1. Surfinn


    *skips through detailed, graphic account of verbal/emotional/sexual abuse, Hardwick being thrown out of jobs, bullshit statement that denies only the worst allegation, corroborating accounts of Chloe being blacklisted by Chris

    I demand PROOF
  2. Skelepuzzle


    Quoting you because "somehow" people are missing this. There's your corroboration.
  3. PlanetSmasher

    The Abominable Showman Member

    Folks, if Chloe is going to release her proof she will do it with her lawyer, not to satisfy the court of Twitter opinion.
  4. PhoncipleBone

    Community Resettler Member

    And probably just the beginning of it too. Now that the story is out there and taking off, there will be more stories about him coming out.

  5. Sanjuro


    I don't see the point in releasing it. She already has made her point, and all he can really do is counter it. The threat was to take away financial obligations for herself.
  6. KHarvey16


    The only parties who should potentially get to see the evidence are any networks or organizations looking into the allegations. I think it’s fair to say if action that’s been taken is permanent and isn’t undone that everything was in order.
  7. ZeoVGM


    I would assume that AMC and NBC are reaching out to Chloe's people to discuss that exactly, especially as she made a point to say she has proof.

    So if the shows end up being officially cancelled, I think that settles any real argument.
  8. Chumley


    If I'm comparing this at face value with the Takei thing, the Takei thing always looked like total bullshit from the beginning. It was like one paragraph and very vague. Dykstra's account though is detailed in a "you can't make this shit up" way.
  9. Surfinn


    Not to mention that she's probably already turned over what she has to relevant parties.. Not Twitter. She never said she was going to release it publicly, just telling people that she does have evidence/proof. I'm sure she's approaching this as carefully as possible for obvious reasons.
  10. PlanetSmasher

    The Abominable Showman Member

    Exactly. Just throwing a bunch of this shit up on Twitter would only make the situation far worse.
  11. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya

    Doesn’t the Kanzinsky guy have his own Louis CK type moment from his past?
  12. Keldroc


    Yup. The proof is for legal use, not to vindicate her in the eyes of people "just asking questions" on social media. The number of people who know and work with him whose reactions were basically "...oh" should also be a clue here. Very few with real contact with the situation seem to be skeptical of Chloe's claims.

    He addresses that in that twitter thread.
  13. Chumley


    Is sending dick pics and lewd texts at age 22 a Louis C.K. moment?
  14. SpitfireKit


    I read his post as saying Hardwick was in the industry for 25 years without anything bad being said about him.
  15. PlanetSmasher

    The Abominable Showman Member

    Indeed. I'll put it this way: when I was raging about how pissed I was at Chris among my industry friends when this news broke...nobody I talked to was surprised. Nobody.
  16. 4cute


    Chloe: "Chris was an asshole"
    People close to the story: "Agreed Chris was an asshole"
    Random social media account: "But I ain't heard nothing tho??"
  17. Nobunny


    People just don't get it, even if she releases texts and emails on Twitter, Hardwick can cherry-pick her texts and emails and muddy the waters completely... they dated long enough and she was an emotional wreck, she likely sent him something he can use against her.

    Let these companies investigate, and let all this come out in the eventual lawsuit, given the online climate, social media is just not the place to hash something like this out.
  18. Thaedolus


    It's like nobody has experienced someone being a totally nice person until you find out what they're like in private? If I had a dollar for everyone person I've met that seemed nice and on the up and up in life and then turned out to be a serial cheater, child molester, or what have you...best friends, church leaders, family friends...is it really that hard to imagine this guy could seem squeaky clean while in public and be a monster in private?

    Like, damn, this girl's gone through enough and people are demanding receipts?
  19. ryllix


    NVM deciding it's better to remove my post. I believe most accusations, I'm just hoping for more proof on this one.
  20. PlanetSmasher

    The Abominable Showman Member

    It's not our place to demand receipts. She says she has proof, she's cleared it with her lawyer, and if it comes to it the lawsuit will happen. She doesn't owe Twitter or Era or anyone else on the internet more than that.
  21. ryllix


    You are absolutely right. She doesn't owe us proof. That will be for Hardwick to decide if he wants to litigate.
  22. Coyote Starrk

    Coyote Starrk

  23. PhoncipleBone

    Community Resettler Member

    It is also easy to believe her, especially since there are others backing up what she said.
  24. If need be the courts will decide.

    On Twitter, Wil Wheaton will eventually say something, and then, half of Twitter will turn on Wil Wheaton.
  25. PhoncipleBone

    Community Resettler Member

    That is a radical change from earlier today:
    So now you suddenly believe her and are not dismissive of the allegations? What caused this sudden change of heart?
  26. It must be disheartening for Chloe to see the internet try to burn down many people associated with Nerdist, when she even pleaded on Twitter for folks not to do that.

