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Community |OT| List

Oct 27, 2017
I’ve never made an |OT| before. How can I voluneer to do Shadow of the Colossus? It’s my favorite game of all time.


Nov 19, 2017
Can I get someone to post for me a FINANCE thread for gaming companies? I know there are a lot of dabblers in gaming finance but getting it in one place is probably a lot better.

Today SNE and NTDOY are up 3% each on the Japanese stock market, that's probably a result of the Japanese NIKKEI market overall trend rather than their performance. I saw a thread a few days ago talking about NTDOY dropping 15% since Animal Crossing and I wanted to make it a point that the drop was more likely a function of the market than the game's performance.

Anyway. Or if a mod can give me the privilege to post a thread..


Oct 27, 2017
Can we get an OT for card/CCG style RPGs?

I mean like SNK v Capcom Card Fighters Clash on NGPC.

It's a weird subgenre but I'm always looking out for a good one I haven't played yet and it would be cool to have a place to discuss them.

(I can't make threads)


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Hey hi, we don't have an OT but NintendoEra has an active discord. Link below. Hope this is okay to post.
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Oct 25, 2017
Anyone interested in a gaming photography OT where there's a contest weekly centered around a theme and whoever wins chooses the next theme?
Oct 26, 2017
Sorry if this is the wrong place and mods feel free to delete - but is there a larger, generic Xbox One community thread? I am just looking for more people to play things with on X1.