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Oct 25, 2017

Basket Full of Heads #1 By Hill, Leomacs (Oct 30th) - The rain lashes the grassy dunes of Brody Island, and seagulls scream above the bay. A slender figure in a raincoat carries a large wicker basket, which looks like it might be full of melons…covered by a bloodstained scrap of the American flag.This is the story of June Branch, a young woman trapped with four cunning criminals who have snatched her boyfriend for deranged reasons of their own. Now she must fight for her life with the help of an impossible 8th-century Viking axe that can pass through a man’s neck in a single swipe—and leave the severed head still conscious and capable of supernatural speech. Each disembodied head has a malevolent story of its own to tell, and it isn’t long before June finds herself in a desperate struggle to hack through their lies and to save the man she loves before time runs out.

The Batman's Grave #1 By Ellis, Hitch, Nowlan (Oct 9th) - The World’s Greatest Detective must try to inhabit the mind of a murder victim to solve a case—without filling the empty grave next to those of his parents. Can Batman imagine the life of a corpse with a half-eaten face without dying himself?

The Joker: Year of the Villian #1 By Carpenter, Burch, Tan (Oct 9th) - In the Year of the Villain, what’s a Clown Prince of Crime to do when the world has started to accept doing bad as the only way to live? Out-bad everyone else, of course! The Joker is on a mission to get his mojo back and prove to the world that there is no greater villainy than the kind that leaves you laughing.

Joker/Harley : Criminal Sanity #1 By Garcia , Suayan, Mayhew (Oct 9th) - In Gotham City, where heinous acts of violence are a daily occurrence, the GCPD relies on Harley Quinn, a young forensic psychiatrist and profiler, to consult on their toughest cases. But Harley is haunted by one unsolved case—the night she discovered her roommate’s body marked with the signature of a notorious serial killer known as The Joker. Five years later, the case remains unsolved and a new series of horrific murders occur throughout the city. As the murders escalate, Harley’s obsession with finding the depraved psychopath responsible leads her down a dangerous path. When the past and the present finally collide, Harley has to decide how far she is willing to go—and how many lines she is willing to
cross—to solve these cases once and for all.

The Joker : Killer Smile #1 By Lemire, Sorrentino (Oct 30th) - Everyone knows The Joker doesn’t have the most promising history with psychotherapists. In fact, no one’s even been able to diagnose him. But that doesn’t matter to the confident, world-beating Dr. Ben Arnell; he’s going to be the one to unravel this unknowable mind. There’s no way The Joker could ever get through the therapeutic walls Ben has built around himself. Right? There’s no way The Joker’s been entering his house at night…right? There’s no way The Joker has stood over his son’s bed, and put that book in his hands, the one with the, the, the…

Harleen #2 By Stjepan Sejic (Oct 30th) - Despite the strongest objections from every possible authority—including district attorney Harvey Dent—Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s found herself with free access to every inmate in Arkham Asylum, where she desperately pursues a revolutionary and highly controversial cure to the insanity of Gotham. But her work with the city’s super-criminals quickly muddies the waters of good and evil, and in the deepest, darkest padded rooms of Arkham, even the words of a mad clown start making sense!

The Sandman Universe Presents : Hellblazer #1 By Spurrier, Takara (Oct 30th) - The second year of the Sandman Universe begins with the long-awaited arrival of one of DC’s most iconic characters…John Constantine, Hellblazer!He’s cheated death and damnation more times than he can count, but never like this. Long ago, in the crucible of a magical war waged across countless futures, Constantine was murdered by an all-powerful adversary: a twisted version of Timothy Hunter, bloated with evil. But over the past year strange forces have conspired to restart Tim Hunter’s tale, and somehow—amid sorcery, insanity and secret agendas—this older, wiser, wilier shade of Constantine has been dragged back with it. Unlike young Tim, John remembers every second of a life that went very, very wrong. Now he must ask himself why he, the last person in the world to deserve a second chance, has been given one. Is John Constantine here to put Tim Hunter on the right track and avert a terrible outcome? Or is it because he’s the only person in existence with the guts to do what REALLY must be done? After all, he’s a nasty piece of work, chief…ask anybody.

