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Cuphead now available on App Store ($4.99)

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Oct 26, 2017
"By StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc."

Is that actually their studio name? I follow MDHR's social media, and I didn't see anything about this. My infringement-senses are tingling.
Nov 8, 2017
I'm happy about this port and surprised since it came out of nowhere.
Not so happy about the price, 1/4 of the PC and Xone version.
What do the Moldenhaur bros have to say about this? Sounds like a kick in the nuts if the game is exactely the same. The original refresh is not so far away in the past, actually quite the other way around. I'm all for having a cheaper price on iOS but THIS much feels out of place, no?
Unless they cut the Steam/Xone price from, say, tomorrow. Then I'll shut up.

Oh nvm, it might be scam. That looks more like it tbf
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