Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game might have a singleplayer mode

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nirolak, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Nirolak

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    You night remember from my previous threads that The Avengers Project seems to be a very online oriented game.

    However, today there is some evidence that it might have a singleplayer mode.

    The reason I say “might” is that some developers think of things like Destiny’s campaign as that game’s singleplayer mode, even though it’s co-op enabled, because the skill set to build it is much more similar to making a singleplayer game than a PvP mode or a co-op dungeon.

    As such, please don’t murder me if/when this turns out to be a 6-8 hour optional co-op campaign in a Destiny style game.

  2. Maxey

    Maxey Member

    Is it a random lootcrate reward?
  3. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    Oh, good. That's the only way I'd ever even consider giving it a second of my time. Hopefully it's a fleshed-out game and not just some token "single player mode" they can put on the back of the box as a bullet point.
  4. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Member

    Wait hold on, I missed this, this avengers game is going to be a Destiny like?

    Christ my hype has plummeted ;_;
  5. LukarWuff

    LukarWuff Member

    If you told me ten years ago that someone would eventually make this comment about a single player mode rather than multiplayer, I wouldn’t have believed you.
  6. Ishiro

    Ishiro Member

    So are they recruiting only now for a potential single player mode? Isn’t the game supposed to release this year?
  7. Nirolak

    Nirolak Member Original Poster

    Well, it’s “a game you play for years to come”, “has multiple campaigns and modes”, Square Enix declared games as a service as the future of the industry while noting multiplayer is now dominant over singleplayer, and basically every job where it’s possibly applicable talks about online and multiplayer, so it looks like a strong possibility.
  8. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    I KNOW. It's insanity and it hurts my soul that I just said that. As a single player-primary gamer, this generation has been kind of a nightmare.
  9. prudis

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    yep but luckily couple years ago i stepped away from being AAA only kind of game and ventured into the sacred garden of indies ... and never felt better
  10. SentosEdge

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  11. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    One day, an indie JRPG-style game will come out that isn't built on 8-bit-style pixel art (and is actually good), and I will be happy. But it hasn't happened yet. I am so burned out on most of the indies we get to see on consoles, and my PC is a shambling corpse that panics when trying to play anything GPU-intensive.

    But to remain on-topic with this thread, I'm not sure why they think an always-online Avengers game is a good idea. Are they going to make people play AS individual Avengers? If so, everyone will just get pissed when their friends pick Thor and Iron Man first and they're stuck playing as Black Widow or Hawkeye.
  12. ianpm31

    ianpm31 Member

    I wish Crystal Dynamics can revive the Legacy of Kain/Blood Omen series. They are a talented studio that shouldn't be chained to established IP's.
  13. #13
    Yeeeaaah, what's this about a Marvel game being like Destiny? First I've seen that tidbit of info.

    Shoot me into space and let me drift away forever. DO NOT WANT.
  14. Sayers

    Sayers Member

    I think you are going to be disappointed
  15. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher God of Dream Destruction Moderator

    I am almost certain I will be disappointed, but disappointment is practically the name of the game this generation if you're a fan of single-player AAA games.
  16. jdstorm

    jdstorm Member

    Honestly. A Mass Effect game that you could play with 2 or 3 other friends is practically my dream game. Provided CD has AI companions for when you want to play solo this sounds like a dream game for me.

    Assuming it looks good, i'm there day 1
  17. Crazy Izanagi

    Crazy Izanagi Member

    Ughhh. This is my first time hearing this is multiplayer too.

    Can they not just have someone make a new ultimate alliance game?
  18. jayu26

    jayu26 Member


    Wait, this is like an MMO style game?
  19. Buckle

    Buckle Member


    Assumed it was going to be a single player RPG of some sort. :(
  20. #20
    Wasn’t there a rumour you’d be playing as a random Shield agent and not even an Avenger?

    Can’t wait for this games-as-a-service thing to pop.
  21. AudioEppa

    AudioEppa Member

    I assumed it was going to be a single player, story driven superhero game with online added. Online first? Nah I’m good.
  22. Stygr

    Stygr Member

    CD is located in San Francisco?
    Wew, they are so expensive, how many employees they have?
  23. #23
    Hard pass if it’s online focused.
  24. AR Starts

    AR Starts Member

    Wish they were working on a new Tomb Raider instead the last two have been fun and Xbox exclusivity + game pass would be even better.

