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Oct 27, 2017
Hey everyone just a quick reminder:

January 15, 2020 is the final day to submit your top 10/15/20 of 2019 lists!


Oct 25, 2017
Amazing, more like this...

Why is K Pop so different than J Pop? I mean why one is wildly popular and the other not so much?
A large part of it is that kpop borrows a lot of Western trends in fashion, sounds and direction allowing for more mass appeal to international audiences when in comparison to jpop really catering only to Japanese audiences.

However the most important aspect I find is the accessibility between the two. When a new kpop single is soon to be released companies make a large effort advertising it through promotions and teasers which is then spread worldwide through social media whether it be through twitter, instagram or reddit. Finally when the new single is released the MV is ready to be viewed on youtube by anyone around the world as well as the song being also available on streaming services such as spotify and apple music. Along with this its also easy to get into groups with past music videos and whole discographies being available for any international fan.

While in comparison to Japan, new singles and releases isn't pushed towards international audiences at all requiring the consumer to make an effort researching and looking up news of there favorite groups. Copyright laws are also pretty strict as often times you find Japanese music videos being not available in your country on youtube as well as discographies and new releases not available at all through a number of streaming services requiring you to find another method of obtaining the music whether it be actually purchasing the music physically, digitally or finding a way to make a japanese spotify/apple music account which is honestly a huge ordeal for the average person.


Oct 27, 2017
And I know I'm being shallow, but the visual aspect of Kpop attracts me. The focus on performance and looks is a huge part of Kpop (sometimes even moreso than the music). Jpop has some of that, but it's not as in your face as it in Kpop imo.


Oct 25, 2017
Hey everyone just a quick reminder:

January 15, 2020 is the final day to submit your top 10/15/20 of 2019 lists!
Wait, so it counts if I just post my fave like this?:

There was so many good songs last year but I'm no good at ranking, I think that was my biggest surprise bop of the year though.

Edit: And 2nd place for me.

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Oct 25, 2017
NCT 127 will be performing at the Houston Rodeo this year. I was hoping for BTK or Blackpink but I guess that was a longshot given how major they are rn


Oct 26, 2017
Amazing, more like this...

Why is K Pop so different than J Pop? I mean why one is wildly popular and the other not so much?
In addition to what others have mentioned... May just be me, but I like the way the Korean language sounds when sung much more than Japanese. And I think it’s the non-English language that best lends itself to rapping.


Oct 25, 2017
Top 10 2019:

1. IZ*ONE - Violeta
2. LOONA - Butterfly
3. ITZY - Dalla Dalla
4. Yukika - Neon
5. NCT 127 - Superhuman
6. Swervy - Art Gang Money
7. GWSN - Pinky Star
8. Weki Meki - Tiki Taka
9. N.Flying - Good Bam
10. Hinapia - Drip


Oct 25, 2017
Top 20
  1. NCT 127 – Superhuman
  2. Twice – Feel Special
  3. Chungha – Gotta Go
  4. Red Velvet – Psycho
  5. Heize - We don’t talk together
  6. LOONA – Butterfly
  7. IZ*One – Violeta
  8. BTS – Boy With Luv
  9. Mamamoo – Hip
  10. Bol4 – Workaholic

  11. Seventeen – Hit
  12. Hoody - Adios
  13. Kard – Bomb Bomb
  14. Apink - %%
  15. Somi – Birthday
  16. Exo – Obsession
  17. EXID – Me & You
  18. Gfriend – Fever
  19. GWSN – Pinky Star
  20. WJSN – Boogie Up

Kinda went overboard compiling my list and ended up doing a top 30. Also listing some honorable mentions, b-sides and fav albums for anyone curiouss to see what released this year.

2019 twas a good year :)

Kpop of 2019

*Repeat artist tracks that would've made the list

Twice - Fancy
Red Velvet - Umpah Umpah
Super Junior - I think I
Bol4 - Bom
Chungha - Snapping

Honorable Mentions:

Monsta X - WHO DO U LOVE?
Stray Kids - Miroh
Oh My Girl – The fifth season (SSFFWL)
Dreamcatcher - Piri
(G)I-DLE - Lion
Dia - Woowa
Sunmi - Noir
AKMU - How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love
IU - Blueming
Key – I Wanna Be
R.Tee & Anda - What You Waiting For
BoA – Starry Night

Giant Pink - Tuesday is better than Monday(feat. Yeri)
Crush – Nappa
Simon Dominic – GOTT
Ph-1 - Like Me
Dynamic Duo - Blue
Kid Milli - _APP
Woo - Taste
DAMOIM - Forever 84


Twice – Breakthrough / Still arguably my fav twice track of the year :3
Twice – Fake&True
Twice - Hot
Twice- Love Foolish
Blackpink – Don’t Know What To Do
Blackpink - Really
GOT7 - Thursday
SEVENTEEN - Network Love
TXT – Blue Orangeade
BTS - Dionysus
Gfriend – Paradise
LOONA - Satellite
Mamamoo – Universe
Mamamoo - Gleam / Honestly this was really close to beating out hip lol
BoA - Butterfly
Moon – Day n Nite
Jiselle - Problem

