Chris Lee (loot box bills): "ESA lobbyists roaming the halls of the state capitol here as we speak"

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Audioboxer, Feb 20, 2018.

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    More @

    First time I haven't copied the title 1:1, but it's the nugget above from this article that makes it stand out from yet another loot box topic. (even if this is yet another loot box topic)
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    Cooperate lobbying continues to be a disgusting practice and unfortunately the videogame industry isn't an exception.
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    Nice knowing ESA's got our backs
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    Not surprising :(
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    That they do

    What's a bit more lol-worthy above is the way this sentence is framed

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    I'm sure many will hate me for saying this, but I'm amazed by how this politician can parade around with a massive holier than thou attitude after he started this whole campaign with a massive bold-faced lie on video.

    The whole thing began with him falsely defining Star Wars Battlefront a "star wars themed online casino" when Star Wars Battlefront had already deactivated microtransactions a while before. You can't have a casino where you can't spend money. I would be surprised if he doesn't get called on it sooner or later, which he should, even if politics and lies go hand-in-hand nowadays.

    The initial video with the mom, the priest, and the stereotypically unkempt (probably fake) "gamer" pleading for his kids was the climax of pathetic and reminded me of times that I hoped were gone. He's appealing to feeling instead of rationality, and I definitely question his honesty in this. Seems like a consensus grab to me.
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    We need to follow the money but it's almost a guarantee that we wont like what we find.

    They list their donors.
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    fuck the ESA
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    Just be sure to boycott E3 when it comes around.
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    I am sure you quoted 3 video game publishers, and not 3 normal gamers whose boycott would do jack shit.
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    If people now hate the ESA so much, then don't watch any E3 streams. Don't consume any E3 content or engage with anything E3 related on social media. And absolutely don't pay them for a ticket to attend the show. Aside from the ESRB, E3 is their big thing.
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    If he truly cared about children he would have done this nearly a decade ago when these systems appeared in FIFA and Madden. Suddenly a video game he likes has them and we gotta protect the children! The veil is so thin it might as well not be there at all.
  14. Kurdel

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    Or what? They are all hypocrites and should not complain about the ESA?

    We can be vocal about an organisation and still consume the ancialliary shit that comes out of it's events.
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    Chris Lee is like 34 or something. He was probably still studying 10 years ago.

    Edit: 37. FIFA ain't too popular in the States either. That's more for us Football, I mean Soccer loving Europeans.
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    How dare someone actually care about something!
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    I doubt what video game he likes has anything to do with it, if he even likes games at all, since saying "I played games all my life" is a very easy thing to claim in order to appear involved. More likely, Star Wars is simply big enough for him to appeal to feelings and grab as much visibility as he can, which seems to me the whole reason he's doing this for.

    His whole video campaign stinks of fake so much that i'm surprised that they didn't add canned laugher when he made the "it's a trap" joke.

    If you "actually care" about something, you don't openly lie about it.

    Even in the (unlikely, since it was all over the net) case that he was misinformed, someone who actually cares about something at the very least reads what's happening about it.
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    They pay people to shill for loot boxes? They should just show them an Overwatch loot box thread.
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    You can't spell ESA without EA.
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    Or INJ2 reddit page
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    When billions of dollars hang in the balance you can be certain high level lobbyists are involved.
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    You should probably actually research the guy before delivering drive-by takes of "I don't think he's a gamer so he must not be".

    Dude knows what he is talking about there

    and from his channel watch the other videos from the main one that went viral

  23. Abriael

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    I saw enough. And it's entirely possible that all of that is just as canned as Snoop Dogg "playing" SOS on Twitch.

    Yet whether he's a "gamer" or not, the fact remains that he openly lied about the issue to grab attention, which you have not addressed.

    As a matter of fact, if he's actually involved as you think he is, it being a bold-faced lie is even more probable as opposed to being simply misinformed by some lazy advisor.
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    To absolve your inner frustration of someone you don't like you'll just go with "conspiracy theories".

    The "stars wars battlefront casino" remark was partially hyperbole to attack pay to win gaming being mixed with the paid chance mechanism in a $60 product around an IP loved by young audiences. Not many people got that hot and bothered about that remark as they "got it".
  25. Abriael

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    Hyperbole is an exaggerated statement. The definition of exaggeration involves a modicum of truth inflated for effect. That element of truth is not involved here.

    Calling Star Wars Battlefront 2 an online casino after any way to spend money on it had been deactivated is not hyperbole or exaggeration. It's simply a falsehood.
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    "Officer, I wasn't murdering that guy. Look, I'm clearly not stabbing him this very instant. Yes, I was stabbing him in the past, and intend to stab him in the future, but I'm not currently stabbing him, am I? I rest my case!"
  27. Audioboxer

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    You could say

    "This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money; it's a trap."
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    Ooh. Saving this for later.

