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College Football '19 Offseason Thread |OT| This is a weeb thread now. Post weeb stuff. Also, hail our new king of drama, Justin Fields!


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Bought courtside tickets just to read a book.
Oct 25, 2017
North Carolina
Texas is back, as this lovely picture Yukiko™ provided shows.

Congrats to opus for winning the bowl pick-em. Contact the mods to change the offseason thread title to something of your choice.

Final AP Poll

1. Clemson
2-25. Who the hell cares, unless you're a UF or Texas fan I guess TOP 10 TEXAS Y'ALL.

Key offseason dates

January 29- Kingdom Hearts 3
February 19- Steins;Gate Elite
May 21- Team Sonic Racing (weebs like Sonic right?)
August 27- Shenmue III
TBD Q2- Fire Emblem: Three Houses (aka the most important 2019 release IS pls)

Week 0 is August 24 this year so hooray to the next seven months of anime posts.

Meanwhile, in Columbus...


Martell/Fields is going to be amazing and lead to a loser leaves town match. So, that's something to look forward to.

Update 1/10- Tathan scurred.

Also, USC is a tire fire. Go Trojans.

CFB Era's Official Podcast- The Decided Schematic Advantage- Offseason Recording TBD

The new podcast is up. Subscribe in iTunes here or find The Decided Schematic Advantage in your podcast app of choice


Episode 71 - Tua Little Tua Late

We talk about Jim Chaney going to Tennessee, Justin Fields to OSU, Ohio State raiding the Michigan coaching staff, the national championship, how our preseason predictions went, our favorite bowl games, our favorite games of the year. We'll be back soon!
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Oct 25, 2017
Columbus, OH
Figured I'd post some things that we talked about on the podcast to give people some things to look at this off season.

Links for some of our favorite games, in no order

LSU vs Texas A&M 7 overtime game, also Da Coach O gets prematurely Gatorade dunked.

Will edit in 2018 Apple Cup, Washington vs Wazzu here.

SEC Championship - Alabama vs Georgia

Ohio State at Purdue

West Virginia vs Texas

Interview with Mike Leach from 2011 when he was unemployed and in Key West

There are palm trees in purgatory. He walks by them without paying much attention. Here, each is just another pixel on a postcard disguised as paradise. Mike Leach stops at a wooden shack for a Cuban coffee. “What was I talking about?” he asks.

Doesn’t matter. He hops topics like lily pads. The Cuban caffeine only makes matters worse. The need for a college playoff system. Unemployment. Hunting pigs. Sarah Palin. Eating fast food in Japan. The University of Maryland.
Oct 25, 2017
Goddamn this would be a huge coup for Diaz.

The U is already back?
That would be huge, and he'd immediately be the best QB on that team and they would go from throwing a billion Ints to like 1 in a season.

I'd almost have to cheer for the U, almost. Maybe just a little, I'd really just be cheering for Jalen, I wouldn't care if the rest of the team sucked. Go for it Jalen, want you to succeed man.
Oct 25, 2017
I'm SHOCKED that Tathan Martell decided to transfer already. I really thought that he was going to at least try to fight for the job. He gave up the ghost FAST.
Oct 25, 2017
Tathan Tater Tot Martell is a bitch. That is all. Talk so much shit and then just bounce. Dude graduates in May so figured he would at least TRY to win the job and if not he can go wherever.
Oct 25, 2017
Tua is ruined now. Who knows what happens with Sark and this talent. He clearly wasnt cut for the pros.

I still want to see Saban get another Qb coach.

Here’s the thing getting me, if Saban wanted Gattis or Enos to stay wouldnt he have just paid/promoted them? Something is up that we will never get the answer too.

Rumors are he is looking to shake up the defensive OC job and roles too.
Oct 25, 2017
Jalen announce he going to OU yet?

Come on, kid. Be the 3peat Heisman.
OU is already the first school in the modern era to win back to back Heismans with 2 different players ;(Not counting Reggie Bush's win), and now you want them to go for the 3peat? If that happens do have to start calling OU HeismanU?


Oct 25, 2017
OU is already the first school in the modern era to win back to back Heismans with 2 different players ;(Not counting Reggie Bush's win), and now you want them to go for the 3peat? If that happens do have to start calling OU HeismanU?
I don’t really give a shit about OU. Just want Jalen to win the most prestigious award in CFB.