Secrets of Sinister House #1 By Dini, Alberquerque, Hill, Fornes and More (Oct 9th) - Witness what hides within the Sinister House—the DCU’s most horrific secrets and mysteries! Travel alongside Harley Quinn, John Constantine, Detective Chimp, Zatanna, the Atom and others as they face this macabre devastation firsthand! And in the bowels of this dark mansion…we return to the world of the legendary Red Rain to meet once again with the dreaded vampire Batman. Don’t miss this year’s DC Halloween special—because if you do, it’ll haunt you!

Superman Smashes the Klan #1 By Yang, Gurihiru (Oct 16th) - The year is 1946, and the Lee family has moved from Metropolis’ Chinatown to the center of the bustling city. While Dr. Lee is greeted warmly in his new position at the Metropolis Health Department, his two kids, Roberta and Tommy, are more excited about being closer to their famous hero, Superman!
While Tommy adjusts to the fast pace of the city, Roberta feels out of place, as she tries and fails to fit in with the neighborhood kids. As the Lees try to adjust to their new lives, an evil is stirring in Metropolis: the Ku Klux Klan. When the Lee family awakens one night to find a burning cross on their lawn, they consider leaving town. But the Daily Planet offers a reward for information on the KKK, and their top two reporters, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, dig into the story.When Tommy is kidnapped by the KKK, Superman leaps into action—with help from Roberta! But Superman is still new to his powers—he hasn’t even worked out how to fly yet, so he has to run across town. Will Superman and Roberta reach Tommy in time?

Tales from the Dark Multiverse : Batman Knightfall #1 By Snyder, Higgins, Fernandez (Oct 16th) - Don’t miss this twisted tale from the pages of the game-changing event “Batman: Knightfall”! Thirty years after Bruce Wayne was broken and failed to take back the mantle of the Bat, Jean-Paul Valley, now known as Saint Batman, has turned Gotham into the city of his dreams. In his new order, killing has become commonplace and criminals live in constant fear—all in the name of justice. But just when all seems lost, a new hope for Gotham City rises…the son of Bane!

Tales from the Dark Multiverse : The Death of Superman #1 By Loveness, Walker, Hennessy (Oct 30th) - The Dark Multiverse takes on the highest-selling comic book event of all time—the Death of Superman! In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief, becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let Superman die, and the corrupt world he could never defeat. Now, with the power of a god, she’s going to end the battle by any means necessary…and the Reign of the Supermen will be over before it begins!

Batman Annual #4 By King, Weeks, Fornes (Oct 30th) - In this new annual, it’s two unique stories by BATMAN mastermind Tom King! First, King reteams with Lee Weeks, his collaborator on the Eisner-nominated BATMAN/ELMER FUDD #1 to send the Caped Crusader into space in search of the rare element he needs to save a life on Earth. But what terrible gauntlet of tyrants and monsters will he have to go through to reach his objective? Then, it’s back down to Earth and the grimy streets of Gotham City as King and acclaimed newcomer Jorge Fornés task the Dark Knight Detective with a dangerous case only he can solve.

X-Men #1 By Hickman, Yu - The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility… and things have never been better! Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X, SECRET WARS) and superstar artist Leinil Yu (NEW AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA) reveal the saga of Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses!

Excalibur #1 By Howard, To - The Otherworld is rocked by war! It is a new era for mutantkind as a new Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side - Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee...and Apocalypse.

Marauders #1 By Duggan, Lolli - Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!

House of X #6 By Hickman, Larazz - The revolutionary tale of Mutantkind’s rise comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men’s stories for years to come! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR, SECRET WARS) and Marvel Young Gun artist Pepe Larraz (EXTERMINATION, AVENGERS) wrap the series that changes everything!

