1. Jacob4815

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    I think this is a very interesting interview.
    There were a lot of bosses cut during the development.

    More at the link (very mild spoilers)


  2. Vinc


    The ones that are in there are some of my favorite boss fights of all time, especially the last one in the game. I'm not sweating the fact that there weren't that many. Good opportunity for improvement in the sequel!
  3. Aureon


    20 people for a 1year+ per boss?
    Auch. That's a truckload of work.
  4. Transistor


    Quality vs quantity when it comes to boss fights IMO, so if time wasn't / resources weren't there to make them up to snuff, then I'm glad they were cut.
  5. GameShrink


    Didn't bother me at all. I do think it's nuts that it takes that long, but I guess that's because of the heavy scripting of each encounter.
  6. KingOfDyslexics

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    The first fight with Baulder was amazeballs. Makes up for lack of other boss fights.
  7. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

    So how the hell was GOWIII made?

    Love the game but I do feel like there should be at least one or two more story bosses (aka bosses that's not a troll), It doesn't need to have any unique cutscenes, it just need to be a creature we haven't seen so far.
  8. DekuBleep


    Hopefully they decide to make a DLC and put some of those cut bosses into it. Loved the game.
  9. Datajoy


    Yeah that was one of my gripes with the game. Especially in circumstances that really called for a unique boss, getting another Troll with a slightly different moveset was disappointing.
  10. Gurish

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    Damn so much work for each boss, no wonder they couldn’t make more. The game has been in development for some time, and it’s single player only without any service features. Sony’s patience can only go so far.
  11. Certinfy


    Is this guy for real? Asking for more bosses is being greedy? There’s barely any bosses in the game and only very few are even good. If there were already a ton of good ones I could understand that statement but given the bosses in the game? Hahaha.
  12. Conor419


    Wait a fucking second



    I knew that poll was riding the waves of hype.

    Mods: Please go to the thread linked and reverse the poll scores, thank you.
  13. WrenchNinja


    I'm trying to remember what bosses were even in the game.
    The troll variants, the soul eater variants, The Stranger 1 and 2, Magdi and Modi

    I think the criticism wouldnt be there as much if not for all the variants
  14. Staf


    I finished the game yesterday. I liked it but i sure do miss the spectacle and boss-fights of the previous games.
  15. MrConbon210


    Mid game spoiler as I don’t know how to do spoiler tag.

    The dragon fight was cool until you realized it had a simple mechanic that you needed to do again and again. The “appeal” wore off fast.

    As well as way too many of those ancient and troll fights. It was a bit obnoxious at a point.

    Everything else was ace though.
  16. I would have traded a solid 8 hours of the current content for 2-3 interesting boss fights.

    I also don’t think that’s greedy when the series is known for having numerous incredible boss fights in each game.
  17. Anung


    It wasn't just the lack of bosses but the quality. As far as I'm concerned the opening fight with Baldur is never topped and the rest of the bosses were either lacklustre or palette swaps.

    Enemy variety is another problem I had with the game.
  18. no1


    I mean damn that's imo wayyy to long on a boss.
  19. i-hate-u


    The one GLARING disappointment was that the
    Hel Gate Guardian was a freaking Troll
    , but other than that, the side content satisfied me when it came to boss fights.

    And if they're following the trajectory of the previous boss fights, we should be fine.
  20. Toriko


    God of war 3 is 7 hours long. That's how.
  21. ronaldthump

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    Well, maybe if they cut down the no. of valkyries they could had added 1 boss. (I never did the side stuff so all that work was invisible to me).

    *Unmarked spoilers - because I dont see why you'll be reading this thread if you haven't played the game*

    That said, I personally didn't have too much issues with the number of bosses in this but they surely could have mixed up the trolls a bit more. Because... when you get to hellgarde or whatever that place is called and.... the souls keeper is ANOTHER giant troll... now that's the one that should have been something else.
  22. WrenchNinja


  23. Dringus


    One of my few minor gripes with the game was the lack of epic boss fights. It also didn't help that the first fight raised the bar so damn high. But I too compared the game to God of War 1 actually and figured that since it was a reboot of sorts and a new story that this might be a "slower" game in ways and make room for some more crazy stuff later on, which I'm fine with.
  24. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice

    Wtf has this to do with anything? This thread about the amount of boss fights not the quality.
  25. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage

    The story bosses were great, would have liked more variety in the minibosses though. They don't need to be all cinematic, just something other than a troll or a soul-eater.