Red Velvet / Too many to list just listen to the album lmao Spotify
Ladies Night

Fav albums:
*spotify links

IU – Love Poem
Taeyeon - Purpose
Heize – Late Autumn
Oh My Girl – The Fifth Season
WJSN – For the Summer
Gfriend – Fever Season
BoA – Starry Night
Seventeen – An Ode
Twice – Feel Special
Blackpink – Kill This Love
Mamamoo – reality in BLACK
Red Velvet – The Reve Festival Finale
Epik High- Sleepless in __________
Hoody – Departure
Crush - From Midnight to Sunrise
Ph-1 – HALO


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Oct 25, 2017
Big thumbs up to ex-Wassup member Jiae's coming out. Must have taken a lot of courage as a public figure. Wishing nothing but love and luck, to her and her girlfriend.


Oct 25, 2017
Here's my

Top Ten Korean Songs of 2019 (in order):

9. CHEEZE - We're Everywhere
8. YUKIKA - Cherries Jubiles
7. Stella Jang - YOLO
6. IZ*ONE - Violeta
5. Taeyeon - Four Seasons
4. IU - Blueming
3. Dreamcatcher - Deja Vu

And my No.1 Korean Song of 2019 goes to:


I tried to be as unbiased as possible but even after 9 months, LOONA 'Butterfly' just sounds amazing for me personally and the music video is just pure perfection in terms of cinematography. The title track going along with the music video shows the empowering of women around the world with different races and sizes makes it much more amazing. It doesn't make LOONA a part of LOONA, but you as a female listener and viewer makes you a part of LOONA on a grander scale. The music gets the message across with the visuals of the music video.

My Korean Album of 2019:

MAMAMOO - reality in BLACK


Honorable Mentions:

Ailee - Midnight (Note: This song is actually in my top ten list but because this is a B-side track, I'll put it here.)
Red Velvet - Ladies Night (Note: Like midnight, this was also in my top ten but it's a B-side.)
Oriental Showcus - Break The Routine
4. Taeyeon - Do You Love Me?
5. MAMAMOO - Universe
6. IU - Unlucky
7. Yubin - Silent Movie (Feat. Yoon mirae)


That concludes my lists for this year!


Oct 29, 2017
Hi everyone, haven't really posted here in ages, but I always read. Gonna post my 2019 top 10 even if I feel like I haven't listened to many songs this year. Some songs in my top 10 are are probaby unknown to many of you but they are good!

1. [Mr. Temporary 미스터 기간제 OST Part 2] 오디(ODEE), QM - 난 놈 MV

2. Jimin Park "Stay Beautiful" M/V

3. [MV] BANG YONGGUK (방용국) - 히키코모리 (HIKIKOMORI)

4. VICTON 빅톤 '그리운 밤' (nostalgic night) MV
5. 청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)" Music Video
6. QM X ODEE - BULLER (prod. Ian Ka$h) M/V (2019)
7. THE D&E Concert VCR Spoiler (우울해 (Gloomy))
8. [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ %%(Eung Eung(응응))
10. 레오(LEO) - 로맨티시즘 (Romanticism) Official M/V

Bonus song that doesn't have an MV:
Super Junior - Heads Up

If you like QM songs it's totally worth it to check out his discography, especially the album WAS and the mini album that he released this year with ODEE. Also, for the people that remember about me, you can see looking at the list that 2BiC haven't released a song in 2019 but I see fancam of them performing live every now and then, my finger are crossed to see some new songs from them in 2020.

Reminder of who is 2BiC to new people:
2BiC acoustic cover of EXO Growl and Girl's Day Something
투빅 2BiC - 니가 그리워 Missing you (with 케이시 Kassy) Official M/V


Oct 27, 2017
Yes it must be ordered either in top 10, 15 or 20. I'm using a point system, same as the mid-year rankings, to determine our overall top 20 of 2019 and hope to have an accompanying video ready by the time all votes are tallied.


Oct 25, 2017
After buying Source Music, Gfriend's label, last year, Big Hit is now potentially merging with Pledis Entertainment, the label that controls Nuest and Seventeen.



Oct 25, 2017
1 Eyedi - & New
2 Red Velvet - Psycho
3 Apink - Eung Eung
4 Chung Ha - Gotta Go
5 IU - Blueming
6 Hwasa - Twit
7 Yukika - Neon
8 IU - Above the Time
9 Mamamoo - gogobebe
10 Mamamoo - Hip
11 Loona - Butterfly
12 Bol4 - Workaholic
13 Epik High - Love Drunk
14 Twice - Feel Special
15 G-idle - Lion
16 Dreamcatcher - Deja Vu
17 GFriend - Fever
18 Somi - Birthday
19 BTS - Boy With Luv
20 Yukika - Cherries Jubiles

I would have included G-Idle's Put it Straight, but I'm not sure if that would count since they only have a choreo MV