Powers of X #6 By Hickman, Silva - The revelatory tale of Mutantkind’s fall comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men’s stories for years to come! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, FF, INFINITY) and rising star artist RB Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN) wrap the series that reveals everything!

Absolute Carnage : Immortal Hulk #1 By Ewing, Andrade - Before his untimely death, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross was the Red Hulk and, for a time, bonded to the Venom symbiote alongside Alejandra Jones and Laura Kinney. Now, Ross’ corpse has been unearthed, though why and by whom remain shrouded in mystery. With the gamma material in Ross’ body possibly in nefarious hands, that’s just what Bruce Banner intends to find out – one way or another!

The Amazing Mary Jane #1 By Williams, Gomez - The web-head’s favorite redhead (and yours!) is taking a chance on her dreams. But if you’ve read ASM #25, you’ll know MYSTERIO is behind Mary Jane’s big shot, and someone worse is behind him! What’s real and what’s illusion, what’s illusion and what’s Hollywood phoniness?

Amazing Spider-Man Full Circle #1 By NICK SPENCER, JONATHAN HICKMAN, GERRY DUGGAN, AL EWING, CHIP ZDARSKY,KELLY THOMPSON & JASON AARON ,CHRIS BACHALO, CHRIS SPROUSE, GREG SMALLWOOD, MICHAEL ALLRED, RACHAEL STOTT, VALERIO SCHITI, CAMERON STEWART & MARK BAGLEY - A summons from SHIELD leads Peter Parker into a globe-spanning adventure that will test him as never before, one in which the future of all mankind lies in his gloved, webbed hands! Who is the mysterious prisoner in the steel box who keeps propelling the wall-crawler onward? Nick Spencer and an all-star team of Marvel’s biggest writers and artists take up the challenge to create the wildest, maddest, most unconventional AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story of all! Guest-starring Nick Fury, Wolverine and Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

Spiderverse #1 By McKay, Frigeri, Adams, Immonen - Miles Morales finally feels like he GETS this Spider-Man stuff… and then falls through a portal! But isn’t the WEB OF LIFE & DESTINY destroyed? Maybe not, True Believer. But who spun this new web? Regardless, Miles finds himself at the center of a multiversal adventure that will feature a who’s who of creators and characters as the series spins forward!

Amazing Spider-Man #31 By Spencer, Ottley -
Everyone who has ever worn the Carnage Symbiote has a Codex, including Norman Osborn from his time as the Red Goblin! Can Spider-Man save Norman from Carnage? Does he want to? WHAT OTHER SURPRISES ARE HELD HERE? MANY!!!

Fantastic Four Grand Design #1 By Tom Scioli - Because you demanded it! The bestselling GRAND DESIGN franchise continues with Marvel’s First Family! Brought to you by critically-acclaimed cartoonist TOM SCIOLI (GODLAND, TRANSFORMERS VS. GI JOE) in the sole-authorship tradition made famous by ED PISKOR’S X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN trilogy! Join the Watcher and witness how it all began… Plus appearances by your faves: Doctor Doom! Black Panther! Namor! Galactus! Mole Man! The Inhumans!

Immortal Hulk #25 By Ewing, Garcia, Bennett - You’ve never read a Hulk comic like this before. You’ve never read a Marvel comic like this before. The heat death of our universe has come and gone. The Hulk is finally dead. Now, billions of years later, the Ninth Cosmos cowers...before the BREAKER OF WORLDS.

Chrononauts : Future Shock #1 By Millar, Canete (Oct 30th) - CHRONONAUTS returns with FUTURESHOCK, as time-traveling physicists Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly attempt to conquer the future with their new machine—The Timehawk. A little older but none the wiser, the best friends return for their biggest mission yet!

