organs you've got there.
Oct 26, 2017
China’s education ministry said in September it would “curb and regulate” the use of facial recognition after parents grew angry when facial recognition software was installed without their knowledge at a university in Nanjing to monitor students’ attendance and focus during class.
1. I don’t believe they’re going to “curb and regulate” shit.

2. Jesus Christ.

Rand a. Thor

Oct 31, 2017
The authoritarian country that manufactures the majority of the world's technologies and has learned a lot from stealing the same tech is now slowly using said tech to completely rule over its citizens with an iron fist and a close eye in a hellish dystopian future. I for one did not see this coming.


Jun 19, 2018
Seems a bit over the top when there is already mandatory spyware on your phone.
They just want to be extra sure they’re locking the right person away for thoughtcrime.


Oct 27, 2017
I was surprised at how well facial recognition worked to access an outdoor activity in Yunnan province. As a non-asian person, it worked instantly.


Oct 25, 2017
It's comforting to see that at least some citizens aren't okay with how pervasive China's widespread use of facial recognition is.

Other countries should really work twords regulating this tech before it gets out of hand.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm currently in Hong Kong and was having a stroll earlier today through the new high speed train terminus in West Kowloon, was quite shocked by all the arrays of cctv cameras absolutely everywhere, and was wondering if this is for some face recognition program bs.

China is getting really scary at a crazy pace lately.


Oct 29, 2017
Can't open that link ironically because I'm in China rn, lol.

/* Oh wait, it seems the linking was somehow broken. Could open it now.


Nov 11, 2017
I can see stuff like this coming more popular

I can see you being beaten to death and having your organs sold for not having facial registration.

If everyone around you is in the system it's going to make you a target that stands out I'd imagine.


Oct 27, 2017
Yep, this is the country people say should take over global leadership from America. The oppressive surveillance state with government-sanctioned organ farms.


Oct 25, 2017
This tech is still pretty shit for black people (and darker skin tones), right? Asking for a friend...
Sure, if a dark skinned person commits a crime all dark skinned people get flagged.

I can see stuff like this coming more popular

When you go in to buy a SIM card they will just ask you to take them off. Same for train stations and whatever else may require it. Tracking you down the street isn't that important if they can track you at every social interaction point.