    I’m glad she came out with this tho, hardwick needs to answer for what he has done
  27. Maybe upon reflection he saw the error of his ways. Or maybe he just didn’t want to be banned
  28. PhoncipleBone

    Community Resettler Member

    The latter. Because editing a post right after people call him out on it isn’t much self reflection.
  29. ryllix


    I'm not saying she is right or wrong,I have said from the start that if she mentioned she has proof, then she could easily prove it. Hopefully that will be handled properly in court.
  30. EYEL1NER


    Oh, people have already been going after him. There are a lot of people out there who have had an intense hatred for Wil Wheaton and have been raging at him for two decades now. Never mind that he is a nerd who is vocal about his support of progressive issues like feminism, so that puts him firmly in the GamerGate/alt-right crosshairs. He'll catch shit no matter what he finally comes out and says, whether it's something bad that deserves him having it thrown his way or not.
  31. ObiWan



    Either way the poster was full of himself and that he somehow knows more because he works in the industry than anyone else here and ties in with years of working in it. Perhaps I conflated 25 on Hardwick with "years of experience" from Douchey McDouche.

  32. sph3re


    Y'all expecting months (years?) worth of body cam footage of Chris Hardwick being a douche canoe before you start believing women? She's probably being raked over the coals for this accusation alone, I think anybody who's even remotely Internet savvy would imagine the backlash from a false sexual abuse allegation.

    I hope none of your mothers have to deal with that, I can't imagine how you would reconcile that with yourselves. SMH
  33. principal


    Seems like Chris wants to clear his name from sexual assualt. That's what he seems to be focused on.

    Probably because emotional abuse is not illegal. Wondering where this will end up.
  34. He should have thought about that shit before doing it. Fuck him. Waste of skin.
  35. Resilient


    I wonder what goes wrong in a persons life where they decide to be so cruel and selfish. Not painting myself as perfect but it just blows my mind; the decisions people make, whether they know or not how much it will impact the people around them. Just needlessly fucking up people.

    Goes for the person involved in this story and some of the stupid shit I've read online surrounding it. Just bizarre all around. Some of the posts in this thread...you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who you are, to spew some of that crap.
  36. ThiefofDreams


    It's pretty telling of how people handle these situations when those who so quickly jump on the "believe every victim" and "I'm with #MeToo" train, such as Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day - with such fervor, deride anyone else instantly...except their friend who did these heinous things.

    It's disappointing, honestly.
  37. Vagabundo


    I think your expectations are too high to be honest. Its very different if it is some randomer on the internet. Coming to terms that someone you have a close personal relationship with is like this takes time and is much more complicated.
  38. HP_Wuvcraft


    Are people really asking for evidence that the victim herself has said is protection from legal backlash from her abuser?
  39. Kevers


    No comment from Jonah Ray but I did catch this a little while ago.

  40. Is hardwick and his wife expecting a child?
  41. -Devious-


    This sort of reminded me of Prince. I remember hearing Carmen Electra say how Prince wanted her to be well dressed and with makeup at all times. Even during sleeping hours. Very controlling.
  42. d9b


    Personally, I think sending dick pics and texting lewd stuff at any age is a Louis C.K. moment, but that's just me. Anyway, you're not a kid at 22, you should have just about enough life experience and awareness of the world around you at that stage in your life to prevent you being a creep.
  43. Parsnip


    Ugh. this is horrible. And that pic in the article, ooof.

    Not terribly surprising though if I'm being honest. Just disappointing and sad.
  44. Chumley


  45. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    The Phantom Thieves got to him.
  46. phantomx

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    Yea, Resetera isn’t a good place to foster that kind of self reflection lol.

    You present an alternative view against the grain of a thread discussing a sensitive subject, you get a pretty swift banning. It really isn’t worth it. Just post similar to the rest of the thread, or just keep quiet. It’s a simple rule to live by here :)
  47. sabrina


    When your alternate view is harmful to women and minorities, you better believe there's no place here for that view. Nor should there be anywhere. Those aren't "alternate views", they're bad views.
  48. d9b


    Maybe in a parallel universe.
  49. No.

    It’s shade. Hardwick’s statement tries to play the “I am connected to women” card, but he doesn’t have the actual situation to include the usual “I have a daughter” element in that mix, so he decided to throw in “future father”.
  50. lenovox1


    I'm really only lurking the thread to follow any updates about this, but had to take a moment to say...

    Seriously. Yes, there is quite a gulf between a random texting a dick pic and Louis CK jacking off in front of colleagues. Proximity, bizarreness, prominence, and impact all effect newsworthiness.