    I have to say I don’t have too much faith in this project.
  25. NKnight7

    NKnight7 Member

    I'm hoping for a single player mode, if it's strictly online I'll probably pass on it.
  26. Sgt. Demblant

    Sgt. Demblant Member

    Well, it better. Even though I don't have high hopes for it.
    Yeah, seriously.
    Perfect mix of single and multiplayer.
  27. Brix

    Brix Member

    They better have a single player mode if not I'm not buying.
  28. CavZee

    CavZee Member


  29. TheBeardedOne

    TheBeardedOne Member


    When I heard about it, I thought it was supposed to be a single player game like most superhero games. I guess I read wrong or missed something. If it doesn't have single player, it'll be a tough sell to me.
  30. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    I never knew it was going to be online-oriented until this thread. :(

    Not buying if it doesn't have single player.
  31. SageShinigami

    SageShinigami Member

    Don't put this on us. I've enjoyed a lot of single-player AAA titles, and my list is full for more this year.
  32. Nirolak

    Nirolak Member Original Poster

    On the plus side, they no longer refer to it as a cover shooter, and instead call it a third person action adventure game in their job postings, so you might be using more than just guns.
  33. SageShinigami

    SageShinigami Member

    You figure this game has gotta be a co-op adventure title. We act like that's impossible, but Ultimate Alliance did something like it years ago. Since then systems are way stronger, it's just always been an issue of who's willing to pump money into IPs they don't own.

    But with the Avengers project, I picture something akin to Final Fantasy XV where content is released over time. In fact, I suspect that's going to become more and more popular--Dragon Age sounds like it's going to do the same thing.
  34. #34
    I'd be shocked if it didn't. I was always expecting something along the lines of Tomb Raider or Uncharted.

    If they put all that money into an online only game, I don't think it'll do that well.
  35. AndyVirus

    AndyVirus Member

    No. When they announced it all we were told is we'd hear more information in 2018. I wouldn't be surprised if it's as far off as fall 2019. Heck, maybe early 2020.
  36. Shpeshal Ed

    Shpeshal Ed Member

    So the opposite of what happened with Tomb Raider 2013?

    Where the multiplayer was cobbled together at the last minute? Given how that multiplayer turned out, I don't have much hope for any supposed single player content here.
  37. FriedConsole

    FriedConsole Member

    Remember when we got excited when a game might have multiplayer? Now we get excited over glorified tutorials that last 4 hours.
  38. Arthoneceron

    Arthoneceron Member

    Thought it was a single player game... Damn, I'm sad now...
  39. Fisty

    Fisty Member

    We arent playing as superheroes are we
  40. saenima

    saenima Member

    Didn't For Honor also have a 'singleplayer' mode? I hope it's not something just tacked on as a tutorial and a bullet point, and instead something actually meaningful, otherwise i'm not interested.
  41. Sadist

    Sadist Member

    But I want a singleplayer Avengers game.

    If this is mostly a multiplayer thing, I'm skipping.
  42. SageShinigami

    SageShinigami Member

    A game where you play most of the game as SHIELD members would sell like shit. You don't get the Marvel license to be SHIELD.
  43. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    Might? Well, setting my expectations low for it.
    I'm super interested in what your character is going to be like though, I'm assuming it's going to be similar to something like DC Universe Online, where you create your own hero and it'll be based on existing ones. But deep down I kinda just want you to play as Shield Agent #643 for the reactions.
  44. RedHeat

    RedHeat Member

    Sounds neat if true.
  45. Hexer

    Hexer Member

    Interesting... I'll wait to see it before I get disappointed but I also didn't know this was going to be heavily multiplayer based. Wonder if we'll see anything at E3.
  46. Fisty

    Fisty Member

    Look at Battlefront, I bet it would be similar to that. Call in heroes or maybe one person gets to be the hero type of thing, everybody else is a mook
  47. Meowmixez

    Meowmixez Member

    Indeed. I wont buy anything without a single player campaign
  48. deepFlaw

    deepFlaw Member

    Ugh. I had no idea this is the direction it was going.

    Unless it ends up being something really special I’d much rather just play a normal licensed single player game.
  49. Saifu

    Saifu Member

    This sounds fucking bad man....
  50. Puffy

    Puffy Member

    If we end up playing as a shield agent...