Copra #1 By Michael Fiffe (Oct 9th) - COPRA returns in the first issue of its all-new ONGOING SERIES! Acclaimed comics auteur MICHEL FIFFE picks up where his band of mercenary misfits left off, reintroducing the entire cast of his Suicide Squad-esque revenge machine in a brutal standoff against their own leader. Jump right into the thick of it with the world’s greatest action team in this extra-length debut milestone—36 pages for just $3.99!

Deadly Class #41 By Remender, Craig, Boyd (Oct 30th) - A nice, relaxing trip to a remote cabin in the woods—what could go wrong?

Death or Glory #6 By Remender, Bengal (Oct 30th) - Glory is back and barreling toward the Mexican border in the hopes of delivering the liver transplant to save her father’s life. Hot on her heels is her ex-husband, his criminal empire, crooked cops, psycho killers, and a Mexican murder cartel. Time, fuel, and hope are running out, but no one outruns Glory!

Die #8 By Gillen, Hans (Oct 2nd) - The endless social whirl of the popular unpopular kids in Angria threatens to ensnare the party. Mistakes have grown in their absence. Have our heroes?

East of West #44 By Hickman, Dragotta (Oct 30th) - All the great Nations of man have fallen. Witness the rise of Babylon.

Isola #10 By Kerschl, Fletcher, Msassyk (Oct 23rd) - Secrets from the past threaten to tear Olwyn and Rook apart.

Manifest Destiny #37 By Dingess, Roberts, Gieni (Oct 2nd) - Spring has sprung and the Corps of Discovery is closing in on the Pacific! But new beginnings mean new horrors for Lewis and Clark, and out on the American plains a sleeping beast has awoken!

Middlewest #12 By Skottie, Corona (Oct 23rd) - There are countless tales of those unfortunate enough to get tangled up in the Radar Farms. Far fewer are the stories of those who escape their grasp.

Rumble #17 By Arcudi, MacLean, Harren, Ruggieri (Oct 16th) - The crossover everybody’s been asking for—Head Lopper and Rathraq together for the first time, with art by HEAD LOPPER creator ANDREW MacLEAN and RUMBLE co-creator JAMES HARREN! It’s 16 pages of action, adventure, and head-loppin’ laffs, rounded out with a gorgeous, spooky eight-pager by emerging star GONZALO RUGGIERI!

Space Bandits #4 By Scalera, Millar (Oct 2nd) - The bandits pick off Cody’s enemies one by one, working their way through her old crew. But before they can wipe out the whole set, a familiar face from Thena’s past crackles over the telecast, and the girls turn their vengeful attention to her ex, Viggo.

Crowded #10 By Sabela, Stein, Brandt, Farrell (Oct 9th) - With Vegas in their rearview and a complicated new kink in their client-bodyguard relationship, Charlie and Vita try to enjoy each other’s company and a moment of quiet as they head east looking for shelter. But the danger is far from over as the assassin Circe’s infatuation with Vita turns angry.

My Hero Academia Vol 21 By Horikoshi (Oct 2nd) - Class 1-A's joint battle training with Class B continues! Class 1-A gets the first win in the best-of-five series of all-out Quirk battles, but after some feedback from the teachers, the students square off again for a second round, and rivalries form. They've all come a long way from where they started and are showing some real creativity with their Quirks, but they're still just starting down the path of the hero!

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol 6 By Furuhashi, Court (Oct 2nd) - After returning from an eventful trip to Osaka, Koichi starts experimenting more with his Quirk-does he have more potential than he thought? Detective Tsukauchi continues to investigate the instant villain incidents, quietly enlisting the help of Eraser and even consulting All Might. And with Hachisuka out of the picture, the shadowy figure behind the Trigger drug enlists a new and even more dangerous agent...

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction vol 7 By Asano (Oct 16th) - International relations are crumbling as the hotheaded American president demands that the Japanese government share what they know about Invader technology. But the Japanese prime minister has more important things to think about than diplomacy-he wants to make sure his favorite idol is in the bunker with him when the mother ship blows.Meanwhile, the Occult Club is taking a trip to the seashore to meet with someone who claims to have had an extraterrestrial experience! The silly lark ends up revealing something shocking about Oran's past, but at least the scenery is lovely!

