Could the next Nintendo Direct happen as soon as in the next 20 days?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Patrick Bateman, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman Member Original Poster

    A user on r/NintendoSwitch mentioned that all Direct Minis had a full Nintendo Direct following within a max. of 20 days. For reference he included the dates of the earlier Direct Minis and full Directs:


    So, next Nintendo Direct on 31st of January?

    PS: I've seen it posted in the Mini Direct-thread so I thought it would be better to post in a new thread than to fill up the other thread with it.
  2. FiXalaS

    FiXalaS Member

    All sighs point to yes.
  3. Grim Patron

    Grim Patron Banned Member

    itll be announced soon :)
  4. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    I think Etika mentioned this in his recent video. I hope that’s the case.
  5. Elfforkusu

    Elfforkusu Member

  6. JehutyRunner

    JehutyRunner Member

    Oh no. Here we go again (?).
  7. Kolx

    Kolx Member

    We already had a thread like this that was closed.
  8. Lilo_D

    Lilo_D Member

    I believe we will have a formal direct in next 20 days
  9. Nakenorm

    Nakenorm Member

    Maybe, maybe not.
    Let's just wait and see please. We don't need another 400 page thread. People will just end up disappointed.
  10. Resetti

    Resetti Member

  11. kirbyfan407

    kirbyfan407 Member

    What would a full Direct include? More 3DS titles and Switch system-level stuff (online, app, Virtual Console, etc.)? New Switch hardware?

    I don't see why it would happen, but it'll be cool if it does.
  12. Vampirolol

    Vampirolol Member

    I think we should at least wait a week before opening a thread. Mini Direct wasn't even 24 hours ago...
  13. Imran

    Imran Member

    It's like you people learn all the worst lessons.
  14. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    You're all insane
  15. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

  16. Rosur

    Rosur Member

    Yea as it was only a mini I do see a bigger one at the end of Jan begging of Feb.
  17. Datajoy

    Datajoy Member

    This would be incredible if true. As a standalone early year Direct, yesterday’s mini was shit. But as a supplement to a full megaton-laden Direct, yesterday’s mini would be a delectable appetizer.
  18. Zacmortar

    Zacmortar Member

    Just 16 more minutes!
  19. Virtu Al

    Virtu Al Member

    This. Hype is fun, but I'd rather not have another wave of irrational doom and gloom based on the insanely high expectations of people not being satisfied.
  20. Heyrule

    Heyrule Member

    Man I was so happy with all the little announcements in the mini and the pipeline for the next rfew months I’m fine waiting til spring or even E3. Between these titles and what’s available on eShop I’m up to my ears in great games but no time.
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    There's a direct in the next 480 hours.

  22. Vampirolol

    Vampirolol Member

    And what would they even announce? We already know the releases until E3.
  23. #23
    I don't think so, but it would be a nice surprise. Though I hope we see one next month or March
  24. Waffle

    Waffle Member

    I guess they could go over the other stuff that wasn't shown in the Direct mini and we know is coming out in the first half such as Wolfenstein and Bayonetta. Overall there was a lack of western dev support in the mini besides Payday 2.
  25. RomanceDawn

    RomanceDawn Member

    For a moment I thought this was going to be the dumbest thread yet with some crazy theory. Though looking at those dates, I didn't even realize mini directs and regular directs all happened so close to one another.
  26. RockmanBN

    RockmanBN Member

    oh no
  27. Darkmark1987

    Darkmark1987 Member

    Werent most of the mini directs, title specific though. Have we had any general mini direct followed quickly by a full one?
  28. Ehoavash

    Ehoavash Member

    nahhhh don't see the point of doing a full direct so soon since we already seen all their release schedule for the first half of the year

    Maybe we will get a "online service direct " next month detailing their new online service
  29. LoyalPhoenix

    LoyalPhoenix Banned Member

    History of mini directs and a new slot opening on that direct page point to yes.

    See you all in the next January Direct lmao
  30. RomanceDawn

    RomanceDawn Member

    This is a good question and I demand it be answered!
  31. Nathan.exe

    Nathan.exe Member

    In 20 days ? I don't know. But soon ? Yes. I mean, we're only the 11th, and some people think they already have announced all the games available until June...

    11 minutes !
  32. Redcrayon

    Redcrayon Member

    I suspect they used the mini to get all the ports out of the way so they can focus people’s attention on a couple of the original projects they’ve got coming up during the main Direct.
  33. Argot

    Argot Member

    This can't be happening.
  34. Maximo

    Maximo Member

    I feel like people are just setting themselves up.
  35. Mbolibombo

    Mbolibombo Member

    Really wasnt
  36. Whitemex

    Whitemex Member

    Let the hype begin!!
    Where my boy Chibi?
  37. AaronC

    AaronC Member

    Maybe. But I don't think so. It felt like the one yesterday covered a range of first-party and third-party stuff; big games and smaller, rather than having a set focus. So I'm not sure what realistic purpose another Direct so soon would have. Bigger second-half 2018 titles will be announced at E3, and the online service has seemingly been kicked into the long grass.
  38. Manggei

    Manggei Member

    Oh, next all hail Burning Chibi Overlord thread incoming :)
  39. Shugga

    Shugga Member


  40. Yoshi

    Yoshi Member

    On a related note, within 24 months of every Nintendo Direct, there was a Zelda release.
  41. Smashwidget

    Smashwidget Member

    We still don't know anything about Yoshi or Fire Emblem. Yoshi in particular is supposed to release early in the year.
  42. BumbaT BrowN

    BumbaT BrowN Member

    January Nintendo Direct 2: Electric Boogaloo
  43. ShiftaDeband

    ShiftaDeband Member

  44. Elfforkusu

    Elfforkusu Member

    People are going to be disappointed no matter what. We got TWEWY back and DK:TF off the wretched pile of flies and ashes known as the Wii U -- the Direct Mini was a smashing success.

    So, choo choo
  45. hjort

    hjort Member

    Ten minutes to go!!!!

    Sorry, can't help it.
  46. Bonejack

    Bonejack Member

    While i won't agree that there's another Direct soon to be shown, the Mini-Direct's video description on Youtube clearly said "Selected Titles", so no, we probably have not seen the full schedule for Q1 and Q2 2018.
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  48. woman

    woman Member

    A lot of these aren't even real nintendo directs.

    the direct on july 30 was just a japanese dqx presentation

    jan 8 was just pokemon

    april 3 was tomodachi life

    november 12 was monster hunter

  49. ShiftaDeband

    ShiftaDeband Member

    I think this is important to read. From the direct mini thread:

  50. marc^o^

    marc^o^ Member

    Seems likely, at the very least to give exposure to upcoming Indie games. Inside in particular deserves its minute of fame.
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