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Oct 25, 2017

Female Furies #1 By Castellucci, Melo (Feb 6th) - All their lives the Female Furies have been raised to be the meanest, most cunning and most ruthless fighting force on all of Apokolips. So why are Granny Goodness’ girls left behind every time the men go to war? With the might of New Genesis hanging over the planet, and the Forever People making mincemeat out of Darkseid’s army, Granny thinks it’s about time that changed. And so, Big Barda, Aurelie, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Bernadeth and Stompa set out to beat the boys at their own game. Little do they know the game is rigged—and one accidental murder could spell disaster for them all!

Wonder Twins #1 By Russell, Byrne (Feb 13th) - Exiled from their home planet, alien heroes Zan and Jayna must navigate life as teens on Earth at South Metropolis High School, where they’re even bigger outsiders than the typical awkward young adults. Under the watchful eye of Superman, the brother and sister pull monitor duty at the Hall of Justice as interns, while also trying to overcome the pitfalls of Zan’s brash confidence and Jayna’s shy but streetwise persona. If you think you know the Wonder Twins, think again—this book takes the form of the unexpected.

Young Justice #2 By Bendis, Gleason, Lupacchino (Feb 6th) - The new teen super-team unites as Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl, Teen Lantern and Jinny Hex join forces to help Amethyst free Gemworld from those who control it. In another section of the strange dimension, Connor Kent and Impulse find themselves taken captive—but if this is really Superboy, why isn’t he putting up a fight with his friend and former teammate against the bad guys?

Batgirl #32 By Scott, Pelletier, Rapmund (Feb 27th) - Coming to you live from Gotham City! The people’s-choice congressional candidate Luciana Alejo is all set to give a televised interview that could secure her victory, but the Cormorant is ready to silence her for good. Can Batgirl protect the candidate without making her alter ego, Barbara Gordon, lose her campaign job in the process?

Batman #64 By Williamson, March (Feb 6th) - “THE LAST COLD CASE” part one! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart! As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable…by the Flash! A cold case from the Justice League’s past has mysteriously re-opened, and Batman and the Flash—the only two heroes who stand a chance of cracking the case—are at each other’s throats! Our heroes must combat a demon from the past while burying their own inner demons in the process…and neither the World’s Greatest Detective nor the Fastest Man Alive will ever be the same again! But who is really pulling the strings here? And how does Gotham Girl fit into all this? Friendships will be tested and blood will be spilled in this titanic crossover event…

Catwoman #8 By Joelle, Casagrande (Feb 13th) - What is it that they say about house-guests and bad fish? How they both start to stink after a couple of days? Well, Oswald Cobblepot has been hanging around Catwoman’s new city, and Selina Kyle has been holding her nose for far too long. It’s time to send the Penguin packing! I mean, the guy smelled like fish even before he arrived.

Harley Quinn #58 By Humphries, Timms (Feb 6th) - Implicated in a crime she didn’t commit, Harley Quinn must prove her innocence by teaming up with the Caped Crusader himself—Batman! But can the Clown Princess of Crime and the Dark Knight coexist long enough to solve a murder? Or will the two frenemies end up being the death of each other?

Old Lady Harley #5 By Tieri, Miranda (Feb 27th) - Harley’s worst nightmare has come true: The Joker is reborn! But is there one more card to turn over? Is the killer behind that smile the man she loved, hated, loved and lost...or something even more deadly and devastating? Harley’s future world will be torn apart in this issue—don’t miss it!

Justice League Dark #8 By Tynion, Martinez, Fernandez (Feb 13th) - “LORDS OF ORDER” part one! Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark are in a race against time as the Otherkind close in on the rest of the magical community. With the world’s magic failing, the team needs to rally the magic wielders of Earth together. But can they face down Doctor Fate and his newly assembled Lords of Order?!

Nightwing #57 By Lobdell, Moore (Feb 20th) - Destiny…fate…predetermined inevitability… these are all things that Ric Grayson has struggled to reconcile now that he has been given a second chance at life. A life recently unburdened with years of trauma, defeat and struggle when the hero known as Nightwing was shot in the head. Now, Ric must come to terms with who he is, and what kind of hero he wants to be…if he wants to be one at all. And while Ric is content to walk away from the mantle, one woman has been hiding in the shadows, waiting to solidify an identity of her own…an identity tied for all eternity to the clown price of crime…enter The Joker’s Daughter!

