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Community |OT| List


The Old Guard
Oct 24, 2017

This thread is the Community |OT| List for |OT|s. You can find most communities' |OT|s here. This is a an optional service for communities, and not all may be listed.

If you’re a community that would like to be listed in this, Table of Contents, please have your |OT| creator reply to this post with a link to your current |OT|. If you are a community that does not want to be listed in this, no further action is required by you.

Please note that if you make a new weekly |OT| or reach the 200 pages / 20k posts mark please have your new |OT| creator reply to this thread with an updated link to the new |OT|.



Amiibo |OT|
Ark: Survival Evolved |OT|
Cities: Skylines |OT|
Dead by Daylight |OT|
Dead or Alive 5 |OT|
Destiny 2 |OT|
Diablo 3 |OT|
Earth Defense Force |OT|
Elite Dangerous |OT|
Etrian Odyssey |OT|
Final Fantasy |OT|
Final Fantasy XIV |OT|
Final Fantasy XV |OT|
Fire Pro Wrestling World |OT|
Fortnite |OT|
Fortnite: Battle Royale |OT|
Forza 7 |OT|
Halo |OT|
Hearthstone |OT|
Heroes of the Storm |OT|
Horizon: Zero Dawn |OT|
[email protected] |OT|
Jeff Green Streams Games |OT|
NieR: Automata |OT|
Oculus Rift |OT|
One Piece Treasure Cruise |OT|
Overwatch |OT|
PC Builders |OT|
Persona |OT|
Persona 5 |OT|
PlayStation VR |OT|
RetroEra |OT|
Rocksmith 2014 Remastered |OT|
Shmups |OT|
Souls |OT|
Star Citizen |OT|
Team Fortress 2 |OT|
Yakuza |OT|
Ys |OT|
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The Old Guard
Oct 24, 2017
If you have opted in already, your community should be on the list. Let me know if there is anyone I missed.
Oct 27, 2017
Apologies if this is a stupid question but can someone explain me the difference between the hangouts and the main thread? The FAQ didn’t have that info.