    But couldn't anyone tell from interviews or videos that the man clearly understands the situation? Everything is so well written and Im happy we have someone so well informed pushing for legislation. Companies had about 10 years to self regulate. But even then we have even more malicious ideas like monetizing matchmaking on the horizon.

    We need some form of regulation just to curve tail this direction. It's been getting far too ridiculous and manipulative to keep this going.
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    Combining the shadiness of the video game industry with the general repulsiveness of Washington seems like a match made in hell.
  30. DR2K

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    The casino will reopen if it hasn’t already. The only reason it didn’t happen was because they got called out on it.

    Why are you focused on this “falsehood” when you seem to understand the main point of all this?
  31. Abriael

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    Fact is that neither we or Chris Lee have the slightest idea of which form Microtransactions will have when they come back to Battlefront II. Incidentally, the comparison between a transaction and stabbing is a massive fallacy.

    You could if there is any money involved.

    There isn't.
  32. Audioboxer

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    Watch 15~25 seconds from here

  33. ManaByte

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    It hasn't reopened and there's been absolutely no hint that they plan on bringing it back anytime soon.
  34. Ploid 6.0

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    Representatives bought with a price in any and everything it seems. Whoever has the most money to donate has the loudest voice/influence.
  35. rocket

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    This is why I found it funny every time someone on twitter or even some more well known YT'bers suggest the ESA should do something about lootboxes.

    What ESA is to games publishers is bascially what the NRA is to gun makers.
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    If a building is built to be a casino and then, the casino part gets shutdown, it was still originally meant to be a casino, whether or not you can lose money there. Battlefront 2 was, obviously, made to leach people's money in that manner. Even if they've taken out the option, its clear that that was the foundation in which they built the game upon, even now. By now, dice could have completely restructured and rebalanced how that game works but, as is, it seems like they are just waiting for controversy to blow over so they can turn the pay2win shit back on. All theyd have to do is ungrey the pay option button.
  37. 4859

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    Burn it all down.
  38. Abriael

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    Again, we don't have the slightest idea about what form microtransactions will have in Battlefront II. Assuming that "the casino will reopen" is just an assumption. That statement made with that timing, in the present tense, is false. Plain and simple. Star Wars Battlefront II was not a casino then, it isn't now, and we don't know if it'll be in the future.

    Because I don't think lies should be tolerated, and any cause based on them is severely undermined, muddling the discourse by appealing to feeling instead of rational thinking.

    Why are you ok with falsehood as long as it fits a narrative that furthers a cause you're ok with?
  39. Dynamite Cop

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    By participating, they'll think they're doing nothing wrong.
  40. molnizzle

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    You can't spell ERA without it either...
  41. Saganator

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    Of course they do, billions of dollars are at stake.
  42. Kthulhu

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    This guy is a state senator, not a congressional one. Not to mention any legislation he could pass, good or bad, only affects Hawaii.
  43. Dance Inferno

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    You're being intentionally obtuse. They turned off the ability to spend money after the huge public uproar around launch, but they always stated that they fully intend to bring it back.
  44. Billfisto

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    "Why yes, officer, I have this building with all the roulette wheels, chips, dealers, and other infrastructure required for gambling, and I was indeed allowing gambling in the past, but I am not currently allowing gambling! Yes, I currently still have all the infrastructure in place and have outright stated my intent to continue with it in the future and include gambling in all my other business ventures. Why do you ask?"
  45. Bhonar

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    What do you mean "reopen"? It never opened in the first place.

    And no, what a game has during alpha or beta doesn't mean jack shit. Tons of video games have had random stuff during their alpha/beta periods.

    The only thing that matters is what's actually in a game when it officially releases to retail.
  46. Escalario

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    There's plenty of predatory lootboxes and microtransactions defenders on this forum, so hey :D
  47. Luminaire

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    Do we also have to boycott video games?
  48. Thorn

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    Lobbying killed America.
  49. Abriael

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    They always stated that they'll bring back some form of recurring revenue. They haven't in any shape or form detailed how, or given any indication whether it'll fit even the stretched definition of a casino.

    The fact remains that when Mr. Lee made his statement in the present tense, Star Wars Battlefront II was not in any shape or form an Online Casino. His statement is false and remains false.

    You can't claim that a false statement isn't false because it might become true in some unspecified future.

    Only, that is not what they said.
  50. Tater

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    From a few weeks ago:

    That's a statement of intent during their earnings call, doesn't get more official than that.