Naomi #2 By Bendis, Walker, Campbell (Feb 20th) - The most startling and intriguing mystery in the DC Universe continues as Naomi searches to uncover the secrets of her own origin. What do her small town’s oversized mechanic and the last time a super-powered person appeared in her hometown have to do with the day she was adopted? Big emotions, new characters and a last page cliffhanger that can’t be missed!

High Level #1 By Sheridan, Bagenda, Fajardo Jr (Feb 20th) - Hundreds of years after the world ended and human society was rebuilt from scratch, a self-interested smuggler is forced to traverse a new continent of danger and mystery to deliver a child messiah to High Level, a mythical city at the top of the world from which no one has ever returned.

Uncanny X-Men #11 By Rosenberg, Larroca (Feb 6th) - After the devastating events of “X-Men Disassembled,” it falls to Cyclops to rebuild the X-Men in the face of overwhelming hatred. Thankfully, he’s not the only X-Man to have just returned from oblivion. Scott and Logan are together again, and they are mutantkind’s only hope. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and returning superstar X-Artist Salvador Larroca lead the X-Men into their darkest hour…and beyond!

Uncanny X-Men : Winters End #1 By Grace, Stockman (Feb 27th) - Iceman and the X-Men get a special visitor from the future! An older Bobby Drake has come to the present to tell him to give up being a super hero. But what could have happened that would change Bobby Drake from the X-Men’s resident jokester to a morose mutant?

Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men #1 By Nadler, Thompson, Failla (Feb 6th) - The perfect heroes for a perfect world! The X-Men have helped make the world into a utopia where living in fear and hatred is a thing of the past. All people are united under the banner of mutantkind, and all of mutantkind idolizes the X-Men. Jean Grey! Colossus! Storm! X-23! X-Man! Nature Girl! Magneto! And of course, the amazing Nightcrawler! When danger threatens the world, the Marvelous X-Men set things right for the good of all. And no one dares say otherwise.

Age of X-Man: Nextgen #1 By Brisson, To (Feb 13th) - In an age of utopia, the Summers Institute for Higher Learning is the premiere school for the mutant community across the globe. Attendance is mandatory for all mutant children, as they learn to become the next generation of marvelous X-Men. But even in a utopian society, teenagers will always find a way to rebel… Follow Glob, Armor, Anole and Rockslide as they discover what it really means to live in an age of peace and harmony!

Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 By McGuire, Frigeri (Feb 20th) - From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own solo series! Kurt Wagner is the biggest celebrity slash super hero since Dwayne Johnson! Juggling Kurt’s responsibilities as one of the X-Men and a slate of summer blockbusters would be tough without the best support staff in the business: Stunt coordinator Magma! Personal trainer Kylun! And of course, his leading lady Meggan! But there’s something rotten in Tinseltown...

Age of X-Man: The X-Tremists #1 By Williams, Jeanty (Feb 27th) - A perfect world doesn’t just…happen. It needs to be cultivated. That’s where the X-Tremists come in. Psylocke, Iceman, Northstar, Blob, Jubilee and Moneta protect people from threats they won’t even know existed, including the most insidious threat of all — love.

Savage Sword of Conan #1 By Duggan, Garney (Feb 13th) - Adrift at sea. No food. No weapons. Death surely awaits him. But the lionhearted CONAN is not so easily subdued, by Crom! When Conan finds himself captured, he unleashes his might on an unsuspecting pirate crew…one whose dark secrets will plunge Conan on the trail of an ancient treasure that may prove to be his undoing!

Avengers : No Road Home #1 By Ewing, Zub, Waid, Medina (Feb 13th) - Night has fallen across the universe. Now seven Avengers — and one new addition — journey forth to bring back the light. But when the threat they face has destroyed even the gods…will anyone make it home?

Daredevil #1 By Zdarsky, Checchetto (Feb 6th) - CLASSIFIED

Love Romances #1 By Hopeless, Simone, Adams (Feb 20th) - LOVE STORIES THAT CAN ONLY BE TOLD IN A COMIC BOOK! Can robots fall in love? Is romance just a fantasy? Can love breach the corridor of death?

Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 By Duggan, Macdonald (Feb 20th) - Wolverine has finally returned, disentwined from the evil clutches of Soteira…but hang on, didn’t he have an Infinity Stone? How did THAT happen?! And wasn’t he popping up all over the place for a little while? The answers you seek are finally revealed as Logan goes cosmic alongside everyone’s favorite god of lies and stories, Loki Laufeyson!

Old Man Quill #1 By Sacks, Gill (Feb 20th) - Meet Peter Quill. He used to be Star-Lord – you know, the legendary outlaw – but it’s been quite some time since he’s gone by that name. Taking over for his father as the Emperor of Spartax, Quill put the life of spacefaring adventure behind him for one of leadership and responsibility. Quill grew up. But things didn’t go as planned. Decades have passed, and Peter is haunted by tragedy. Down and out, Quill’s existence means nothing…until the former GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY drag Peter out of his funk for one last mission! The heist of a lifetime – and Quill’s harrowing quest for redemption – begins here!

Captain Marvel: Stronger & Mightier #1 By Houser, Buonfantino (Feb 27th) - It’s CAROL DANVERS Day! Air Force Pilot Carol Danvers is a hero to many…so what could possibly delay her to her own celebration? Only her other job—as Earth’s Mightiest Hero, CAPTAIN MARVEL! Stuck between her duty to her community and her responsibility to the wider world, Carol will have to make a tough decision, and muster all of her power to fend off an invasion force! Don’t miss the excitement of the STRONGEST & MIGHTIEST hero of all in her latest adventure!

Avengers #14 By Aaron, Marquez (Feb 6th) - TRANSYLVANIA IS BURNING! As vampire civil war throws the world into chaos, the mysterious Shadow Colonel and his squad of undead revolutionaries have one burning question on their murderous minds: Where is Dracula? And if the Avengers find him first, will the lord of the damned be friend or foe?

Venom #11 By Cates, Stegman (Feb 20th) - The sinister symbiote skulks the streets of San Francisco! With the symbiote silenced and Eddie finding parts of his memory missing, will he be able to find the answers he’s looking for in the Golden City? Or will the return to his old stomping grounds reveal secrets better left buried?

Deadly Class #38 By Remender, Craig, Boyd (Feb 20th) - Marcus and Maria return to Kings Dominion and face the rot that festers in its halls.

Bitter Root #4 By Walker, Brown, Greene (Feb 20th) - The Sangerye family has fought evil for decades, but they’ve never faced anything like this. And while two family members have returned home, one may be lost forever as Hell comes to Harlem.

Blackbird #5 By Bartel, Humphries (Feb 13th) - After taking out her anger on the Paragon cabals in a big way, there’s nowhere in Los Angeles’ four magical territories that Nina can hide. Good thing she’s done hiding. It’s time to throw down.

East of West #42 By Hickman, Dragotta (Feb 27th) - Things draw to a close on the Earthly plane.

Die #3 By Gillen, Hans (Feb 6th) - One of the saddest comics in Kieron’s career. One of Stephanie’s prettiest. Clayton’s lettering, of course, remains impeccable.

Hit-Girl Season 2 #1 By Smith, Orum (Feb 13th) - Our favorite adolescent assassin tears Tinsel Town a new one when she realizes her life’s being dramatized for the silver screen. Hit-Girl storms sets, wages war on fat-cat movie bosses, and lures old enemies out of hiding in this Californian bloodbath.

Middlewest #4 By Young, Corona (Feb 20th) - Abel and the fox have wandered into a small-town carnival where they should be able to find the healer they seek. While they search, Fox teaches Abel that survival sometimes means bending the rules a bit.

Monstress #20 By Liu, Takeda (Feb 20th) - As Kippa descends into the darkness, she confronts the most ancient of foes…

Murder Falcon #5 By Warren Johnson, Spicer (Feb 13th) - Magnum Khaos has rocked the Earth, shaking Jake and Brooticus to their core—but don’t despair! A new band rises in Iceland, unleashing the blackest of metal to turn the tide.

Redlands #11 By Bellaire, Del Rey (Feb 20th) - Redbrandt conspires with an old friend of the witches to end their rule over Redlands. Meanwhile, Nancy must decide between living and letting go.