The Promised Neverland vol 12 By Shirai, Demizu (Oct 2nd) - With the demons of Goldy Pond finally defeated, Emma and the other children now focus on their next task-finding the Seven Walls. But it won't be easy, especially with a dangerous new foe trying to hunt them down. Can Emma and Ray decrypt the ancient clues that will lead the children to true freedom?

Tokyo Tarareba Girls vol 9 By Higashimura (Oct 2nd) - "I spent all my time wondering 'What if?' Then one day I woke up and I was 33." Rinko has hustled her whole life, but one day she wakes up and finds herself a writer of a cheap online soap opera with only two friends (with whom she goes drinking most nights). In a booze-fueled delusion, she swears to get married by the time the Tokyo Olympics roll around in 2020, but it's not going to be a straight line... and there won't be any fairy tale endings!

Five Years #5 By Terry Moore (Oct 23rd) - Katchoo and her Parker Girl team are losing the race to stop a U.S. Senator who is dividing the nation on a pro-Phi Bomb platform. Meanwhile Tambi and Zoe begin a series of violent raids on Phi Bomb labs hidden across Europe. The fists are flying in this new issue from Eisner Award-winning creator Terry Moore!

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Oct 25, 2017
Hype for Fantastic Four: Grand Design. Can we get Michael Fiffe's Spider-Man: Grand Design next pls?



Oct 25, 2017
I didn't realise Joe Hill has a new comic out.
Why am I not reading this?

Like picking up a new comic on Wednesday and smelling it right in front of the cashier's bewildered and horrified face.
If that cashier was a true connoisseur he wound nod knowingly and give you a slight smile as if to say 'I understand '.

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Aug 19, 2019
May 24, 2019
This month is neato for DC. I'm even looking forward to those Dark Multiverse one shots.

Edit: and I'll try at least the first issues of all of those Xbooks.


Oct 25, 2017
Here let me try and tie this together: How is Super Pro KO, the wrestling comic by Oni Press?


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
October is the best!!!

DC is pretty hype this month. Hill House stuff, Hellblazer's return, fuckin' up the KKK. Good stuff.

Scrolling down, I realize Marvel is also pretty hype this month. I guess it's just a good month for comics? Thanks for the new thread, Tyrant Rave .
Yay October. Gonna be such an expensive month for me. -_-
Lots of One Piece cards coming out?

Tyrant Rave

Oct 25, 2017
Sorry Rave.

You can't stop us from being who we are. lol
Wrestling is banned, thank you for your cooperation friend.
October is the best!!!

DC is pretty hype this month. Hill House stuff, Hellblazer's return, fuckin' up the KKK. Good stuff.

Scrolling down, I realize Marvel is also pretty hype this month. I guess it's just a good month for comics? Thanks for the new thread, Tyrant Rave .

Lots of One Piece cards coming out?

And yes, there are a lot of nice things coming out this month. I've been cutting back heavy on comics last few months but I'm super interested in Si Spurrier Hellblazer. Might jump on that.

And random question since I know we have some NY people here: anyone going to AnimeNYC?? I think I will be going as a bit of a last minute decision lol. Would be fun to meet up with some people!


Oct 27, 2017
My Canadia bff wants to know what online stores have house of x/powers of X comics. He is trying to complete his collection and is promising some juicy ER insider info if I find some for him.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Pretty interesting month, with two new runs I have in mind. As far as X-Men goes, I am definitely sold on checking out the main book now, and will probably look at Marauders at a later time. I am also very interested in The Batman's Grave, being on board for Warren Ellis tackling the bat.

After Ironheart is done, I'll probably just keep it at these two plus Gideon Falls for my monthly pulls for the time being (maaybe Tynion's run on Batman later also through).