    The bar was raised to the stratosphere with the first boss and it takes a very long time for anything else to reach that.
  26. Killer751

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    Probably by having actual talent.

    I refuse to play the new GOW out of principal. I’m getting massive TLOU flashbacks at how people hype this game up just for being a dad simulator.

    I’ll stick with Yakuza, thanks.
  27. Usyren


    Boss fights and the enemy variety were definitely the worst part of the game. Kinda got annoying fighting the same troll boss like 20 times throughout the game. A complete step down from the previous games, and disappointing since the GoW games are known for the boss fights.
  28. NZerker12


    I felt there wasn't enough enemy variety. The only differences were their elements.
  29. funky


    - "What if instead of 10 bosses you fight the same boss 10 times and all we change is his color"

    - "That's good Cory"
  30. That's the way I like it. I really feel they didn't need to do more. The game achieved what it wanted to.
  31. Dark_Castle


    I don't know about previous Zeldas, but BoTW despite being a great game hardly has any good boss battles. With how the poll is set up with God of War against Zelda which mostly definitely skewed towards the latest titles, it's a rather easy win for God of War.
  32. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

    ok : /

    I was talking about the ''one boss takes a year to make'' part, not the game length part, GOWIII had 7 unique large scale multi-stage bosses and it definitely took less than 7 years to make.
  33. yuoke


    Dang....well that is the one issue I had with the game. Baldur at the start was a great fight, but the one at the end is basically the same except slightly souped up. The dragon fight was pretty cool. There just needed to be 1 or 2 more epic big bosses.
  34. wapplew


    How Fromsoft make Souls every year?
  35. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice

    Not the same also every year? Uhm where?
  36. LonestarZues


    Same for me. I had no issue with the amount of bosses except for that 1 area.
  37. ronaldthump

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    Maybe its because the POV of the new GOW is different so you're fighting them differently from the old games. The old games were sort of mindless-ish hack and slashers; new GOW has more strategy to them due to the view point and the inclusion of atreus. I think designing these encouters are compounded by the POV + boy mechanics.
  38. Usyren


  39. Anung


    "What about optional bosses?"

    "Just copy and paste the same Valkyrie 8 times"

  40. spiderferi


    The dragon boss fight is one of the best boss fights I've experienced in this gen. Plain epic.
  41. 1-2 years for a single boss? Seems more in issue of inefficient development than time constraints to me.
  42. i-hate-u


    And to make matters worse, they
    rubbed salt in the wounds by putting in that giant bird crow thing after you beat the troll. I wanna fight that thing.
  43. FenDiesel


    I mean God of War 3 had about 5 times as many boss fights that were on par or better than those found in God of War.

    I loved God of War & the boss fight complaint was my only issue. It did detract a bit for me as the boss fights were something I came to know & love in the series. Baldur scenes were fantastic, but outside of that there wasn't much else that was memorable. The dragon... but that is it.

    Here is hoping that with the next GoW they focus more on boss fights and maybe embed these bosses within larger puzzle sections to make things more memorable (rather than just Kratos navigating a mine for 30 minutes against the same ol' enemies).
  44. Lord of Ostia

    Lord of Ostia

    It's your loss. Also how can you claim that Sony Santa Monica has no talent, while also claiming they did have talent when making the previous GoW games. They are literally the same people.

    It's not a 'dad simulator' whatever the fuck that means, it has a very robust combat system and encounters. I'm not as high on the game as many people here, but it's a quality experience.
  45. Apathy


    The lack of bosses and the lack of variety in visceral kills were really the only two things I was dissatisfied with in the game. The huge mid game boss was really lack luster/easy too. Thankfully the Valkyries helped the boss thing for me
  46. alr1ght


    Take some people off the open world chores, and put them to work on bosses instead. I'll take one boss over any amount of boring side quests.
  47. giancarlo123x


  48. Omeganex9999


    I didn't even know this was I thing. I finished the game last week and yes, thinking about it, people are right, but I didn't notice until now. Still one of the best games ever.
  49. BriGuy


    The lack of boss fights (and enemy variety) is my only real issue with the game. The time requirements he mentioned seem a little dubious to me, but I'm not a game designer.
  50. Arkeband


    Especially when GoW boss fights are typical Souls-boss type arena battles where 50% of it is replaced by QTE’s and cutscenes that wholly take control away from the player.

    The takeaway I’m getting here is that he also wants more bosses in the sequels, which will somehow not take 20 years to make.