Unnatural #7 By Mirka Andolfo (Feb 6th) - Leslie is on the run again, and this time she’ll have to fight for her life. Get ready for betrayal, non-stop action, and an unexpected turn of events in an issue packed with jaw-dropping revelations and MIRKA ANDOLFO’s sexy art aplenty!

The Wicked + The Divine #42 by Gillen, McKelvie, Wilson (Feb 20th) - I just read the synopsis for this issue and gaped. We’re actually going to do all this in an issue? That AND that AND that? Honestly, this last arc really is going for it.

Strangers in Paradise XXV #10 By Terry Moore (Feb 27th) - Using the help of her new friends from Manson, Katchoo races cross-country to save Francine and the kids from violent gunmen in their home. Tambi and Sam (a.k.a. Motor Girl) are on the scene, ready for action, when they get a helping hand from a brave little girl determined to save her family. Don't miss the stunning conclusion of this story that celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Terry Moore's groundbreaking series and ties all of his books together into one epic saga!

My Hero Academia Vol 17 By Kouhei Horikoshi (Feb 6th) - The raid on the Hassaikai gang is in full swing, and the heroes plunge into the darkness toward their ultimate confrontation. Lemillion engages Overhaul in an attempt to rescue Eri, and the battle reaches a new level of intensity. Midoriya is desperate to help his mentor, but what fate has Nighteye foreseen for them all in this clash? And does the key to Midoriya's survival lie in Eri herself?
For teen audiences.

Giant Days #47 By Allison, Sarin (Feb 6th) - It's time for Daisy to get her driver's license, but she may not really be a natural behind the wheel. Can she overcome her nerves to become the ultimate motorist, and (for everyone's safety) should she be allowed to?

Tank Girl Action Alley #3 By Martin, Parson (Feb 27th) - Tank Girl's first ever ongoing series delves into her origins with a new story: Action Alley, with creator Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson! Tank Girl and Booga journey deeper into the nuclear desert in search of the secret behind the mutant kangaroos - the Tank Girl Universe begins here!

Red Sonja #1 By Russell, Colak (Feb 6th) - No man knows the place of her birth, nor where she learned to wield a sword to shame many a male. They know only that she is called The She-Devil of The Hyrkanian Steppes. That, and RED SONJA. MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan) bring a savage tale of metal and blood. A world conqueror possesses a massive army and a fatal prophecy. A bastard sorceress craves revenge. And a fearsome red-haired warrior is made wartime ruler of a homeland set for decimation.

The Forgotten Queen #1 By Howard. Pinna (Feb 27th) - Long ago, the mighty generals of the Mongol Empire rode from Siberia to Carpathia and conquered all who stood in their way. Legends tell of a witch who walked with them, who could infect the hearts of any warriors in her midst with an unquenchable thirst for battle and bloodshed... a War Monger. And now she is walking again.

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Oct 25, 2017
Thats cute, the X-Men books got their own little section.

Hey, that Iceman Winters End thing sounds alot better than I thought!
Oct 25, 2017
Maybe I should pick up Middlewest in singles. It looks incredible.
It caught my eye as well. Has anyone read the first few issues?
Also, I knew the Female Furies book was coming, but thought it was months away. I'm curious to see how it turns out.
Oct 25, 2017
Messi (or anyone else who have read the book) are you watching Deadly Class? How accurate/faithful; do you think its been? And do they diverge at all?
Oct 25, 2017
Byrne sounds like a great person to bring back to do a new X-Men book for Marvel.

Hell, hes even got a Detective Comics variant coming up lol.

I didn't even pay attention to it pre-release but I've been watching it and like it a lot.
Yea I love it. I was just curious how close theyve been sticking to the source material. (Ill get back to it eventually lol) Everyone ive talked to about the show has never read the books, but they all seem to really like as well. Hope the show does really well for SYFY so we get more seasons.
Oct 25, 2017
It's funny with Cyborg on Doom Patrol, cause not only was he not on the team, but I feel like he is the only one in the cast that doesn't look that great and sticks out lol.

Aug 12, 2018
Joker’s Daughter and Ric Grayson, DC sure knows how to take Nightwing fans for a ride huh? Otherwise Happy Feb, it can only get warmer from here.