Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 |OT|


Oct 26, 2017
Really good article about a few things. The future of Curb in the age of Corona, how the lockdown killed the actual Latte Larry's pop up store they were going to put up, Chaz Bono and other celebs and Bob Einstein (Funkhouser).

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Boss Opens Up About "Prophetic" Season 10 Finale Amid Pandemic
I also wanted to ask you about Bob Einstein, who died in January 2019, and his Marty Funkhouser character this season. You brought back Joey Funkhouser and introduced Freddy Funkhouser (Vince Vaughn), and said on the show that Marty was out of the country. Why did you decide to keep the spirit of Marty alive this season?

Bob’s passing caught us by surprise. We were in the middle of shooting the season and we had heard some really hopeful news that he was going to be ready to go in a month. This was right before Christmas of last year. And then things took a turn. We had pushed a lot of story thinking that we would save this and that for Bob. Then when it was clear he wasn’t coming back, we did a whole bunch of gymnastics to figure out how we were going to tell these stories with other people. But amid all of that, it was way too soon and we loved him too much to say that he had actually passed away on the show. And maybe just because we didn’t want to admit that he was gone, it was easier to say, "Oh, he’s in China. He’ll be back."